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Monday, March 2, 2009

Oriental Table Centerpiece

Now while I was pondering what pple do for the centerpieces of the guests table other then the usual floral centerpiece : I came across this url =>

DIY Table Lanterns!
A very easy DIY project which involves a glass, some fanciful oriental paper design or paper of your own wedding colour theme and some scotch tape.Actually if you a channel 8 fan you should have seen this diy before on the how 'Jian Dan Jiu Shi Mei' where they DIY similar lanterns for CNY decor. In fact you can accentuate it with some articifical flowers by the side =) Well it may seem like a tedious process but mind you the most important decor that your guests will be looking at will their table centerpiece which is suppose to set the mood for the rest of the night, so why not make it a romantic one at very affordable materials.
Of cos pls do not use some paper or plastic cup as they will catch fire and melt easily respectively.
Anyway it is not necessary to use a tall glass you can also use a short one and you can work on the width rather then the height of the lantern which I feel that will be even more attractive as it looks more substancial. Another note will be that you should wrap the glass with a layer of paper efore you work on the outone and it is not necessary that the outer layer has to cover the glass from top to bottom. By leaving some space at the edge, it means that you are using the paper inside as the border for the lantern (this is why I feel that you make sure the paper inside is attractive (which may be in terms of print or some eye catching colour)

Finally under dark areas, you will realise how gorgeous the whole set up can be =) You can also add further details like beads or sequins according to your own creativity and time.

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