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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Romancing Getaway on an Early Valentine Celebration

Recently, my heart dropped when woodblock told me he was going US for a month(32 days in exact if i count in the time on the plane) on work trip. Perhaps it seems like a pretty short time to everyone else but for woodblock n me, the feeling really felt terrible to the core. It reminds me of the time when woodblock went to San Franciso for just a mere 2 weeks, I already missed him to bits. The same thing happen when I was away in Taiwan on a holiday for 7 days. Yes, we are like usually glue together and we just love each other's company so much!

The only perk i can think of is the crazy sum of allowance woodblock gets from just a month overseas. How crazy? It's more than 3 months of my pay and that excludes his monthly pay. But still, nothings beats my heartache of missing my teddy woodblock for that crazy mind drilling 32 days.

Sigh work is work, cant be helped i know..... but i am so glad that we make a pact that if he ever go overseas to work for a yr or to study for yrs, I will definitely be flying off with my beloved teddy woodblock.
But it's ok cos in order to pamper and compensate ourselves for the lost time, we are going to have a very wonderful vdae celeb together! CNY is just round the corner, so i thought why not check into Scarlet Hotel again so that we can go and immerse ourselves in the vibrant street of Chinatown too.
A gorgeous rich Victorian Building of Scarlet Hotel

Every detail including the lobby excites me and woodblock during our last visit. It just felt so romantic from the very first moment we stepped into the hotel lobby.

We decided to upgrade to executive room instead of the deluxe room we stayed in previously.

I am really excited becos woodblock has also booked seats at Le Aranda for dinner on 12th Feb on the same day as our Scarlet Hotel stay. Here's a peep at the menu:
Seafood Cocktail Calypso, Smoke Salmon Rose & Melee salad

Fresh Roasted Asparagus Soup Velvet with Pine Nuts

Main Course
Oven-Seared Herb Rib-Eye Steak OR Pan-fried Cod Mignon “Bahama”Enhanced with Chateaubriand Sauce & Ragout Escargot served with Sautéed Spring Garden Vegetables and Tomato Clamart Bigarade Mashed Potatoes

Chocolate Bavaroise with Balsamic Strawberry Compote & Mango Coulis
BeverageFreshly Brewed Coffee or selection of Herbal Teas
*Include 1 glass of sparkling wine & a stalk of rose for the lady.
YES!!!! It's french cuisine! I never tried proper romantic french food before and it's so exciting just thinking about it. The best thing is that it is not costing us a 100 plus per pax but rather .......

Union Member: $45+ per person or $80+ per couple
Guest: $45++ per person or $80++per couple
Sounds like a considerable good deal isnt it? And the best thing is that, it only offers this package on 12th Feb 2010 which happens to be the day we plan to celeb vdae together! Just looking at the dessert alone is enough to make me drooolll..... happy advance vdae to everyone!!!