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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Teacher's day celeb

Even though I told myself I won't be writing any work related post.. but I cant help to fill in one entry on this special day!

I am suppose to be a villian but why do I look like Robin Hood?
Wouldn't it be cool to have super villians as your bodyguards muahahah
I am drooling blood... delicious! Please do not ask me where I got my eyelash extension from.
Wonder where they manage to get all those cobwebs... nice effect mabbe I should have a villian and superhero theme for my wedding.. sounds fun!
Name tags for us!

Someone drew a haunted castle on the wall?

I shall skip all the concert pictures except for this .... =)

Even though I was a little sad that I wasn't able to attend the second half of the concert and also the chance to celeb it with my form class, I was surprise when I came back during the evening after the NJRC competition to find my pigeon hole filled with presents and cards. It is my very 1st teacher's day and I am really touched not because I love presents but I am warm by the feeling that I was remembered ... I really almost tear with all the sweet msgs and gifts of thoughts=) thank you so much to all my students!

You guys make me feel like a super hero for the day!

Nope I did not make this pic, the theme for the celebration was superheroes and you should know who are the villians and who are the superheroes.. self explanatory lol
PS: I know I look sexy lol I wish I know how to use photoshop too! It's so fun whenever I look at this pic=) Even wood block and La Sa Li laugh like nuts when they saw this photo.

A Sunny Lazy Noon trip to Swenson at United Square

As usual when we sign up for tours at NATAS, there will be vouchers given away and we won a 10 buck United Square voucher. So we decidedthat before we forget it, we shall 'splurge' away this 10 bucks before it expires like the Novena Square one.. sob

After walking around for half an hour, we realise that United square is ne big baby town and nothing much for older folks like wood block and me to spend on... so we headed down to Swenson and order our FAVOURITE DESSERT!! Apple crumble with banana on a hotplate yum yum.. but the only set back was that we realise that the price have went up tremendously... when we were schooling like 2-3 yrs back, it cost us about 12 plus nett but now it cost 16 plus nett a 4 BUCK increment(this translate to a 30 plus percent hike, isn't this crazy?!?!?!? I am SO GONNA THINK TWICE (ironic to the recent advertorial catch phrase 'I am so gonna go to swenson' to order it at swenson again)!!!

Wood block was very bored and as usual he cant sit still and started making faces

I am in a daze thinking about how nice it is to take a good break with my favourite dessert

Some artistic shot of us in the cafe.. I wish I have money to invest on a better cam =(

Alas here comes the dessert ! Now the best thing about this dessert is not that it is just beyond delicous but it is always a head turner! Whenever the waiter pour the syrup onto the hotplate, the sizzling sound and smoke will always make diners beside our tables turn their head to look check out the hot dessert babe. Yeshh so you sould try this dessert once in a lifetime =P ~drool~


Recently I have been a little busy and seriously have no time in updating entries on wedding stuff. I was so glad when receive the email from Xuan a few weeks ago on the cupcake help she has been helping me out with. I must say that Xuan had really done a great job in helping me with keeping to a budget and I can say I must have gotten her into a tight spot esp snce it was her cousin who is making the cupcakes. Thank you so much girl!
Here's a glimpse of how the cupcakes will look like, instead of the cream colour it will be pink colour. I am hoping to have whit base cupcake holder with the ribbon pink in colour and there will be flower deco together with the cupcakes on a multi tier holder like the pic shown below:
The overall arrangement should be something like this. I am so excited!
Pink fondue plus pink cupcakes... ahhhh total sweetness with so much help from Xuan! I really owe her one.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A nice date

A simple friday dinner at Shokudo at Citylink.

A great meal at student price =) The beef burger really taste great but I feel that the avogado din really taste great in pastas =(

On Saturday, we decided to try out the Hotpot Culture at Marina Square

By looking at the menu, we were lost by the choice of dishes.

The alacarte dishes started to fill up the tables

Finally choc fondue is also included within the buffet. If you asked me I think the whole meal is pretty value for money as the quality most of the ala carte dishes were pretty good. We love the shrimp paste chicken and even the handmade chicken balls and fish paste were delicious.

As we were taking a stroll at esplanade, on the way back we chance upon wall paintings... I love the rich colours and can't help take some photo snaps with the pictures...

A balloon glow amidst the dark night and in the background, we can see a lighthouse

Wood block flying a balloon and me catching it at the other end

I can be a SUPERSTAR too

Monday, August 4, 2008

New inspiration : Flower pomander

Recently, there was a malay wedding held at thefunction hall near my house. As usual the set ups are very pretty but what really stopped me in the path was the pretty mini purple flower pomanders (looks DIY to me) hanging down at various corners of the hall. I must say the hanging pomanders really created a dreamy and sweet feeling. So for this coming thurs, I cant waitto rush off and start on trying out to make a mini flower pomander ball myself too =) The following pics are the inspirational pic I found on some websites
Looks great even if you use strong colours.. makes it vibrant.
yet when you use it with soft colours it looks very soothing on the eye too =)
I thought this wire pomander was pretty innovative too.
Of cos the colour scheme which I will be looking for. I hope it will not be too expensive to DIY.

Finally something interesting which I surf on bouquets, I realise there are many overseas bride who are into crystal bouquets. I shall share more about this when I am free =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My beads and wire wrist corsage

Yay finally after a day's of hardwork I managed to finish up 10 wrist corsages.. BIG achievement cos I did it like 3-4 hours time. However, my target is approximately 20.. but my neck aches like crazy after bending down for so long =( and most importantly I ran out of wires so I need to replenish my beads and wires first. Finally the plastic translucent plastic flower came into use.. whew at least I din waste my one plus buck. Den again I most likely need qi and hong to help me with the cloning of the rest of the 8 wrist corsages by doing a demo of 2 for each of them...

Strangely, on a closer look, it actually looks a little orchid like with only 3 petals being emphasized. The reasons for leaving out the beadings for the 2 petals are many:
1) When all the petals are beaded, it looks a little too beady
2) I like the mixed of the different texture of wire, beads, plastic and ribbon
3) Main reason: I'm simply lazy.
* It reminds me of the time during my secondary school days when my Chinese teacher entask me with a very difficult project. To create 100 stars with a miserable 50 bucks.. and of cos the less money I use the better. The stars were actually decos for my school's speech day which is held in the evening. By common sense, for the stars to shine in the dark hours, it should have some glittering elements etc There I remember I worked with Derrick and started a crazy hunt around amk area in all sorts of bookstores and craft shop... until we chance upon very cheap glittering stick material which cost like 20-30 cents which is very sufficient to make a whole star. I must say the teacher was very please with the end product since it is super cheap and yet looks super nice due to our good art work =P . Of cos we were awarded the most creative student award for the month as recognition.* Ok let's not drift off too far....

I'm glad I took over from Hong to do it as she is really busy.. sigh hope she can have a break soon ... cos I wan my jie meis to be all energetic on my big day... oh yah jie meis.. the appointment to bridal shop is 16th August.

My DIY collections so far... Should add on more soon. Have bought a 'heart shape' puncher so will be commencing on the project confetti soon and display pic soon. I really feel a sense of achievement when I see so many DIY stuff. makes me feel good that I manage to do some stuff for the wedding despite all the workload.

Anyway I just went to NATAS yesterday and sign up for a tour package to Hanoi and Halong Bay for a mini honey moon trip after my solemnisation. I am so excited about it... esp when there is a night's stay on the Huong Hai Deluxe Junk .
So the night scene is going to be very peaceful and beautiful!!! *heart meltz*. Ok need to get back to serious work cos tmr is MOooNDAY.

My bdae celeb!

My bdae 22nd July .....
Yeah I know it is already into August... so many frens were wondering how I have spent my bdae. So here's the pics update. On this special day, woodblock brought me to the Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at the 60th floor of UOB. I was actually very full that day and had no appetite.. so I wasn't so keen on a big meal.
But once we reached the lift and start the adventure to the restaurant. I can tell you the excitement started because, for the first time you are really stuck in a lift for a long time but yet the changing pressure on the ears reminds us that we are actually moving at a fast speed!

Once we reached the restaurant, I must say that even tho I am a more pro Jap and Western ambience person, I really love the place. First it is pretty quiet with a soft chinese instrumental music playing in the background. Secondaly, if you look out of the window, the city view is gorgeous and romantic!!!

The Menu
A very happy bdae girl!

It wasn't before long, a waiter came up and asked whether if we want some tea. It really took us by surprise when he started pouring tea with a very special teapot. Of cos the tea taste aromatic and as a chinese tea lover, I really felt pampered both visually and tastefully lol.

There are even traces of flower petals in the green tea

First dish: Crabmeat and scallop soup .. The texture of the soup is similar to that of the usual shark fin soup but the crab meat serving is pretty generous.

Sea cucumber and fish maw. The sea cucumber is one of my fav dish. However, I must really compliment the chef for being able to cook up an equally amazing fish maw..... cos it taste exactly as soft and chewy as the sea cucumber.... yes really amazing!

Close up of the amazingly soft fish maw aka clone of sea cucumber

Next up, steam prawns... with yummy sauce!

The prawn is drowning in the sauce....

Since its my bdae, I shall be treated like a princess.. so woodblock helps me with the prawn peeling *touched*
I can't remember what fish this is .. but I find it a little too dry =(
The star of the evening... the beancurd... really smooth and delicious. For a person who is not a fan for beancurd.. this dessert has really won me over. The green fruits are actually the water cheastnut. I prefer the original plain one tho.
A wonderful birthday! Thank you Woodblock and family =)