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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Sunny Lazy Noon trip to Swenson at United Square

As usual when we sign up for tours at NATAS, there will be vouchers given away and we won a 10 buck United Square voucher. So we decidedthat before we forget it, we shall 'splurge' away this 10 bucks before it expires like the Novena Square one.. sob

After walking around for half an hour, we realise that United square is ne big baby town and nothing much for older folks like wood block and me to spend on... so we headed down to Swenson and order our FAVOURITE DESSERT!! Apple crumble with banana on a hotplate yum yum.. but the only set back was that we realise that the price have went up tremendously... when we were schooling like 2-3 yrs back, it cost us about 12 plus nett but now it cost 16 plus nett a 4 BUCK increment(this translate to a 30 plus percent hike, isn't this crazy?!?!?!? I am SO GONNA THINK TWICE (ironic to the recent advertorial catch phrase 'I am so gonna go to swenson' to order it at swenson again)!!!

Wood block was very bored and as usual he cant sit still and started making faces

I am in a daze thinking about how nice it is to take a good break with my favourite dessert

Some artistic shot of us in the cafe.. I wish I have money to invest on a better cam =(

Alas here comes the dessert ! Now the best thing about this dessert is not that it is just beyond delicous but it is always a head turner! Whenever the waiter pour the syrup onto the hotplate, the sizzling sound and smoke will always make diners beside our tables turn their head to look check out the hot dessert babe. Yeshh so you sould try this dessert once in a lifetime =P ~drool~

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