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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My beads and wire wrist corsage

Yay finally after a day's of hardwork I managed to finish up 10 wrist corsages.. BIG achievement cos I did it like 3-4 hours time. However, my target is approximately 20.. but my neck aches like crazy after bending down for so long =( and most importantly I ran out of wires so I need to replenish my beads and wires first. Finally the plastic translucent plastic flower came into use.. whew at least I din waste my one plus buck. Den again I most likely need qi and hong to help me with the cloning of the rest of the 8 wrist corsages by doing a demo of 2 for each of them...

Strangely, on a closer look, it actually looks a little orchid like with only 3 petals being emphasized. The reasons for leaving out the beadings for the 2 petals are many:
1) When all the petals are beaded, it looks a little too beady
2) I like the mixed of the different texture of wire, beads, plastic and ribbon
3) Main reason: I'm simply lazy.
* It reminds me of the time during my secondary school days when my Chinese teacher entask me with a very difficult project. To create 100 stars with a miserable 50 bucks.. and of cos the less money I use the better. The stars were actually decos for my school's speech day which is held in the evening. By common sense, for the stars to shine in the dark hours, it should have some glittering elements etc There I remember I worked with Derrick and started a crazy hunt around amk area in all sorts of bookstores and craft shop... until we chance upon very cheap glittering stick material which cost like 20-30 cents which is very sufficient to make a whole star. I must say the teacher was very please with the end product since it is super cheap and yet looks super nice due to our good art work =P . Of cos we were awarded the most creative student award for the month as recognition.* Ok let's not drift off too far....

I'm glad I took over from Hong to do it as she is really busy.. sigh hope she can have a break soon ... cos I wan my jie meis to be all energetic on my big day... oh yah jie meis.. the appointment to bridal shop is 16th August.

My DIY collections so far... Should add on more soon. Have bought a 'heart shape' puncher so will be commencing on the project confetti soon and display pic soon. I really feel a sense of achievement when I see so many DIY stuff. makes me feel good that I manage to do some stuff for the wedding despite all the workload.

Anyway I just went to NATAS yesterday and sign up for a tour package to Hanoi and Halong Bay for a mini honey moon trip after my solemnisation. I am so excited about it... esp when there is a night's stay on the Huong Hai Deluxe Junk .
So the night scene is going to be very peaceful and beautiful!!! *heart meltz*. Ok need to get back to serious work cos tmr is MOooNDAY.

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