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Monday, June 30, 2008

Crystal Wedding Penstand with hanging heart

Just started on my new work recently and I really found it pretty enjoyable for now. Although it is pretty tiring especially to adjusting to the new wake up time for work, I find that the work is at least not as stress as previously. Perhaps I am getting more and more into the rhythm of work.

Anyway, I was naggin Vitor that it's been a long time since we work on anything for our rom. So yesterday we decided that the project will be on the feather pen and the pen stand. We look high and low everywhere for a nice penstand but unfortunately we cant find a basic one in any amk bookstores at all =( . The shops which I have seen selling pen stand will be those gift shops selling at near 30 plus bucks. Like I say being a 'xian qi ling mu' aka 'demure wife' I need to be discipline and furnished with a spendthrifts' characteristic, so in the end I drag Vitor and Xiao Mei to my fav amk craft shop to buy some wires, beads, clay flower, crystal butterflies etc.

So after I went home, I came up with this TADA:

My draft pen stand! The base is suppose to resemble some heart shape but I am not a fan of symmetrical stuff so i made one side more elongated as usual. I love the hanging heart with the little pinky ribbon... so sweet! Maybe we should personalise it with our names too.. ok something for me to ponder about...

Well the reason why it is a draft piece is apparent, due to many trial and error of twisting, The wires became rather crooked which is really UNGLAM. So Vitor says he will be making a new one following my prototype.. yipee i cant wait for him to make me a new one! But I think I better be by his side to supervise the new piece. When I was making this, Vitor actually undo the wire which I have already finished twisted, I was like almost hoping mad... waste my time leh Mr.wood block. I hope you be reading the blog =P

But anyway woodblock has been providing me with much help recently esp when anxiety is up when I just started work. Thank you so much!
Anyway have been really busy until i din even have the time to go down to carrefoure to buy the fondue machine. The other day xuan help to check it out and told me fondue machines are very ex.. usually at a few ks. So now I feel that the one at carrefoure which cost like 70 plus to 80 bucks is much cheaper. ANyway but i heard that there are places which loan fondue machines instead... anyone has any lobang to share it with me???
ok I shall take a break and go read my bedtime crayon shin comic before retiring for the night =)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rom dress fitting at Bliss Bridal

My bridal studio is from bliss bridal. Not sure whether if it was a good choice but the other day when I went for the rom dress fitting, I must say I went back home a happy and excited bride! I was torn between 2 types of gown, one which is short, puffy dress which makes any girl looks sweet and cute in it. Another type will be a gown dress which has a much shorter skirt in front and a longer skirt on the back which is very unique and special.

On the day of the dress fitting, I went down with both Vitor and Hong, the latter whom I have great trust in taste. Most our friends will agree that Hong usually is pretty sharp in aesthetic stuff. One thing she didn't know was that ever since secondary school, I have a bad habit of getting pple to go choose things with me but the conclusion of the purchase is always by my own gut likings rather then my fren's suggestion. So usually my frens felt like killing me for wasting their brain to think and choose when my brain is like in its own world choosing what I want... eventually no matter whether it turns out great or not, I still nede up choosing on my own liddat. Yet there is one person whom I have always think twice about when she say something is nice... which is Hong. haha ok let's not digress from the dress fitting outing.

Here's some of the dresss which I tried:

I like the back of this dress because of the cross tied up ribbons, very sexy. However, the front was a tat too plain for my likings.

I luv this puffy dress, which makes me look much livelier. Ok pls ignore the split part, cos the gown was of a smaller cut so I coulnd't zip it up (i know what conclusion you guys must be thinking about ..... i am not fat mind you!) Anyway the best part of the dress is not dat it is simply CUTE, but the ribbon is actually strudded with lots of gems crystals. The photo unfortunately was not able to capture the details of this dress tho =(

anyway all these pics are taken secretly as the bridal studio says the designs of the studio's gown are suppose to be business secret. So I was about to select the 2nd piece for my rom dress and wants to make to measure it agan to a pink shade, the designer 'king' ( I cant remember his exact name) step in and say it is such a waste to tailor another dress which is the same and not one which is unique to my likings. So I show him the magazine pic which I initially wanted for my rom dress and immediately he went to look into his treasure closet and alas took out a gorgeous DREAM dress!

Why do I say DREAM dress? haha it was a combination of the cute puffy dress and the short and long skirt which I mentioned earlier. I was like really lost for words...

First I cant imagine how does one ever combine these 2 designs and personally even if u have a good imagination, these 2 designs seems to clash with each other to have a good design. Kudos and hail to King hahah his magic touch makes it all happen.

The dress is really unique, I'm sure my guest will be surprise by it too!

Anyway after hearing a have pink and white theme for my wedding King suggested that I use a pink material for my dress like this one here, so I'm even happier about it as the pink shade looks really sweet.
Sad to say, we were unable to take good pics due to so much restrictions and all. but I am excited for the next trip to the bridal studio when King finally come out with a final design for my dress. Thank you so much King!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

MOG rank 35th?

While surfing for more information on Mandai orchid garden, I am really surprise when I came upon the website 'Wedding's abroad guide' and saw MOG being ranked as one of the good and pictureque place to hold the wedding.
It says here : 'In April 2006 the UK’s Independent Newspaper published their pick of the 50 best and most picturesque places to get married. '

The Independent's Top Wedding Locations Abroad
5. Ice Hotel, Quebec
9. Torre Palazzone, Tuscany
10. One&Only Palmilla, Mexico
13. Intercontinental, Hong Kong
15. Hamwari Game Reserve, South Africa
17. Leibig Dome Showfield, New Zealand
19. La Preghiera, Umbria
20. Plantation Beach, Tobago
22. Ferris Wheel, Vienna
23. Four Seasons Hotel, New York
25. The Great Wall Of China
27. Surfing Paradise, Hawaii
30. Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos
33. Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
35. Mandai Orchid Garden, Singapore
37. Grapevine Canyon Ranch, Arizona
40. Goldeneye, Jamaica
42. Sunsail's Club Colonna, Antigua
43. Hotel Villa La Massa, Florence
45. Lizard Island, Australia
48. Graceland Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas
50. Pimalai Resort & Spa, Koh Lanta, Thailand

And it seems to be a surprise dat MOG was in the top 50s esp since Singapore is more popularly known as a well developed city rather den a place with many scenic landscapes and views. Well now we know that Singapore has another area which she can be proud in its ranking in lol. Kudos to Singapore!

Everything a tinge of pink =) introducing the pink fondue!

Just when I was pondering and having a headache on a pink and white theme. I realise it is so difficult to implement the colour scheme esp on the food. so now i am busy sourcing to see if there is possibility of getting a machine fondun kind cos when i saw the choc colour in pink, i thought it was really special. I also pink and white marsh mallows selling at mini toons so they should go pretty well together. For this I'm glad my great gal pal, xuan is helping me out with the sourcing for a fondue machine esp when I am going to be very busy as my work is starting soon =( Sometimes I wonder what I am gonna do without the 3 great friends who has always been helping me in terms of emotions and tasks. I wish I can lon fondue machine instead of buying one actually cos i will only use it once so quite a waste =P

I'm also hoping to get some mini cupcakes to make it into mini cupcake tiers like the ones found here
source: simply cupcakes
So cute, simple but simply sweet!
I wonder how much is it cost for the cupcakes and the setup too. Anyway it's gonna be hard work for xuan cos when i try to reesearch and survey for the 2 items above it really drove me nuts =( glad she helps me lay off a great burden. Anyway it is another great help to my dream wedding!

Lovely crystal crown on the ring pillow

Came across the bridal magazine on ideas for ring pillow. Immediately I fell in luv this crystal ring crown covering the rings. Doesn't it look romantic and dreamy???

Magazine Source from : Female Brides 2007 Falls
Freaking chio isn't it. Ohh the bling simply melts my heart ~droOl~
But dear dear it cost 100-200 bucks which is way out of my budget for just a mere deco for the ring pillow =( but thank goodness i dunno where i got the zest and energy from... i manage to convince qi dat i luv it so much that i want her to help me along with making a similar crown. So we went to my fav amk central crft shop and purchase loads of beads and crystal like plastic beads and some swarovski crystals for the tinge of sparkling effect =)

Muahahah yay my VERY OWN crystal ring crown. Tho it kinda of say-niak to one side (bend over slightly to one side) . I told it was pretty cool and a great accomplishment on the very first trial and attempt at the crystal crown... the overall cost : Around slightly more than 20 plus not super cheap but dere were many many beads left(as i over estimate the numbers) and compare to 100- 200 bucks this is a super saver of 180 bucks or so... ooo i almost can imagine hearing the 'Thrify King' theme song playing behind and Quan yi feng saying 'Wah' ~*chuckle*

Anyway, my wedding bands are also from goldheart... hey gpt member discount obviously I will go back to it. I will show the wedding bands on the next post tho since I have yet collected the rings. So usually when you purchase wedding bands, the jewellry shop will always give the couple a complimentary ring pillow =) thank goodness it is PINK and WHITE fits the theme of my wedding perfectly. The only problem the flowers are non removable and is stubbornly sticked on with super glue... haizz

So tried putting both together amazin still looks pretty ok with each other even tho i would prefer a plain base. But to get a new ring pillow will mean at least another 50 bucks and if i were to use the current pillow without the crystal crown it would be a waste of qi and my efforts for an entire noon =(
So wat eva I am so gonna use both together =P thanx qi!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My hand corsage

Went to spotlight to source for wedding materials and tada presenting my hand corsage which is now with hong (another great sister of mine who has volunteer to help me with wrist corsages for the ladies) . It's a great place for buying small flowers for wrist corsages =)

Here's some arrays of the designs which you can find there.
These are foam flowers which really resembles the actual flowers a lot and a real beauty.

Some materials which I have bought back from spotlight and amk central craft shop.

Vitor making the hand corsage for me. Yup there is no typo here it indeed is a hand corsage and not wrist corsage if you check out the following pic.

Yep, my idea of not having the conventional wrist corsage. Lovely isn't it? but there is more meaning to it.....

The hand corsage is actualy attached to my current couple ring =) So hong pls dun lose it =P haha she will be stress if she ever read this post. But wood block has done a great job with the craft work of cos that's with many GUIDANCE from me... why else do you think he can have done a great job?

Interesting Maple story MV

Johnathon send me this link from youtube. I thought it is pretty interesting on how the guy manage to compose an MV for his 'ex'-gf using graphics from maple story. Pretty impressive just that the reason for composition of the MV is sadly an effort for him to try to get back with his gf. Not sure his gf will be touched by this tho.

More pictures from Mandai Orchid Garden

Finally gotten my hands on my digital camera. For those who are interested in solemnising at Mandai Orchid Garden(MOG). You are in for a good eye candy because I have done a pretty intensive photoshoot of MOG(but if you are holding banquet there I'm sorry I left out the hall areas so these may not be so 'helpful' to you). If you are planning on a photoshoot there, the pictures are the angles which I found that is really pretty so you might want to take into consideration =)

The water garden cum Piazzo. The previous blog entries may not have shown a good link between the stairs and the hut where the solemnising ceremony will be held, so this is a good overview!

The reception table and the reception area where our guests can mingle around at. I'm planning to place some cookies and perhaps chocs on the tables so our guests can snack a little.

Inside the Vanilla Pod Restaurant where you can see that Vitor is actually very please with the interior air-con lol. Like I mentioned if you looked closely the restaurant is almost all glass so our guests can dine with a good view.
The following are some scenic views of the garden which I have captured and circle them out as nice potential photo-taking spot!

This is not a small river, but a very small drain, see I am not a bad photographer right ahem got potential hor for first timer muahahah. The 'bridge' is actual just drain cover =P
The couple can stand in the background so the orchids appears as a nice circular like frame =)

Don't ask me why he likes scaring orchids =( esp when they are so gorgeous
Couples can sit on the bench with their backs being capture how nice!!!
Doesn't this looks like a bench which an old couple will sit on and grow on it. I suggest a backview and front view capture and combine into one collage page should be quite a warm and cosy picture.
Ok this one is for model shot since I thought the tree structure was pretty unique with the vines running etc.
Ok that's all for this picturesque post

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kudos for Vitor on his proposal

I found out that youtube shows the url links of webby which is link to our proposal video. So being a kpo queen, I went to look at the webbies. There is this comment which I thought Vitor will be happy to see so I am pasting it on our blog here so that he can see it more conveniently when he gets back from his work trip. Here's the post:

Posted by: NaeS at 13 May 2008 4:12 PM Link to comment
what's wrong with his accent? we should not laugh at other's accent cos everyone has his own unique accent.
but what i feel is that he has guts and ain't romantic. he should propose in person. n what about the flowers and ring??!!
check this out!!
this guy in the video had done a marvellous job!that would really melt a girl's heart
maybe we can learn something about been romantic.
what Gavin did was only daring but not romantic at all and i don't understand why so many girls think that he's romantic. He is very sincere though!

so kudos to blockhead Vitor(salute)

This is a comment made in response to Kennysia's post to help a guy propose to his girlfriend online. I guess his gf must be a great fan of Kennysia's blog.

Well I think it is a pretty well thought of idea since his gf reads the blog every morning. Well despite there were several negative comments on the proposal, the only reason why I think the idea was sweet was that he had paid detailed attention to her daily routine which many guys still fails to accomplish that even for years.
Usually I will straight away comment that this is not romantic at all although the surprise element is pretty high. But after read Fiona's blog, I gather that Gavin eventually brought her to her nice romantic place for dinner and presented her a ring. So at least he did follow up and create a romantic atmostphere when he gave her the ring. So it wasn't totally anti climax after all. BUT I feel that it would have been an even better proposal if the follow up is almost immediate so she can been overwhelmed with so much wonderful emotions =) den again this is my opinion, as long the girls luvs it who cares what the whole world thinks man!

I'm glad she says yes after all the excitement! All the best to Gavin and Fiona!

Creative Ideas for Guest book

Ever since I got enagaged, I have crazily bought like tons of wedding magazines. It came to a point that I realise I was over doing with my purchases! But I must say it is really interesting read about the weddings of other couples as it is very sweet and some are truly innovative.

This is a photo booth which is set up from the guy whom I have mentioned about in proposing to his gf in the most romantic way in my prev blog. For details on how he set up the booth you can visit his blog at . Now your guest will have some fun taking pictures of themselves and at the same time write a personal msg for you. I think this is way better than just writing on the conventional guest book! And the guest can have fun expressing themselves. Finally it is a much easier work for the couple when they finally made a scrap book for their wedding!

Some of the sample shots from the wedding. Oh I luv this idea so much but I am simply a tech idiot so i guess it will be out of the story =(

Now another idea for the guest book will be this

'bridal pig in pink and white'. (click the url if you are interested in where it is being sold)

Basically, it is a pair of piggy soft toy whereby their bodies are made of some Japan PU leather so your guest can sign on the softtoy directly. Cute isn't it and I bet your guests will be surprise when they see this. Tho it says can sign up to 580 signatures I wonder if the space is still a little tat small for short msgs (isn't guest book more for little msgs rather then just signatures?shrug)

There is another popular alternative to guestbook, that will be the wishing tree

The wishing tree is pretty popular now if you ever flip through the bridal magazines, you will realise there are so many ideas for the wishing tree. Basically I read it from this webby ( that the wishing tree is actually a dutch tradition. There is even one tree where the tree is made of gorgeous crystals and mirrors but of cost is comes with a hefty price of around 300 plus bucks.

Anyway I am so excited whenever I come across interesting ideas like these cos I always feel that life should be filled with little and bits of interesting ideas! Anyway if you have any interesting findings on guestbooks pls do share it with me =)

ROM at Mandai Orchid Garden!

We have decided to hold our solemnisation at MOG (short for Mandai Orchid Garden) a beautiful yet a little ulu place (this place is near Mandai Zoo). This is not cheap like what it stated in its very outdated webby of $38/pax but the new rate is now:
(price updated for 2008)
High Tea Solemnization Package:( 9am to 12 pm) ( 2pm to 5pm)
S$42++ per pax
minimum of 50 pax
Buffet Lunch Package:(11am to 3 pm)
S$55++ per pax
minimum of 50 pax
Buffet Dinner Package:( 5pm to 11 pm)
S$60++ to S70++ per pax ( Depend on the menu chosen)
minimum of 50 pax
All the packages Includes:
- free flow of soft drinks
- choice of venues (dining and solemnization)
- decorations of venues
- elegant white seat covers for all chairs
- floral center pieces on all tables
- invitation cards (60% based on guaranteed number of guests)
- wedding favours (mini potted plants) for all guests
- free parking facility and garden entry for all guests
- Backgroud music for the dining area. Any further sound system with microphones chargeable at $ 400.00++

*I really wonder if they deliberately not update their webby tho how can you not update since 2005???? *
So it was really a difficult decision for us to made. Since it will come up to near $50/pax nett. But for us, we really value the solemnisation event more than the banquet itself since we feel that this is a legal marriage not the banquet (seriously banquet is really for making the elderlies happy since they value it as the proper marriage procedure to announce that we are married to all the relatives and friends). So we decided to have a good solemnisation and a fair banquet =)instead! Yipee!
So how nice if MOG exactly? Picctures speaks a thousand words so here are pictures I found online:

The bride gets to walk down from a flight of stairs for her grand entrance!

For cheaper alternative, there is this other area (Gazebo) where you can hold your solemnisation at.

A cosy yet pretty area where we going to solemnize at! This is the Piazza area. There is even a fountain by the side of the hut!

Finally our guests need not worry about the hot sunny noon! Cos the dining area is at the Vanilla Pod Restaurant (which is fully and nicely well air conditioned which is so cooling!) From the restaurant you can look out through the glass window for all the fabulous orchids! The best thing is that all guest will get a nice small African rose potted plant home. The plants will all be arrange on the tables so it will look fabulous!

Do remember to bring along your camera as I'm sure you will want to take a nice photo with the orchids.

So TADA presenting you the place where we are solemnising : Mandai Orchid Garden!

We are engaged!

It seems a gazillion years since we have dated since the end of our University days. It is really lots of fun I must say and precious moments being shared when you date while you are studying.

So now after browsing through so many webby for informations on wedding ideas, I have decided to start a blog to keep track of the so many wonderful things which I badly lUVVV but yet too many to work on!

But alas before this great moment, I shall start the first blog which is every woman's dream which is the proposal itself. I am glad my witty best galfren cum sister, qi did a great job by capturing the special moment on video cam (which my bf has surprising excluded out from his GREAT PLAN lol guess he must have been nervous lol!) Well don't be surprise, because his evil tyrant gf has always been a fan of the romance and crazy ideas and so she told him 'If you ever propose and it is not touching, forget about me saying yes' and prep him with the thought of 2nd and 3rd trial attempt due to previous failure attempts.

So my woodblock bf started his intensive search on internet and was even more stress when his gf show him this marvelous overseas proposal

This proposal is every woman's dream and every man's night mare hahaha. Spoil market hor!

But girls sometimes you must stress the guys a bit. Well at least they will come to senses that they need to put in some effort for ya. Hmm think about this, this is really once in a life time and you will really hope that when you break the news to ur frens... everyone will be like equally as excited as you are. I think guys who happen to chance my blog might strangle me for psychoing ur gfs for ya-ya over proposals BUT I can tell you if my wood block(aka not so romantic) bf can do it, dun be lazy and excuse yourself and say things like my gf prefers it simple and cost saving. BULLSHIT dun you noe girls are creatures who are 'Kou Shi Xin Fei' ma? if you still haven grasp that, I fear for your life as you might be threading on the edge of a CHAINSAW muaahahaha.

ok I'm drifting away from my proposal story:

Well qi asked me out on a dinner date with her at marina square. So after dinner she suddenly wants to visit the laserworks show at Suntec city which she exclaim that she has not seen it before (which i suspect she is telling the truth and you will know why later). So she started draggin me (who happened to be sick) towards the fountain of wealth but alas she was so excited that she walk so fast until i cant catch up with her. haha The best was she did bring me to the fountain of wealth but she went to the top level (see that's why I say she really never seen the show before) instead of the bottom level where you can see the laser show. It was only after some time den I realise she was babbling about the laser show so I told her it is the wrong floor and almost fainted because I was practically chasing after her up the stairs and realise it was the wrong place.(sometimes qi is really cute and more blur den me so I luv being around her)

So she started looking pretty flustered, panicking and ran down the stairs again. Finally we manage to catch the laser work show which qi again amazingly started taking out her video cam to film the laser works. I was like wow she looks like some tourist who TRULY NEVER SEEN laser work shows before (but then deep inside I have a hunch she is a weirdo today).

What happens next was a sweet and surprise dedication from Vitor and he came running out from hiding area (inside the DJ booth) and tada propose!

FOr the visual details ... well just watch the video :

Like I say I luv qi! The video capture allows me to have the the first chance at editing of video and I'm proud of my work!!! Funny to say many pple's first rxn, esp the guys was 'wah laser work proposal must been a big hole in the pocket' .... lol let me announce the price to everyone : IT"S FREE OF CHARGE!! Yesss! FREE you din hear me wrongly! Suntec city provides free service for dedication! . Guys pls brush up on your knowledge and you can do this for ur gf's bdae or anniversary etc.... So this is a very smart idea which Vitor had came up with and 2 thumbs up for him!!!

Sad to say the resolution wasn't clear enuff to capture our tears etc etc. So far I did a survey, many galfrens tear when their bf propose as this is really a touching moment since you are so happy and lost for words. Even Vitor told me that he was so touched by himself that he almost tear (isn't that cute? but sorry guys he is my teddy bear you are not allow to touch him even tho he is cute). BUT the fabulous part was not it, when we went to his house, he has a second part of the surprise awaiting for me! he filled up his room's ceiling with so many balloons and there was a sweet certificate placed and tied up nicely on the table which we need to sign to signify the day of the proposal!(copy my idea tho, I once gave him a cert during our first month anniversary, but he is really good at copying ideas lol)

Thank you so much my dear for giving me such a wonderful memory!