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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My hand corsage

Went to spotlight to source for wedding materials and tada presenting my hand corsage which is now with hong (another great sister of mine who has volunteer to help me with wrist corsages for the ladies) . It's a great place for buying small flowers for wrist corsages =)

Here's some arrays of the designs which you can find there.
These are foam flowers which really resembles the actual flowers a lot and a real beauty.

Some materials which I have bought back from spotlight and amk central craft shop.

Vitor making the hand corsage for me. Yup there is no typo here it indeed is a hand corsage and not wrist corsage if you check out the following pic.

Yep, my idea of not having the conventional wrist corsage. Lovely isn't it? but there is more meaning to it.....

The hand corsage is actualy attached to my current couple ring =) So hong pls dun lose it =P haha she will be stress if she ever read this post. But wood block has done a great job with the craft work of cos that's with many GUIDANCE from me... why else do you think he can have done a great job?


  1. I got to tell you that the wrist corsage that you have up there is really really nice!

  2. Hihi, the hand corsage rilly very nice.... do you sell it?? hehe...... wanted to use it for my best fren wedding but I think im not so good at DIY- ing it.

  3. hihi, the hand corsage look very beautiful.Can i buy from you?? Thinking to use it for my best fren wedding..... heeheee, cos i thk im not tat talented to DIY myself.... --- Ling

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  5. Hi, to be honest i think i must have misplace the corsage because I have no idea whether if it is lost. For this corsage I got ready florals plus petals from spotlight so it is actually expensive to DIY this for bridemaids. May cost up to perhaps 12 bucks. I invested more for this becos it was initially a plan to replace my wedding bouquet.

  6. Oic.... thanks for the info.... will check out frm Spotlight how much is those small items. XD