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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wrist Corsage for my Reception Team

Now even though I won't be having any jie meis and xiong dis during the tea ceremony, it doesn't mean I am forgetting about the important friends in my life. In fact, I would like to have them being pampered and dressed up nicely too for the wedding banquet.

First of all the rule of pampering your friends is definitely not making pay unnecessary $$$ for your wedding. If you would like your friends to dress up to your wedding theme, you must make sure you re-imburse them sufficiently if not better still pay for it.

Another important thing to note will be not to force them into ugly dresses that you think are nice. You are only going to kill their joy and hve a nightmarish memories whenever they recall about your wedding. In fact a better way will be to just identify a simple theme for them to follow and let them choose dresses that acentuate themselves best. Happy and satisfied faces are the most beautiful and picture perfect through the lens of the camera!

Anyway while surfing and doing researches through magazines to give me more inspiration for vintage wedding, I came upon this nice idea for the wrist corsage for my friend's or family who will be helping out at the registration booth.
Why didn't it occur to me to use lace for the wrist corsage? Simple and elegant and for a night event, we can even use lace lace to bring out the mood for the night party(eh i mean banquet). Of cos it will be beyond the means me to decorate it with gems but defitnitely now with some inspirations in mind I am very sure I can improvise it easily =) Instead of buttons , we can also easily use faux pearls too or even add a feather or 2......... urgh there are just so much ideas and combinations to play with!
Now the prob is when will I have time to start my DIY projects? Sigh I miss my DIY art moments esp when work is very packed for this period of time. But still it is something that I'm looking forward to!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Veggy Hubby

Nothing much to blog today except that while woodblock is dozing off to slumberland, he suddenly look more and more like a plant to me
NOPE definitely not the usual woodblock face. hmmmm........

Yup he looks like the super mushroom from super mario. Wonder what will he be evolving into next. Kinda of scary isn't it? Am I having a Veggy Hubby? *shudder*

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eloping Out of Singapore for ...... 6 hrs?!?

In case you are wondering where woodblock and me have disappear to, the answer is simple definitely NOT IN SINGAPORE =P

We slipped out in the morning at 10 am from home with our passport thinking of .....


Nah you must have watch too much tv drama! Who will elope these days? That's very old fashion and I don't even watch such soap dramas these days. So where did we go with our passports then? Definitely not Sentosa (to an old secondary school classmate who thought we must bring passport to enter Sentosa), BUT City Square(CS) in Malaysia!

Can't tell you how excited I was to get my butt out of the country for a while because it gave me cheap thrill as tho as I am going off somewhere super duper far for a few hours. Plus Woodblock and me have some secret tasks to do over there =)

We went down to Woodlands interchange to take 950 which brings us straight across the crossway to City Square.

I am so excited and shua gu until I must take the pic of the bus number as a memorial of our date to Malaysia.
I wanted to shout to the whole world - 'Shiok Ar!!!!' but I try to add demure and just only do a gentle smile and hide my excitement.

Apparently I don't think my facade plan works well and I couldn't hide my happiness from woodblock's ultra small eye STONING(did I not tell you that woodblock loves to go into a trance and stare into space as a hobby?!? Strange person/piece of wood indeed) PENETRATION

After a few minutes, my excitement seem to have influence woodblock and suddenly his eyes starts to twinkle like mine too! *wink wink*
If you think it's some ulu place we are going: check out the crazy crowd queuing behind us. It's almost like the hello kitty craze queue!
After some grueling jam at the causeway, we finally arrive at City Square!!! It was already 12 pm and I am SUPER HUNGRY that I almost wanna to convert into a vegetarian and bite a piece of woodblock away
A satisfied evil smile on the evil villian who ate woodblock away. *SLURP DELICIOUS BUT A LITTLE TAT TOO FATTY FOR VEG*

Don't worry I was just kidding. How can you believe that a virtuous wife like me would do something so cruel? See this picture is a good proof for the following:
1) Woodblock is healthy and still kicking alive
2) I'm so virtuous until I let woodblock hit my head and I still remain my gentleness through smiling and looking so ever still pretty for the camera =)
Please skip and do not read the following sentence if you are not woodblock
Whisper to woodblock's tiny eyes: (I think you are going to enjoy some 'VIP' treatment for having the nerves to try to hit my head behind the camera while I am busy not looking at you)

Ahem I hope you din peek at the Sweet nothings between a SWEET couple like us!

Ok First stop, sweet recipe! Simple reason = > half price only!!!
Even woodblock can't help but Gasped in AStonishment?!? (told ya guys we are country bumpkins so we are surprise by everything)

SLURPING woodblock. Mabbe 7-eleven should asked woodblock to do advert for their slurpee because when I see woodblock slurping away, he makes it look like it is super delicious because he does it with so much intent concentration and sincerity in savouring the taste.
For me, I just love the SINFUL CREAM =)
Woodblock and I were superb happy(due to hunger) when we see the table full of food! A pity that the rice tasted blend and my chicken cordon bleu tasted like KFC (I do like KFC but it is strange to be eating KFC at secret recipe!)
After lunch, woodblock and me quickly get on to our secret mission to find the legendary VALUE FOR MONEY wedding CAKE! It wasn't easy to find the cake shop as it was hiding in one corner.

RM 5.00 for a wedding cake = > S$2.50
Sigh too bad my mum in law doesn't want us to buy a cheap one in case it makes my mum unhappy. But never mind for those BTBs who are still looking for the cakes, this is a pretty good lobang and I have helped you to capture in photos. I suggest that the couple should buy and try one before ordering in bulk =)

Can't help to take a pic of this basket! Love the elephant head so cute!!! Reminds me of crayon Shin's famous dance ..... *ops*
Now second mission: To check out the shop call IDEAL COLLECTIONS. Reason is simple as they sell wedding goods. We love the ang pows in the shop!
So in the end We bought one pack at RM $3.90 for a pack of 10
I luv the tradtional costume cartoons - looks unique on pink pows! (still get over my pink ROM wedding)
Next next stop: Baskin Robbins. An advantage of going Msia is that many brands of restaurants and shopping boutique which cannot be find in Singapore are found here.
Here, woodblock and me ordered ice cream waffle for a sweet tea break.
We were looking so forward to our ice-cream that we even deliberately sit near the waffle machine to look at the process our of waffle in the making.
A sweet pose from woodblock who waited patiently like a GOOD BOY
In the meanwhile, I kept spying at the waffle machine and waiting for our waffle to be done.
The greedy me even think of swallowing the waffle machine along with the waffle.
Eh was I caught on camera for my greedy side?!?
Woodblock join in to lick the waffle machine and salivate over the waffle machine
Apparently woodblock din find the waffle machine that yummy at all and gave an icky face =(
TADA Finally the GOumet is Here!
Woodblock joined in again and trying his best to look good on the camera while trying to snatch the plate from me that's why my smile looks stiff. (Evil piece of wood!)
He is very hard to get rid of when it comes to food and continues to snatch the plate so (as you can see from the pictures) Princess Christine decided to smack him with the spoons later on.
Our last memory of the yummy Baskin Robin's Ice Cream and Waffle which is not currently somewhere ermanently lodge in our body's fat storage compartment as an eternal sourvenir.
Finally before we got home: We decided to get some nice goodies for woodblock's family to eat!
Mr BaoZ. We saw this on some Taiwan show quite some time ago and we were superhapplicious(new vocab invented by me) to bring it home as a 'permanent souvenir' to our body too.
Here's the webby and the following are the many flavours they have.

Argh Why is blogspot uploading a pic in the wrong orientation twice in a row =(
Never mind, it still looks good to it despite the buns are lying sideways =P
Time to eat more BaoZ.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Fun Fill wedding photo

A few days ago I chanced upon this wedding website call .

Usually I don't really comment much on wedding blogs of other BTB but this wedding blog really caught my eye with the creative taste, wonderful shots and unconventional venues chosen by the couples for phototaking.

Definitely LUV their unique taste but I must say I take it off *salute* to them as it can be pretty time consuming(and of cos tiring) to venture out into so many spots in Singapore to try out different shots. This is especially useful for us couples who are lost in choosing locations for our pre-wedding shoot and may end up always using the few popular scenic spots as we have totally no idea that even exist. Most importantly I was thinking about a friend who is getting wed soon that might love taking a look at the 'old school' shots taken by the couple in their wedding blog webby too *wink*.

Without further ado, here are some of my fav shots from their pre-wedding album:

For a full view :

For a full view:

For a full view:

I still need one last outdoor venue to think of to complete the vintage theme album!

So exciting isn't it ...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding traditional cakes for my dear relatives =) and friends!

Today I'm in an exceptionally great mood!

First of all I have more or less the confirmation of the wedding cage that I have been eyeing for


most importantly I have also manage to talk to Lunar bar and have successfully chopped the place for 2 hours (with a great gesture of 30 mins buffer and some discount) for my wedding photoshoot on the 24th of June 2009!This is gonna make the whole wedding album very unique and I'm still considering the last place where I should have my photoshoot.

I was thinking the last place should be An AUTHENTIC outdoor venue for once but yet I can still keep up with the strong flavour of my vintage theme! Most importantly I understnad that woodblock loves to take at least one NATURAL outdoor photo =) That shall require much research again.

Now I have been looking for traditional wedding cakes lobang these days and even though it is way too early, Irather start early with all the research and so that we will be able to pick the best choice of our likings and most importantly save up the money so that it can be spent on other ares of my likings=)

There quite a number of good recommendation on the bridal forum which I have manage to compile them in case anyone needs an overview:
1) Prima Deli
Even though the external packaging doesn't look much, but I love the kawaii cartoon heart shape card placed on the cake - simply adorable!
2) Bengawan Solo
(wanted to insert their webby but the webby is suddenly out of order? strange leh!)
3) Sweetest Moments

$8.90-$15.90(with free printing of mini personalized wedding cards)
One of my favourites as I am a sucker for fabulous packaging!
4) Chocz

5) Da Zhong Guo
6) Gin Thye
7)Savoury Fare

Raspberry mini cake $10
Aren't the heartshape mini cakes sweet? Looks delicious but i wonder if it taste as good as it looks. But one good thing for BTB to note will be the consideration of the storage of Cream cakes as we either have to distribute it asap if not w must have a JUMBO fridge)
9) Sweet Secrets

Box of 9 pcs at $12.00 , 16cm teacakes at $7.50- $8.80
I will prefer printing cartoons or the xi characters instead of printing the couples face as woodblock says that he doesn't like pple cutting up our faces with some knifes. He feels that it is life threatening to him?!?
10) Kyo Prices

Around $5.80 - $7.80
Love the price and shape of the cake. Simple and sweet!
11) Melrose Bake House
$8:00-$11.30 for round cakes and $10.80-$12.80 for heart shape cakes

So have you found your ideal traditional cake yet? If you have any recommendation, feel free to drop a msg and let me know! I love sharing resources and lobangs =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea Ceremony and Banquet Date Set

Ok finally after the drilling Sunday lunch with a formal meet the parent session we finally decided on the dates of the tea ceremony and banquet.

The banquet will continue as per norm on th 22nd Nov 2009 while the tea ceremony will be on an earlier date, 12th Nov 2009 (Thurs).

Well I guess t can't be help since that is the most auspicious date being calulated by the feng shui master for the 2nd time. Kind of troublesome to have it on both dates so most likely we will be going without the usual gate crashing stuff and have a super simple tea ceremony as it falls on a thurs and we really do not want to trouble our good friends to take a one day leave off and waste a precious day off for a half day event=)

I think woodblock is esp happy when it comes to this as he can forgo the torturement by the sisters and can da yao da bai walk into my house to fetch me. To be honest, I was not going to be so easy on him ..........................................................................

So woodblock Woodblock I Be WAITING for you to fetch me...Awww I'm so excited now! Imagine a virtuous wife waiting for you by the door. I am so gnna give ya a great time by the door to await your arrival (evil laughter muahhaahah). Isn't hat special? I don't think any Singapore brides will go to the door and fetch their husband! So enjoy this VIP treat from your wife to be.

I can't tell you what is install for you as I know you always read my blog to double check whther if I wrote anything "politically NiCE" about you =P

Anyway I be going down to my auntie's friend place to go for some trial massage which combines the chinese traditional massage which targets our "xue wei", swedish and spa massage. She told me it will help me in slimmin dow. I will review it in my blg together with my research on the "Si dian Jin" + " Wedding cakes(those to be distributed to our relatives)" soon =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Woo a crazy cool moneybox

I would like to say big thank you to the BTBs who have been reading the blog esp when it comes to valuable suggestions. I notice that weeks ago, Danice(which I suppose it a BTB) posted an url on my tagboard and voila, after pening up the page I fell in love with the suggestions she has offered me.

I have already email in to enquire about the rental of the following bird cage as the ang paos box. Even though I understand that the capacity of this cage is low, but the main purpose of it is definitely for squeezing the approx 200 angpaos (since we are expecting 250 guests) but mainly for photography purpose on the AD itself. You will really want to provide the AD photographer with some little details and things to take pics of right?

Here are the gorgeous pics of the cage that I have fell in love with. Pictures are extracted from the company's webby and the cage that I love is call "My Love Goes Round and Round"

It even has silk pink or red roses +some bling bling(depending on the theme that you want) to decorate and enhance the cage. But somehow I din like the colour of the dry grass at the bottom, it looks kinda of restless. For me I might consider replacing the green colour grass with some other colour which helps to enhance the colour of the silk roses.

Well if you like, I suggest we can put our own ornament in if the couple have their own mascot or symbol of love that they want to share with the guests.

I'm drooling from the idea of the bird cage rental which is 15 bucks! I must have it! I wish the cage comes in black though=) but then never mind it is already perfect for the wedding. Then maybe you guys will be pondering how about the rest of the angpaos then? Don't worry Grand Shanghai has a big Glass container that looks like for containing biscuits in the olden days. They usually offers the couples to use it as their ang pao box during the dinner =)
Anyway I'm now looking for cd albums to fit in with the Shanghai theme. Even though Grand Shanghai has their own cds, I prefer to comile the musics myself as I feel that it is really important for setting the tone for how I would like to bring out the Shanghai feel to my guests. I don't like the straight oldies as I want it to sound naughty and fun too!
Read up from the bridal forum there is this album call "Shanghai Jazz" but when I went down to Hereens, it has been sold out! Love the songs from the album after listening to the demos online. I shall continue on with my search to give the best for the guests in terms of audio!
Here is the link for you to download their demos from the official website.
Looks like I will need to rope in Qi for her precious help on the compilation of musics soon =) Cant tell you how much she has done a great job with the music selection for my rom!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A clearing cloud

As things seems frustrating and gloomy, the clouds has finally clear the sky for me with regards to the wedding.

My father called me up suddenly few days ago while I was at work and told me that they are fine with any dates(which was a big relief) and they(my brothers and him) will help me with the banquet. There isn't a need for dowry money etc?!

Actually this wasn't what I exactly expected because my father misunderstood me in terms of money. I was deeply touched by their gesture and offer but what I was frustrated with was the dates not the money. Sigh I have already decided to wash my hands off the matter and let woodblock do the talking with the parents as there's no point for me to say too much =) I appreciate very much with what I have now esp when I just had a close brush with death.

It's exciting to have a vintage wedding and I forgot to mention that my WG will not be an MTM in the end as I found something suitable OTR itself. A mermaid dress with lace that from a first look, it totally was those western vintage kind of dress =) Somehow, the mermaid dress cutting suits me very well and it was a bonus that it had that kind of western vintage design which was pretty elegant! (Ah li and me fell in love with it at first sight and totally agree that it fits the heme that I want very well).

Another great reason will be that in order to have FULL LACE for your mtm gowns, bliss bridal or most bridal shop will asked you to top up 500 bucks as french lace is very expensive. So why spend more when there's a ready one? So for now I am going to MTM my EG that's all. I will showcase the inspirational designs hopefully in the next entry?

Anyway I will also need to consider the extra other 4 gowns to wear for the photoshoot(very ma fan haiz). Now it's time to go full stream to do research for wedding gowns!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dates for tea ceremony

The auspicious dates for tea ceremony will either be 12th November(Thurs) or 22nd November(Sunday).

Sad to say actually I was undergoing a lot of pressure and frustrations for my wedding banquet and dates for the tea ceremony. Apparently, my mum doesn't believe that 22nd November is suppose to be the auspicious date for marriage and she believes that 22nd November clashes with my dad's horoscope (Year of the Ox). This creates a LOT of unhappiness esp with my in-laws and me.

First of all, she says that this yr is a bad yr for marriage (I think she have offended many BTB for this yr) and secondly she wants it after Feb (after my granny's death anniversary). The prob with my job is that I am only free to wed on school holis and my in-laws believe that couple can't marry during June due to another tradition believe of '半世姻缘' (according to woodblock, it means that one of the couple will meet up with something inauspicious) (many BTB offended again).

So our decision is now final: If we have to postpone it to next yr, we will NOT have any BANQUET at all and we shall just have a simple tea-ceremony. I think it is nonsense that the dates are so rigid upon the decision of one person and most importantly the money is forked out by woodblock and me. Even though we have to respect traditions and parents, when we are talking about the expenditure of over $20 K, I think couples who let their parents who have a say to EVERYTHING for the wedding must either be saints or rich. At least, I know I am definitely not the kind of person who will be that kind enough to offer $20 plus K to others to decide how it will be spent.

I wish my mum wasn't that particular when it comes to all these but sad to say she belongs to the party who worships all these details.

I once laugh when my auntie (my mum's sis) actually wants the groom to give the bride's family a roasted suckling pig who is as heavy as her daughter(also according to traditions).

If you have seen roasted suckling pig before, I can tell you it is a crazy and definitely not a sound preposition esp when your daughter is not that light! In the end, they must have dig out all the lands of Singapore looking frantically because I don't think it even existed in the first place.

Perhaps Wikipedia wasn't that popular when her daughter got married because under wikipedia here's what they will find out about roasted suckling pig:

"Suckling pig (or sucking pig[1]) is a young pig that has only fed on its mother's milk. The piglet is slaughtered between the ages of two to six weeks, and traditionally it is roasted. The dish is usually reserved for special occasions." (Sources: Wikipedia)

I guess even the suckling wouldn't be happy about such request.
Picture Source

So I guess it must be really difficult to hav a 2-6 yr old suckling pig that heavy, but fear not because adult pigs is about 60 plus to 90 kg so meaning if you do not need a suckling, you can still follow the traditions very strictly =)

GOOD luck to US!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inspirations for Vintage AD photos for a Vintage wedding!

As mentioned that we went down to the bridal shop earlier on to book the date for our Pre-wedding photoshoot. I'm very excited as I know exactly what is the theme and style I would LuV to have for my photo album - Vintage style!

There are many reasons why I favour and love such theme
1) I feel that it is timeless and definitely very classic
2) It highlights the ageless beauty of a bride
3) Definitely very in tune with my Grand Shanghai banquet

Since I'm going vintage style, the first thing I'm going without for my photoshoot will definitely be the Japanese, Korean etc etc kinda of costumes - as it is definitely going to disrupt the flow of photos in the album since I already have a strong theme for it.

One of the venue for the photoshoot will definitely be at Grand Shanghai. I caught my eye on the hairstyle I luv from The Feline Bridal Webby:

Luv the lace and white fur! I'm now hoping this will compliment Grang Shanghai as backdrop! I shall show this to Kingsley for advice.

And the 2nd venue is already undergoing planning and I'm hoping for





When I first caught my eyes on the photography done by The Aisle Bridal in the bridal magazine weeks ago, I thought it was really captivating! Here are some of the sample pics from their blog:
I love the place so much for photoshoot just from these pics. Anyway I did a research about this venue and found out that this place has relly so much places to offer for a goregeous photoshoot. However, if Im not wrong the rental of the place for 3 hours is roughly about 300 bucks but I feel that this is definitely a price worth paying for. I have already email in to enquire about the rental for photoshoot and hope I will hear from them soon =)

A grand entrance (pictures from Lunar Asian Bar Webby)

Salivating from all these gorgeous backdrop (pictures from Lunar Asian Bar Webby)
I'm going to source for more locations for photoshoot. Anyone with any great ideas, pls feel free to pop by my msg tag board! Many thanks in advance.