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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting Prep for A Shanghai Night

Well it's been a giddy morning and it does help to help prescribe medicine which will hopefully help me recover soon. It is even more depressing being stuck at home with a sick fish who is sadly now covered in white spots (sigh I really hope it doesn't die).
Anyway even while I am resting, I find it hard for my brain to stop working and become totally inactive to the point I become a retard. Ever since I have seen the wedding held at Grand Shanghai, my brain can't stop marveling at the ambience at settings => totally fabulous. In fact secretly, the design of the evening gown which i have keeping to myself even before I selected my rom gown can now be put to put good use.
Now here's the 'treasure map' I have kept for reference for my EG all these while! Ok Forget about the crease line in between because I folded it kept it in an envelope to save space. In fact I love the overall look of the model in terms of not just the dress but also the oriental hairstyle she has. Even though it is japanese like But I thought I looks lovely in bringing out a strong oriental feel. I am now comtemplating to go without the usual European WG and make this my WG instead for AD and for my EG I will go for another type of look.
Love the hair fork! Mabbe I can DIY this for myself?
I would love the pearl beading details at the edge of the gown. Of cos I prefer those small petite beads so that it looks classy and exquisite!
Now to zoom out and observe the smart use of floral lace around the waist area and on one side of the bust . Usually I do not like lace very much, however the designer for this gown was smart as he/she did not over use lace which I find it heavy for my likings for other gowns using lace.
Finally the most difficult detail will be the skirting itself. Wonder how they mamnage to find such netting like material. Simply ingenius piece of work which makes it an oriental gown classy, sexy and pure(becos it employs white) making it a very refreshing and clean look.

Overall? Putting everything together will give you a fabulous glamourous look!

Sounds exciting isn't it! Meaning I have completed the look for the WG. I am actually plannin a black sexy dress for my EG so it will stand out in the red scralett deco!) So I will only need to rack my brain over the tea dress and new EG.As for the DIYs for my banquet, all I can say with the comprehensive deco of the venue itself plus the favourful reno of GS, my job will now be minimal as a bride to be compare to my rom last year and thus I can concentrate more for the DIYs of Hong's wedding and ensure her wedding is one that she will luv it =)
Anyway before I deviate. List of DIYS I might be doing:
1) Personalise Table numbers
2) Ang pow box depending on how the antique glass bottle from GS looks like as I heard some brides borrow from GS to use it as Ang Pow Box.
3) Ang Pows(my specialty)
4) Enhancements for my wedding favour boxes
5) My wishing guest book as I have yet to print out all the call outs so far and I need to compile them into a scrap book for viewing on the day itself
6) Design for floral centerpiece(actually this will be made together with the florist but I prefer that I design it and let her know what I want)
7) Mabbe a simple oriental fan (to complement my WG or EG)
8) An Oriental Paper Umbrella (am not going to reveal the use yet until I found one that I like)
9) A display board to welcome by guests! (this I might mostly likely need help from my sis in law)
Other non-DIYs to do list include:
1) Slimming for woodblock and me (ideally 60 kg for him and 46 kg for me) (meaning 2 kg loss each)
2) Facial and pampering routine till our wedding (so I would be booking a day spa for the 2 of us at Batam one week prior to 22 Nov 2009)
3) Confirmationand booking of Grand Shanghai on upcoming Sat (be goin to Amara with Hong and Marvin in the day before going down to GS during the evening)
4) Comfirmation of the photoshoot to be held during June and selection of the various venues for the PS. Most importantly the gowns needs to be ready by then =( very rush. (I have already selected GS as one of the venue)
5) The Guo Da Li details =( (absolutely not much idea until I research further for both Canto plus Hokkien etc)
6) Guest List confirmation once the venue is booked
7) Devising a bachelorette or hen partywith my sister friends (hey mabbe combine mine with Hong hor lol see first lah)
8) Get a Shanghai music CD from HMV (I heard they are selling some Shanghai Jazz music=>perfect for a shanghai wedding)
Yay feeling all my enthusiasm coming back again as Bridezilla!!!! It's gonna be FUN Fun And hopefully FUN again with the plannings!
Oh yeah before I end here, for those who had no idea what bridezilla mean, it is actually a combination of the terms BRIDE + GODZILLA. Little to explain, it actually refers to a bride who goes round menacing innocent friends, family and other pple during the process of the planning of her wedding on even during the wedding itself. This causes great misery to pple around the bride and will want to strangle and murder her.
It's great fun reading the bitching of pple's encounter with Bridezillas and be shocked to see how crazy brides can be in order to get their own way. So BEWARE and be VERY AFRAID when you meet one... muahhaahahah (evil laughter ringing into the sky).

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