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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding traditional cakes for my dear relatives =) and friends!

Today I'm in an exceptionally great mood!

First of all I have more or less the confirmation of the wedding cage that I have been eyeing for


most importantly I have also manage to talk to Lunar bar and have successfully chopped the place for 2 hours (with a great gesture of 30 mins buffer and some discount) for my wedding photoshoot on the 24th of June 2009!This is gonna make the whole wedding album very unique and I'm still considering the last place where I should have my photoshoot.

I was thinking the last place should be An AUTHENTIC outdoor venue for once but yet I can still keep up with the strong flavour of my vintage theme! Most importantly I understnad that woodblock loves to take at least one NATURAL outdoor photo =) That shall require much research again.

Now I have been looking for traditional wedding cakes lobang these days and even though it is way too early, Irather start early with all the research and so that we will be able to pick the best choice of our likings and most importantly save up the money so that it can be spent on other ares of my likings=)

There quite a number of good recommendation on the bridal forum which I have manage to compile them in case anyone needs an overview:
1) Prima Deli
Even though the external packaging doesn't look much, but I love the kawaii cartoon heart shape card placed on the cake - simply adorable!
2) Bengawan Solo
(wanted to insert their webby but the webby is suddenly out of order? strange leh!)
3) Sweetest Moments

$8.90-$15.90(with free printing of mini personalized wedding cards)
One of my favourites as I am a sucker for fabulous packaging!
4) Chocz

5) Da Zhong Guo
6) Gin Thye
7)Savoury Fare

Raspberry mini cake $10
Aren't the heartshape mini cakes sweet? Looks delicious but i wonder if it taste as good as it looks. But one good thing for BTB to note will be the consideration of the storage of Cream cakes as we either have to distribute it asap if not w must have a JUMBO fridge)
9) Sweet Secrets

Box of 9 pcs at $12.00 , 16cm teacakes at $7.50- $8.80
I will prefer printing cartoons or the xi characters instead of printing the couples face as woodblock says that he doesn't like pple cutting up our faces with some knifes. He feels that it is life threatening to him?!?
10) Kyo Prices

Around $5.80 - $7.80
Love the price and shape of the cake. Simple and sweet!
11) Melrose Bake House
$8:00-$11.30 for round cakes and $10.80-$12.80 for heart shape cakes

So have you found your ideal traditional cake yet? If you have any recommendation, feel free to drop a msg and let me know! I love sharing resources and lobangs =)

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