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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Confirmation of Banquet Venue and a revisit to hospital

A week ago, woodblock and me made an appointment with Shirley from Grand Shanghai to talk discuss on the confirmation of Grand Shanghai as our banquet venue. Actually I was inspired by the oriental chic pics taken by Chris Ling photography which is simply gorgeous and strike a cord in my heart. So I decided to go full stream for an oriental theme wedding.

Good points for oriental theme wedding for woodblock and me:
1) Definitely no naggings from parents nor in laws as most of the decor is scarlett red
2) Definitely not those old fashion kinda of oriental settings but more of a vintage oriental design which my guests will love.
3) Guests (young or old) will be having fun dressing up to the theme with Cheong Sums or even those long scarfs for the guys lol
4) Uniqueness of having a live band with a singer who will singing all the theme related songs - freakingly cool!
4) A lot of the items has been covered in the package by Grand Shanghai =) which I will not be doing tooo much on the decor except on the little details for personalising =)
5) I can go full stream to cover Hong's wedding planning and feel equally happy and excited about it!

Anyway, was glad that Hong went down with us to the GS to discuss the banquet as sometimes I can be muddle head in little details which Hong has thankfully covered for me. Sometimes it seems really strange that she knows exactly what I want and I am so happy that she is the wedding planner for my wedding vice-versa I am going to make sure I be a good one for hers too. It helps a great deal when Hong also luv the settings in GS and understand why I am so excited about holding the banquet there.

So after discussion here's what I have:
1) A choice of 9-course Chinese dinner menu
2) Beautifully designed invitation cards with envelopes based on 70% confirmed attendance (which I am going to DIY so doesn't matter much)
3) Guest's Signature book for the wedding reception
4) Free flow of soft drinks and Chinese Tea from 6:30pm-11pm
5) Complimentary one barrel of beer (30 litres) and 1 bottle of house wine per table
6) Additional Beer price at 20 litres is $450++ and 30 litres at $580++
7) Waiver of corkage charge for duty paid and sealed hard liquor brought into hotel
8) Corkage charge at $20.00 per bottle for wine brought in (additional bottle of wine cost 25 bucks per bottle)
9) 9 tier traditional decorated wedding cake
10) Home-made cookies in decorative box for every guest
11) Champagne fountain with a complimentary bottle of champagne for toasting
12) Wedding decorations of fresh flower centerpiece for all tables including fresh flower aisle stands
13) Special VIP parking lot for the bridal carat the front of the hotel
14) Full Complimentary Parking for all guests
15) One nigt stay in Executive suite with American Breakfast
17) Entertainment with Live perfromance of 3 pc band with singer (excluding Monday)(it is suppose to be around 2 sessions of 45 minutes so there's no worries for entertainment)
18) Food tasting at 50% off for up till 10 pax
19) Venue is free for pre-wedding photoshoot
20) Halal food at an addition of $55++ per pax and food is to be ordered from hotel =) which is good espcially since it is individual serving and the cutlery are all from the hotel too =)

Negative points:
1) There are certain places where the guests may not be able to see the front center stage properly (so we will have to think of something to make sure these guests will be kept happy through the night)

2) Projector screen is rented not from the hotel but by external vendor at $350 ++. Even we have a projector screen some guests will still not be able to see the screen so you will need to make arrangements for your notebook or LCD screen to be place at the sides. I will need to think of alternatives either in terms of the programmes etc

However, after the dinner banquet confirmation on 22nd Nov 2009, I realise that my knee joint area is feeing strain and found difficulty in walking properly. My thigh is also starting to become swollen and bruises starts to appear. So I have no choice but to asked woodblock to send me back to the hospital for a re-check(the hospital has prev given me a checklist to let me see whether if i need to go back to emergency ward for another round of checkup which I happened to fulfil 2 of the criterias) to understand what is happening. The doctor explains that I had the ligament at my ankle sprained and I should not be walking about so much and should only be doing light duties sigh =( I wanted to go joggin for the cross country this coming friday and now it looks like i am as good as some disabled person not being able to join in the race. To be honest I dun mind the physical injuries as long as they will heal in time and not be a permanent record in my life. I also hope that Shuzhen is getting well too =)

Today I am hoping that I can still go down to help Hong take a look at her banquet venue which I shall not reveal where until she has done all her confirmation=)

Yay going back to work finally tmr. I do miss everyone and want to feel useful again by going back to work.

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