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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wrist Corsage for my Reception Team

Now even though I won't be having any jie meis and xiong dis during the tea ceremony, it doesn't mean I am forgetting about the important friends in my life. In fact, I would like to have them being pampered and dressed up nicely too for the wedding banquet.

First of all the rule of pampering your friends is definitely not making pay unnecessary $$$ for your wedding. If you would like your friends to dress up to your wedding theme, you must make sure you re-imburse them sufficiently if not better still pay for it.

Another important thing to note will be not to force them into ugly dresses that you think are nice. You are only going to kill their joy and hve a nightmarish memories whenever they recall about your wedding. In fact a better way will be to just identify a simple theme for them to follow and let them choose dresses that acentuate themselves best. Happy and satisfied faces are the most beautiful and picture perfect through the lens of the camera!

Anyway while surfing and doing researches through magazines to give me more inspiration for vintage wedding, I came upon this nice idea for the wrist corsage for my friend's or family who will be helping out at the registration booth.
Why didn't it occur to me to use lace for the wrist corsage? Simple and elegant and for a night event, we can even use lace lace to bring out the mood for the night party(eh i mean banquet). Of cos it will be beyond the means me to decorate it with gems but defitnitely now with some inspirations in mind I am very sure I can improvise it easily =) Instead of buttons , we can also easily use faux pearls too or even add a feather or 2......... urgh there are just so much ideas and combinations to play with!
Now the prob is when will I have time to start my DIY projects? Sigh I miss my DIY art moments esp when work is very packed for this period of time. But still it is something that I'm looking forward to!

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