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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dates for tea ceremony

The auspicious dates for tea ceremony will either be 12th November(Thurs) or 22nd November(Sunday).

Sad to say actually I was undergoing a lot of pressure and frustrations for my wedding banquet and dates for the tea ceremony. Apparently, my mum doesn't believe that 22nd November is suppose to be the auspicious date for marriage and she believes that 22nd November clashes with my dad's horoscope (Year of the Ox). This creates a LOT of unhappiness esp with my in-laws and me.

First of all, she says that this yr is a bad yr for marriage (I think she have offended many BTB for this yr) and secondly she wants it after Feb (after my granny's death anniversary). The prob with my job is that I am only free to wed on school holis and my in-laws believe that couple can't marry during June due to another tradition believe of '半世姻缘' (according to woodblock, it means that one of the couple will meet up with something inauspicious) (many BTB offended again).

So our decision is now final: If we have to postpone it to next yr, we will NOT have any BANQUET at all and we shall just have a simple tea-ceremony. I think it is nonsense that the dates are so rigid upon the decision of one person and most importantly the money is forked out by woodblock and me. Even though we have to respect traditions and parents, when we are talking about the expenditure of over $20 K, I think couples who let their parents who have a say to EVERYTHING for the wedding must either be saints or rich. At least, I know I am definitely not the kind of person who will be that kind enough to offer $20 plus K to others to decide how it will be spent.

I wish my mum wasn't that particular when it comes to all these but sad to say she belongs to the party who worships all these details.

I once laugh when my auntie (my mum's sis) actually wants the groom to give the bride's family a roasted suckling pig who is as heavy as her daughter(also according to traditions).

If you have seen roasted suckling pig before, I can tell you it is a crazy and definitely not a sound preposition esp when your daughter is not that light! In the end, they must have dig out all the lands of Singapore looking frantically because I don't think it even existed in the first place.

Perhaps Wikipedia wasn't that popular when her daughter got married because under wikipedia here's what they will find out about roasted suckling pig:

"Suckling pig (or sucking pig[1]) is a young pig that has only fed on its mother's milk. The piglet is slaughtered between the ages of two to six weeks, and traditionally it is roasted. The dish is usually reserved for special occasions." (Sources: Wikipedia)

I guess even the suckling wouldn't be happy about such request.
Picture Source

So I guess it must be really difficult to hav a 2-6 yr old suckling pig that heavy, but fear not because adult pigs is about 60 plus to 90 kg so meaning if you do not need a suckling, you can still follow the traditions very strictly =)

GOOD luck to US!

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