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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inspirations for Vintage AD photos for a Vintage wedding!

As mentioned that we went down to the bridal shop earlier on to book the date for our Pre-wedding photoshoot. I'm very excited as I know exactly what is the theme and style I would LuV to have for my photo album - Vintage style!

There are many reasons why I favour and love such theme
1) I feel that it is timeless and definitely very classic
2) It highlights the ageless beauty of a bride
3) Definitely very in tune with my Grand Shanghai banquet

Since I'm going vintage style, the first thing I'm going without for my photoshoot will definitely be the Japanese, Korean etc etc kinda of costumes - as it is definitely going to disrupt the flow of photos in the album since I already have a strong theme for it.

One of the venue for the photoshoot will definitely be at Grand Shanghai. I caught my eye on the hairstyle I luv from The Feline Bridal Webby:

Luv the lace and white fur! I'm now hoping this will compliment Grang Shanghai as backdrop! I shall show this to Kingsley for advice.

And the 2nd venue is already undergoing planning and I'm hoping for





When I first caught my eyes on the photography done by The Aisle Bridal in the bridal magazine weeks ago, I thought it was really captivating! Here are some of the sample pics from their blog:
I love the place so much for photoshoot just from these pics. Anyway I did a research about this venue and found out that this place has relly so much places to offer for a goregeous photoshoot. However, if Im not wrong the rental of the place for 3 hours is roughly about 300 bucks but I feel that this is definitely a price worth paying for. I have already email in to enquire about the rental for photoshoot and hope I will hear from them soon =)

A grand entrance (pictures from Lunar Asian Bar Webby)

Salivating from all these gorgeous backdrop (pictures from Lunar Asian Bar Webby)
I'm going to source for more locations for photoshoot. Anyone with any great ideas, pls feel free to pop by my msg tag board! Many thanks in advance.

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