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Sunday, March 15, 2009


This weekend was a crazy and tiring one. So many things to be done at one shot! But thank gosh I must say thank woodblock and me have lots of fun and excitement while clearing all the agendas one by one! Here's an overview for what we did this weekend:

1) A trip down some Okonomiyaki store for a try out after hearing from Ah li that is was interesting as we can get to diy our own okonomiyaki(pardon me if i spelt wrongly).

2) A breakfast trip with my mum & sis-in-laws to Tak Po for dim sum breakfast.

3) A trip down to IT fair to buy a new notebook for woodblock.

4) A trip down to bridal shop for date confirmations.Even though the above activitives sounds so simple and sweet, I was like already dying when I'm into the 2nd event as both woodblock and me were actually sick.

Now you should know that I love to DIY stuff and it is no surprise that other than craft work , cooking happens to be one of them! Hallo, I know that I don't look like a person that can cook, b ut seriously if you have a observant eye like me, you should notice why woodblock looks like a huggable teddy bear. This is never easy to achieve unless you have a *AHEM* wonderful wife who can whip up dishes according to what he requests at times *SMUG GRINZ*.

This Okonomiyaki store is at Prinsep Street and if I'm not wrong, it is a newly open store. I manage to pester an convince woodblock to go down and have a try as DIY was never really his favourite when ESPECIALLY it comes to FOOD! His preference is definitely those that can just be readily placed into his mouth eg like BUFFET.

Anyway the restaurant has detailed instructions of how to whip up an OISHII OKONOMIYAKI.

An excited hungry DIY Princess Christine awaiting for some hands on DIY cooking

Sauces and ingredients for the Okonomiyaki

The waitress soon arrive with our food and helped us with the mixing of the batter

The final prepped ingredients for cooking! Dont asked me why is it in the wrong orientation again cos it is was I called a technical error by blogspot and I am too lazy to re-upload the pic again and again.

Oh my god, I'm sometimes touched and surprise by the flair of the smoothness of how fast I can pick up cooking something new to me. Is this what we call an inborn talent? Now yu know that why woodblock is so eager to marry me home. It is like winning TOTO everyday (isnt that right woodblock)

Moment of Triump! I can even pose to try to look like a dainty sweet wife while cooking! (That's how we know why Woodblock is MESmorize by me MUAHAHAHAHAHA)

Now to DIY and decorate the okonomiyaki for my dear woodblock before eating so that I can ensure my cooking encompass the 'SE, XIANG, WEI' (colours, fragrance and taste). Told ya, I'm an all rounder wife =P

Make woodblock pose with my master piece, ignore his facial expression if you accidentally observe signs of slavery on his face.

TADA woodblock's OKONOMIYAKI made with LUV!

I made woodblock come up with his own deisng before he can eat. Initially I thought he will be designing something to dedicate it to his dear WONDERFUL wife.


Sad to say during that moment there was another thing that seems to be weighing more importance in his woodblock mind and that thing was



I have been feeding you like farm animal and you are still THAT HUNGRY. HALOO *konk konk konk* (knocking on his hollow woodblock head) are you kidding me urgh!!!

Other than Okonomiyaki, we also ordered a plate of yakisoba to fill our stomach.

Hungry and Angry wife eating up the STUPID pizza hut okonomiyaki =( to vent off her frustrations

Anyway do you know how I know this must be a newly open restaurant?
We are the only customers in the restuarant =( Sigh and to be honest I find the price of the food expensive and not value for money ($12(okonomiyaki)+$14(yakisoba)+$5(for 2 small cups of green tea)).
So in the end woodblock and me went down to ntuc and purchase ingredients (floour, eggs, cabbage, sauce, squids, chicken, crabmeat, Chai Yu ShAo) all of these amounts to roughly 17 bucks and that was enough to feed us like 10 okonomiyakis! And the taste verdict, OISHII desu! I will demo how to cook this dish next time if Im free =)

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