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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea Ceremony and Banquet Date Set

Ok finally after the drilling Sunday lunch with a formal meet the parent session we finally decided on the dates of the tea ceremony and banquet.

The banquet will continue as per norm on th 22nd Nov 2009 while the tea ceremony will be on an earlier date, 12th Nov 2009 (Thurs).

Well I guess t can't be help since that is the most auspicious date being calulated by the feng shui master for the 2nd time. Kind of troublesome to have it on both dates so most likely we will be going without the usual gate crashing stuff and have a super simple tea ceremony as it falls on a thurs and we really do not want to trouble our good friends to take a one day leave off and waste a precious day off for a half day event=)

I think woodblock is esp happy when it comes to this as he can forgo the torturement by the sisters and can da yao da bai walk into my house to fetch me. To be honest, I was not going to be so easy on him ..........................................................................

So woodblock Woodblock I Be WAITING for you to fetch me...Awww I'm so excited now! Imagine a virtuous wife waiting for you by the door. I am so gnna give ya a great time by the door to await your arrival (evil laughter muahhaahah). Isn't hat special? I don't think any Singapore brides will go to the door and fetch their husband! So enjoy this VIP treat from your wife to be.

I can't tell you what is install for you as I know you always read my blog to double check whther if I wrote anything "politically NiCE" about you =P

Anyway I be going down to my auntie's friend place to go for some trial massage which combines the chinese traditional massage which targets our "xue wei", swedish and spa massage. She told me it will help me in slimmin dow. I will review it in my blg together with my research on the "Si dian Jin" + " Wedding cakes(those to be distributed to our relatives)" soon =)

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