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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A new "B"eginning

I have been through a lot of emotional train since Monday to Wednesday with so much ups and downs that I cant help having insomnia and lots of weeping.

To date everything still feels kind of dreamy to me. Ever since August, I have spotted like twice in 2 months with no period and I ended up a little skeptical knowing that I have a history of serious gastrointestinal problem ever since I started my career. However, being worried about the cost, I deliberately visited the polyclinic on 16/9/2010 to get referred to the KK hospital. There it seems that as long you are married and no period, it's an SOP (standard operating procedure) to take an urine test before you get referred for other scans. So as usual like my umpteen times of preg test kit which I did at home (yes you can imagine how crazy i was back then in trying to concieve), it was proven negative.

So on this Monday (27/9/2010), woodblock was very sweet to take a half day leave to company me to KK hospital to do my ultrasound scan. However, the doctor after questioning me, says that I would need to queue up for another day for the scan and ask me to take urine test again as I have a history of long menstrual cycle. Of course, I fet extremely grumpy as it can be irritating to a person who i trying so hard to convince herself to shelf the concieving plan to next year to take another urine test for another false hope.

Therefore, it isnt a surprise that I was pretty sure I am definitely not pregnant as I take the urine test again. To my greatest and unexpected shock, for the crazily number of times i tested for pregnancy, this time round it was positive. I was so unwilling to accept this news that I keep thinking that either that is a wrong urine sample or I must be so stress that I actually have hormonal imbalance.

So there for some moment, woodlock and me were lost for words and almost in tears for the unexpected news. The doctor soon sent me to do ultrasound scan as she wants to see an update of the foetus progress.

To my horror, when I do the ultrasound scan, the nurse couldnt find anything, no matter how hard she tries and she even switch to V-scan (vaginal scan) which involves the insertion of a sensor into the vagina for a closer inspection but to no avail at all.

In the end, the doctor, after reviewing all the scan pics, told me that either it is early pregnancy or a possibility of ectopic pregnancy. I was horrified and I thought it was simply ironic. I was teaching this topic weeks ago and I knew clearly what it meant. Ectopic pregnancy means that the embryo did not attached itself to uterus and instead stayed in the fallopian tube(mostly) or even in the ovary. There is almost no way that an ectopic pregnancy can be carry out to full term as the faollopian tube neither have the capacity not nutrients to house the embryo. In early discovery, you can do an injection to flush out the embryo (as good as abortion). However, once the embryo is of considerable size, it means a surgery to remove the fallopian tube and the woman now has more difficulty to concieve in future(partially infertile). The chances of concieving nows becomes once in every 2 months.

So I was to do 2 blood tests for verifying whether it is ectopic or early preg. So on wednesday morning (29/09/2010) I went for the 2nd blood test in the morning. After 3 hours of wait, the blood results shows a positive sign but the doc wasnt able to tell for sure it's not ectopic yet. So we continued to worried as we wait for another detail V-scan conducted by another department and finally after 7 hours of wait in the hospital, they finaly found the embryo! The water bag is 5mm wide and the yolk is 2mm wide.

I just wish to share my joy with all my friends and btbs.....

I am finally PREGNANT!!! After so much trying etc, I have already given up hope of all the 'B"s I have been wishing for all these while especially my work is very stress these days. Now I feel energise with this piece of good news and I will be keeping a detail log of my progress as a first timer expecting mummy =) Hopefully this will then become some useful info that you will need in near future soon after your wedding*winkz*

Tmr I am celebrating woodblock's bdae and I cant helped but think that this is the best bdae gift I have for him this year!

I will share the bdae celeb details next week and my blog will be coming alive again as happiness is meant to be shared!