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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Man's Suit for Wedding

So far I have been doing some research on what usually many wear on wedding. Altho I must say the variety isnt that much but for guys don't worry that are still ways to add extra touches on what you can wear on your wedding day.
First and foremost for the style i like most which I have spotted on Magazines will be those retro casual shirts worn by both the groom and the bride for those solemnisation.

Esp those with small flower prints really brings out a very comfortable feeling and a softer touch to the modern new age sensitive man. However, the only setback here is that the bride needs to wear either a very simple dress or she might look a little dress up in comparison to the groom.

Next we find that most groom will be dress in the standard suit- vest combination on the actual day. Despite being common, it looks really great but there are ways which the groom can still shine in the little details. The best detail will be on the fabric used.

For example like the picture above, we find that the simple detail in a classic fabric print for the groom's vest immediately captures the attention of ur guests. Who says all eyes should be on the bride *chuckle*? With the increasing 'vanity' of our men... opps... I mean with the increasing awareness of the importance of their outward appearance, we find that today's man are actually very concern with how that look too on their big day. Even tho they might say nah.. i can tell you that's a big LIE! In fact if any guests say, hey you look good today esp blah blah.. They will be very shuang whole day haha.

Another way to dress up the man will be to have a interesting colour cravat that really shines out. Recently when I was browsing through the bridal forum, I came upon this groom who is very adventurous in trying out a golden cravat.
Nope not like this matte gold but like this ......
Yesshh shiny gold! I bet all his guests would have been taking second glances at the gloom. Normally it would have appear weird on guys, but then this is a special and grand occasion (which hopefully is once in a lifetime) where guys can get to wear the grandest clothes(unless you are a royalty, filthy rich guy or a star) and yet looks great and pretty fit into the event.
Ok I shall update more about guys clothes in future entries.. for now it will still be my shoe search.. sob =( where can i find the perfect pink heels for my gown ... sigh sigh sigh

Chocolate Fountain at a Steal!

Yay finally bought my choc fountain from Carrefoure. I must say thanks to the market price provided by Xuan's and my online research, I am now affirm that this is on the the cheapest deal you can find if you want to DIY it yourself.

I bought a black choc fountain from Chocolate Line Well the orginal cost of all the fountains are $198. However somehow the black one comes at a discounted price of $79 so what's the wait? lol of cos snatch it! I also bought a small pack of white choc converture which I will be trying out with some little tinge of red dye to see if it will give the pinkish fondue colour which I desire so much.

As for the ingredients, well mainly it will be strawberries and white and pink marshmallow(can be found at mini toons) etc and mabbe even longans haha as long it fits into the pinlk and white theme.

For those who do not want a hassle, another cheap alternative will be renting from The Chocalte fountain. It actually has those multi-colour fondue which I think will give your wedding esp those with a colour theme one with a special touch in terms of the colour . It cost about $180 for 4 hours with the setup and choc fondue. However I'm not sure whether if the price will include any fruits or side desserts for dipping.
For those who wants to go an extra mile to include even popcorn or candy floss machines , Carnival Popcorn may be just the right place for you to rent everything together which makes it less troublesome by liaising with just one company .
HOwever, for the convenience, I must say the cost is not that cheap =P but definitely very fun and interesting for your guests. In fact when I saw the pink retro candy floss machine, I fell in love with its colour and 1900s feel of it.

I wonder what other fruits or side dish will be suitable for my choc dipping? Any suggestions?

Monday, July 14, 2008


While we were trying to shop for a cravat for woodblock at 'The Executive' at Suntec, the sales girl asked us to try out 'Lavelliere' instead as it is more modern and have more varity in fabric print. It looks nice but instead of being able to use a normal pearl earring as the cravat pin, the hight quality cloth is freaking difficult to poke thru. Worse thing is when we got the Lavelliere home, we forgot how to tie it to make it resemble like a cravat ..sigh. Altho I like the Lavelliere but after we bought it, I realise that woodblock actually likes to have the look of a cravat inside the shirt, so it took me pains to try to tie it to resemble one. But personally, I prefer it to hang outside with a pearl pin, mabbe we will bring it down to the bridal shop and asked king if he can help us with it tho.
Below are the pictures, which we try out with woodblock's short sleeve pink shirt.

When I am free next time, I will try out other knots and see how. I am now dreamin of a nice Bali or Bintan holiday haiz fat dream for the moment tho =)

A Sat Noon At TCC

Went to Suntec's TCC on Sat, it is really an enjoyable noon lazing around at the cafe having nice desserts and drink. As usual, we will ordered one dessert and one drink to share as it is more economical. We order a cheesecake which has the flavour of passion fruit. Woodblock says that it is a surprise that instead of tasting sour, the sweetness is just nice (not overly sweet either) and yet holds the strong fragrance of the passion fruit.

The drink we ordered is call 'Perfect Match'. It is actually milk coffee with rose concoction. I can tell you ladies will love this Often when we drink coffee, the word sinful is like engrave on our heads. But this is like the merger of those flower tea and coffee. SO when we drink it almost seems like a drink which is soothing to the soul like the feeling flower teeth gives. Yet at the same time it pampers our tastebuds with the enriching taste of coffee... You just have got to try it. Another plus is for its presentation! The bottom most level is pinkish - the heavenly rose water or juice or wateva it is call and the various shades of coffee at we proceed up the levels makes it like a piece of art that I almost cant bear to stir it. Final touches with rose petals scatter on the top. When it was serve, the first thing which woodblock asked was how come the the rose petals smells so strong and nice... lol see it already entice our smell bud b4 we even taste it!

Together, the cheesecake and Perfect Match was a grat match together a plus choice for any ladies who like to dine at TCC.
Finally some miscellaneous pics...
I love the picture on the wall, the intensity of the eyes is very captivating to me! But I dun want it at home tho cos at night it might become a little frightening. =P

Shoes Headache

This week had been a busy week so I haven't have time to do much except for work. But I have been taking time to do some research on Shoes as usual since 'King' has asked me to if possible get a pink pair of heels to match my rom dress. So far i have my eye glue on the shoes from but the problem is that the nice sparkling shoes are mainly in other colours but not pink. The only pink one looks like a pair of gladiator shoes which is not close to my idea of a sweet design which will complement my bubbly dress. =( So far I have went to Tangs, Metro, OG, Taka to look for shoes and none catch my yet. So I guess my shoe search will need to take a longer time. Mabbe I should look for a suitable basic pair and then add ribbons and gems on but the prob is I feel that it may not be nice as the stick on may be pretty obvious. Mabbe I shall look around further or mabbe get a few more wedding magazines to get some inspiration.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Proposal Ring and wedding bands from gold heart

Now that I remember, forgot to showcase my wedding bands and proposal ring =)

Many pple often wonder why I had not bought a solitaire when it has a better value in it. My reason is simple, I'm not going to trade it in and change to a new stone or wateva. To me the proposal ring symbolises or holds the momento value of the moment when he asked the most tear generating question in your life.

If you want a stone for trading in den get another one for upgrading purpose. At least that's what I feel best.

Imagine you holding the ring and tellin your kids next time.. you see when we were not so well to do... this was the very first ring your granddad bought for me blah blah blah .. a wonderful and warm scene. The ring now becomes valuable in another way - as part of the memories and years it has see you witness your marriage life....

I love rings with a touch of GOLD. Makes it more unique.

The lady's ring comes with a small diamond and plain one for man's. Wood block don't like his ring to have any gems so he was very happy with the design. Actually I feel that I would rather not have the gem too cos it really looks prettier and sleek without it. Very extra.

Some important notes when u r choosing wedding bands :

1) Rounded edge
Well you are goooooing to wear it for a looooooooong long time so make sur it is at least comfortable.

2) He likes the design
Although usually the guys are often left out of the loop when choosing jewelleries I feel that for wedding bands, it is now the guy's turn to choose something he likes especially when we have the proposal ring while they dun. So let's play fair.

3) Always know what you want before hand
In fact this is a general rule for every shopping trip for a specific item. Mind you wedding items are never cheap and if you step into any shops, 9.5 out of 10 sales person will tell you everything in their shop especially the expensive ones are nice and popular(perhaps becos they always recommend the same stuff so that's why they are popular, so if I were them I always recommend those which are harder to sell). So please do not go in with the mind of buying anything until you have gone through a few shops first.

Note: Even between the same brand, you will need to go to different branches as different designs are being show case. Initially I got trick too because when I ask the sales person at Goldheart in AMK branch she told me they are all the same designs between the branches but when I went to the Marina Sq's branch I spotted the wedding bands which I have bought above which is not being show case at amk branch. See don't trust sales person too much it is their job to make you buy on the spot so if u made a bad purchase without doing any homework, you only have ourselves to blame.

Currently, I'm now keeping a lookout for man's clothes to dress up wood block . Now am thinking of getting a cravat for him. When I do a more comprehensive research on this I will share my findings so that the guys will not be left out of the vanity loop muahaha

Wrist corsages

Saw a pretty crystal corsages online sold in the wedding forum.

I might be having a go with this project as soon as I can get the beads back from Hong. But dun get the wrong idea tho, she will still be helping out with the corsage, but I thought I should like personalise the corsages for my sisters on that day so theirs will be a bit more special. Actually when I inspect the structure of the wrist corsage, I thought it was quite a simple one to do it you can plan your beading nicely of cos. Like I say I wish I have more time to do craft work like this full time. Then mabb I can specialise to be a full time wedding accesories maker. So much fun....

Of cos I will try and see if I can have time to make more if I have successful attempt at it.

Anyway I was pretty touch when my cousin, Pearlyn told me she bought some skirting for my flower girl so she can wear on the wedding. Very thoughtful of her. I am kinda of worried tho becos my flower girl hasn't learn to walk yet. Crossing my fingers and hope she will be up and about walking soon. I have faith in you Xuan Xuan +) For my flower boy, he is one shy boi boi so was afraid that he might make for a run on the day for the wedding. Thank goodness there are back ups for flower boy so I am not so worried for now.

Anyway I have been shopping for rom shoes at metro, OG and Tangs. Sad to say can't find one that I will scream '' OMG that is the ONE'... sigh sigh sigh

Innovative ideas for penstand.

For those who would like to try some innovative ideas for pen stand, I forgot to add in that you can find some clear glass container eg like the test tube I used in the previous post, add some colour sand into it (preferably according to your wedding theme). The sand itself adds a romantic feel to your wedding and at the same time it holds the pen well but of cos dun dip your pen in too many times before the ceremony in case it damage the pen. Usually you cap on your pen before inserting it into the sand, but I thinking for the actual day just inserting it for a while won't do serious damage for your pen yet it will look nicer!

For a variation for those who are having garden wedding like me, you can also try out innovative and cute ideas like the one below. Yeshh surpriseeee! This is a pen stand in the shape of a flower pot. I'm very sure your guest will still be wondering all the way where your pens are up till the moment you pull it out and sign the papers *chuckle*

Of cos for those who love a dramatic touch, you can have ostrich feather pen which will really be the center of attraction for your solemnisation table. But for me I think it is a little over and I would like the attention to be on me the bride muahahahaah

But if I have the chance to buy one, I will prefer the classic feather pens. Makes the ceremony looks so holy and important.

Of cos there is the standard pen stand which you can wrap the base with silk cloth and either add some ribbons or flowers to it and it will look equally prettyand fit for a dreamy wedding.. like I say we are the main leads not them... they are suppose acessorise us =) But I realise many couples will personalise the pen stand, wedding pillows and money box to make it look like one set which is a very good idea for the following reasons:

1) Cuts costs

Now you just need to buy the materials in bulk and in few variety. Saves so much leg power to source for materials once you have decided for one item.

2) Save brain power

For those who are not craft savvy, it really kills a lot of brain cells hoping to DIY somehing special and unique for our wedding. For many of us wedding s once in a lifetime thingy and I am sure for many brides out there who aren't good at craft will also give it a go at it specially for their wedding. By having a one fits all design, now we just need to crack our brain over it once and for all.

3) Aesthetically Comfortable
Like I say what can go wrong if every thing looks fitting togther in terms of colour and texture, accessories for the various items.

Oh yes as promise the pics of my cookie jar...

So on the day it shall have labels similar to that shown on the magazine saying 'Please help yourselves=)
I will also be making labels for my chocolate soon too.
For brides who would like a cheap and yet unique rom dress, I realise there is a shop call 'Artiris' which provides such services. At 300 plus bucks you can get a customised dress, make up and hairdo sounds like a real good bargain =)You may want to check out their webby at . What really attacts me to their shop was a beautiful beaded necklace which costs 50 plus bucks after sale. Well it is quite a steep price to me tho but I must say the design of the necklace is gorgeous and unique so even I was pretty much tempted by it...=)

My new pen stand!!

Had a great morning meeting up with the gals Xuan and Qi. Unfortunately Hong has been up last night being call back for work so I asked her to go back to bed... felt bad that I was asking her why she had slept late...

After we had our breakfast, Xuan went for a hair cut and we got her a small cake. Felt bad that every year our bdaes are always combined celeb so kinda of evil to make her wait for us to celeb her bdae every yr. So was happy that we finally gotta celeb hers way early lol... Anyway I got lucky today, I found 3 pinky cookie jar at 'Value Shop' while we were trying to buy a lighter. Very cheap and pretty just at $1.90 each so I bought 3. But kinda of lazy to takes pics of the jars mabbe another day ba.

Nope Xuan is not making a wish, she is just posing for my camera with her new hairdo =)
Stay pretty as eva ya=)

Later in the late noon, Vitor and I try another round with our craft work at home on the pen stand since the last one was pretty crooked and unstable. After some discussion, we decided to kapok Xiao Mei aka Lap-sa-Li (Dirsty Li) 's old test-tube which is left lying in some corner of the house screaming to be used again. So after some 'extreme makeover' here's the new flamboyant penstand with our test-tube as the 'star'!

The bottom of the pen stand is actually just a round wire rimmed but its look plain and yess ugly so we decided to add the pink 'fur' or 'feather' on. But actually if I eva have another go at it i rather dress it up with crystals.. but almost of my beadings are with Hong so I just have to make do with wateva I have on hand.

It is really not easy to do things DIY when you have no absolute idea what you plan to do exactly. Bending the wires to make it look presentable is really a challenge esp when you are tired after a day's work doing cooking and some other work....
I wish I do craft work full time so I can have more time to develop some skills on it.

A close-up. Yes I still kept the hanging heart as I luv the idea... so even if it is a new one i still kept the design there. Anyway the materials are exactly the same as the last pen stand so we need not spend another sing dollar more.

Ask woodblock to post with the pen stand which he had help to make. I must say he had provided great help in suggestions here and there but den again it's our wedding NOT JUST mine so he SHOULD HELP by right. Like usual he look like some primary school kid who won an award in the picture... isn't he kawaii desu???
Anyway it's not easy to DIY wedding stuff but it's definitely worth it esp with a group of great sisters and my woodblock! I really appreciate it.
Ok next project shall be the photos for displayfor reception! But dat's another day of cos.