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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Man's Suit for Wedding

So far I have been doing some research on what usually many wear on wedding. Altho I must say the variety isnt that much but for guys don't worry that are still ways to add extra touches on what you can wear on your wedding day.
First and foremost for the style i like most which I have spotted on Magazines will be those retro casual shirts worn by both the groom and the bride for those solemnisation.

Esp those with small flower prints really brings out a very comfortable feeling and a softer touch to the modern new age sensitive man. However, the only setback here is that the bride needs to wear either a very simple dress or she might look a little dress up in comparison to the groom.

Next we find that most groom will be dress in the standard suit- vest combination on the actual day. Despite being common, it looks really great but there are ways which the groom can still shine in the little details. The best detail will be on the fabric used.

For example like the picture above, we find that the simple detail in a classic fabric print for the groom's vest immediately captures the attention of ur guests. Who says all eyes should be on the bride *chuckle*? With the increasing 'vanity' of our men... opps... I mean with the increasing awareness of the importance of their outward appearance, we find that today's man are actually very concern with how that look too on their big day. Even tho they might say nah.. i can tell you that's a big LIE! In fact if any guests say, hey you look good today esp blah blah.. They will be very shuang whole day haha.

Another way to dress up the man will be to have a interesting colour cravat that really shines out. Recently when I was browsing through the bridal forum, I came upon this groom who is very adventurous in trying out a golden cravat.
Nope not like this matte gold but like this ......
Yesshh shiny gold! I bet all his guests would have been taking second glances at the gloom. Normally it would have appear weird on guys, but then this is a special and grand occasion (which hopefully is once in a lifetime) where guys can get to wear the grandest clothes(unless you are a royalty, filthy rich guy or a star) and yet looks great and pretty fit into the event.
Ok I shall update more about guys clothes in future entries.. for now it will still be my shoe search.. sob =( where can i find the perfect pink heels for my gown ... sigh sigh sigh

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