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Sunday, July 6, 2008

My new pen stand!!

Had a great morning meeting up with the gals Xuan and Qi. Unfortunately Hong has been up last night being call back for work so I asked her to go back to bed... felt bad that I was asking her why she had slept late...

After we had our breakfast, Xuan went for a hair cut and we got her a small cake. Felt bad that every year our bdaes are always combined celeb so kinda of evil to make her wait for us to celeb her bdae every yr. So was happy that we finally gotta celeb hers way early lol... Anyway I got lucky today, I found 3 pinky cookie jar at 'Value Shop' while we were trying to buy a lighter. Very cheap and pretty just at $1.90 each so I bought 3. But kinda of lazy to takes pics of the jars mabbe another day ba.

Nope Xuan is not making a wish, she is just posing for my camera with her new hairdo =)
Stay pretty as eva ya=)

Later in the late noon, Vitor and I try another round with our craft work at home on the pen stand since the last one was pretty crooked and unstable. After some discussion, we decided to kapok Xiao Mei aka Lap-sa-Li (Dirsty Li) 's old test-tube which is left lying in some corner of the house screaming to be used again. So after some 'extreme makeover' here's the new flamboyant penstand with our test-tube as the 'star'!

The bottom of the pen stand is actually just a round wire rimmed but its look plain and yess ugly so we decided to add the pink 'fur' or 'feather' on. But actually if I eva have another go at it i rather dress it up with crystals.. but almost of my beadings are with Hong so I just have to make do with wateva I have on hand.

It is really not easy to do things DIY when you have no absolute idea what you plan to do exactly. Bending the wires to make it look presentable is really a challenge esp when you are tired after a day's work doing cooking and some other work....
I wish I do craft work full time so I can have more time to develop some skills on it.

A close-up. Yes I still kept the hanging heart as I luv the idea... so even if it is a new one i still kept the design there. Anyway the materials are exactly the same as the last pen stand so we need not spend another sing dollar more.

Ask woodblock to post with the pen stand which he had help to make. I must say he had provided great help in suggestions here and there but den again it's our wedding NOT JUST mine so he SHOULD HELP by right. Like usual he look like some primary school kid who won an award in the picture... isn't he kawaii desu???
Anyway it's not easy to DIY wedding stuff but it's definitely worth it esp with a group of great sisters and my woodblock! I really appreciate it.
Ok next project shall be the photos for displayfor reception! But dat's another day of cos.

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