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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Proposal Ring and wedding bands from gold heart

Now that I remember, forgot to showcase my wedding bands and proposal ring =)

Many pple often wonder why I had not bought a solitaire when it has a better value in it. My reason is simple, I'm not going to trade it in and change to a new stone or wateva. To me the proposal ring symbolises or holds the momento value of the moment when he asked the most tear generating question in your life.

If you want a stone for trading in den get another one for upgrading purpose. At least that's what I feel best.

Imagine you holding the ring and tellin your kids next time.. you see when we were not so well to do... this was the very first ring your granddad bought for me blah blah blah .. a wonderful and warm scene. The ring now becomes valuable in another way - as part of the memories and years it has see you witness your marriage life....

I love rings with a touch of GOLD. Makes it more unique.

The lady's ring comes with a small diamond and plain one for man's. Wood block don't like his ring to have any gems so he was very happy with the design. Actually I feel that I would rather not have the gem too cos it really looks prettier and sleek without it. Very extra.

Some important notes when u r choosing wedding bands :

1) Rounded edge
Well you are goooooing to wear it for a looooooooong long time so make sur it is at least comfortable.

2) He likes the design
Although usually the guys are often left out of the loop when choosing jewelleries I feel that for wedding bands, it is now the guy's turn to choose something he likes especially when we have the proposal ring while they dun. So let's play fair.

3) Always know what you want before hand
In fact this is a general rule for every shopping trip for a specific item. Mind you wedding items are never cheap and if you step into any shops, 9.5 out of 10 sales person will tell you everything in their shop especially the expensive ones are nice and popular(perhaps becos they always recommend the same stuff so that's why they are popular, so if I were them I always recommend those which are harder to sell). So please do not go in with the mind of buying anything until you have gone through a few shops first.

Note: Even between the same brand, you will need to go to different branches as different designs are being show case. Initially I got trick too because when I ask the sales person at Goldheart in AMK branch she told me they are all the same designs between the branches but when I went to the Marina Sq's branch I spotted the wedding bands which I have bought above which is not being show case at amk branch. See don't trust sales person too much it is their job to make you buy on the spot so if u made a bad purchase without doing any homework, you only have ourselves to blame.

Currently, I'm now keeping a lookout for man's clothes to dress up wood block . Now am thinking of getting a cravat for him. When I do a more comprehensive research on this I will share my findings so that the guys will not be left out of the vanity loop muahaha

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