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Monday, July 14, 2008


While we were trying to shop for a cravat for woodblock at 'The Executive' at Suntec, the sales girl asked us to try out 'Lavelliere' instead as it is more modern and have more varity in fabric print. It looks nice but instead of being able to use a normal pearl earring as the cravat pin, the hight quality cloth is freaking difficult to poke thru. Worse thing is when we got the Lavelliere home, we forgot how to tie it to make it resemble like a cravat ..sigh. Altho I like the Lavelliere but after we bought it, I realise that woodblock actually likes to have the look of a cravat inside the shirt, so it took me pains to try to tie it to resemble one. But personally, I prefer it to hang outside with a pearl pin, mabbe we will bring it down to the bridal shop and asked king if he can help us with it tho.
Below are the pictures, which we try out with woodblock's short sleeve pink shirt.

When I am free next time, I will try out other knots and see how. I am now dreamin of a nice Bali or Bintan holiday haiz fat dream for the moment tho =)

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