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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Innovative ideas for penstand.

For those who would like to try some innovative ideas for pen stand, I forgot to add in that you can find some clear glass container eg like the test tube I used in the previous post, add some colour sand into it (preferably according to your wedding theme). The sand itself adds a romantic feel to your wedding and at the same time it holds the pen well but of cos dun dip your pen in too many times before the ceremony in case it damage the pen. Usually you cap on your pen before inserting it into the sand, but I thinking for the actual day just inserting it for a while won't do serious damage for your pen yet it will look nicer!

For a variation for those who are having garden wedding like me, you can also try out innovative and cute ideas like the one below. Yeshh surpriseeee! This is a pen stand in the shape of a flower pot. I'm very sure your guest will still be wondering all the way where your pens are up till the moment you pull it out and sign the papers *chuckle*

Of cos for those who love a dramatic touch, you can have ostrich feather pen which will really be the center of attraction for your solemnisation table. But for me I think it is a little over and I would like the attention to be on me the bride muahahahaah

But if I have the chance to buy one, I will prefer the classic feather pens. Makes the ceremony looks so holy and important.

Of cos there is the standard pen stand which you can wrap the base with silk cloth and either add some ribbons or flowers to it and it will look equally prettyand fit for a dreamy wedding.. like I say we are the main leads not them... they are suppose acessorise us =) But I realise many couples will personalise the pen stand, wedding pillows and money box to make it look like one set which is a very good idea for the following reasons:

1) Cuts costs

Now you just need to buy the materials in bulk and in few variety. Saves so much leg power to source for materials once you have decided for one item.

2) Save brain power

For those who are not craft savvy, it really kills a lot of brain cells hoping to DIY somehing special and unique for our wedding. For many of us wedding s once in a lifetime thingy and I am sure for many brides out there who aren't good at craft will also give it a go at it specially for their wedding. By having a one fits all design, now we just need to crack our brain over it once and for all.

3) Aesthetically Comfortable
Like I say what can go wrong if every thing looks fitting togther in terms of colour and texture, accessories for the various items.

Oh yes as promise the pics of my cookie jar...

So on the day it shall have labels similar to that shown on the magazine saying 'Please help yourselves=)
I will also be making labels for my chocolate soon too.
For brides who would like a cheap and yet unique rom dress, I realise there is a shop call 'Artiris' which provides such services. At 300 plus bucks you can get a customised dress, make up and hairdo sounds like a real good bargain =)You may want to check out their webby at . What really attacts me to their shop was a beautiful beaded necklace which costs 50 plus bucks after sale. Well it is quite a steep price to me tho but I must say the design of the necklace is gorgeous and unique so even I was pretty much tempted by it...=)

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