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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wrist corsages

Saw a pretty crystal corsages online sold in the wedding forum.

I might be having a go with this project as soon as I can get the beads back from Hong. But dun get the wrong idea tho, she will still be helping out with the corsage, but I thought I should like personalise the corsages for my sisters on that day so theirs will be a bit more special. Actually when I inspect the structure of the wrist corsage, I thought it was quite a simple one to do it you can plan your beading nicely of cos. Like I say I wish I have more time to do craft work like this full time. Then mabb I can specialise to be a full time wedding accesories maker. So much fun....

Of cos I will try and see if I can have time to make more if I have successful attempt at it.

Anyway I was pretty touch when my cousin, Pearlyn told me she bought some skirting for my flower girl so she can wear on the wedding. Very thoughtful of her. I am kinda of worried tho becos my flower girl hasn't learn to walk yet. Crossing my fingers and hope she will be up and about walking soon. I have faith in you Xuan Xuan +) For my flower boy, he is one shy boi boi so was afraid that he might make for a run on the day for the wedding. Thank goodness there are back ups for flower boy so I am not so worried for now.

Anyway I have been shopping for rom shoes at metro, OG and Tangs. Sad to say can't find one that I will scream '' OMG that is the ONE'... sigh sigh sigh

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