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Monday, March 22, 2010

Down pit Bottom =(

Recently, I have been really down on my luck and it really hit my boiling point when I open my medical report to find my cancer marker to be higher than the normal range.

It suddenly reminds me of the time when i see my uni friend, Kaiyan, at his funeral who had a fierce fight with the cancer demon for a year plus before he finally lost the battle. I really cried badly when I listen to his Aunt on how he spent his last few days on earth crying and suddenly weak from all the fight he had been putting up with for the past year. He had always been so brave when it comes to his fight with the illness and he wasnt afriad to tell the world as you see his countdown with his chemotheraphy sessions. I really thank him for always dropping words of encouragement online even when he was ill.

suddenly i realiase i have many things i have yet done. I wan to set up a home with woodblock, see my little bosses grow up to be fine and happy, spend quality time with my family, travel round the world and dedicate time to art which i indulge the most.

it didnt really helped much when my phone got spoilt in the same week, my home phone plus internet connection was also down and dead and most importantly woodblock just wasnt here to tell me it's going to be alright.

For now, the only assurance i can get from the doctor and even my brother's online "research" that the indicator i get is not too high which is already the luckiest thing i encountered for the whole week. Therefore, for now the chances of a affirmative cancer is pretty low but the doc says i better get a detail check up just in case =( sigh

sometimes i get pretty paranoid whenever it comes to health and death is definitely something i fear more than anything else. I have been to too many funerals in recent times and it was a nightmare when i dreamt about my own funeral last night after seeing the report. i couldnt sleep a wink after waking up from the nightmare. I guess i value life so much more ever since the death encounter last yr with the car accident and a free fall from the high elements in jc. so many close brushes with death and makes me wonder so much more on what i really wan to do in my life to make it truly meaningful and satisfying.

For now, I have been referred to see a specialist next wed to check out my pancreas. I am also looking forward to the return of woodblock who has disappear from my life for 32 days. Finally he will be back next monday!

i guess nothing can get worst then it could get now. well at least hopefully even next wed when i see the specialist.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grand Shanghai Raw Pics IV

heyo btbs, I am really sorry for not updating for a crazily long time!!! Ever since woodblock has flown over to US, I have been flooded with lots of work and I fell ill soon with a fever hounding me for a full week before I am now finally up and well to continue with my beloved blogging!!

I need to apologise to some readers who have wrote in for queries on wedding related stuff. I did tried my best to return replies to all of them but somehow being a little absent minded at times, I might have miss replying to some of them. So please do resent your email if I have yet reply them because I might have accidentally filed it under my "replied" folder.

Before I go on to write about my vdae account with woodblock, I realise i have yet finished up the last bit of my update on my banquet, so here today am going to finish up on the last bit =) I must also admit that I have been running into trouble trying to charge the battery for my beloved Camera and hence I am badly trying to wait for the return of Sir woodblock to help me with these nitty gritty technical prob so that I can continue to capture my wonderful daily adventures to share it here with all my friends =)

Ok let's not wander off from the banquet adventure.....

As Sir woodblock gets blind folded and get ready for the game.....

My MC is all prepped with the torture that he has prepped under my "secret arrangements" with him. Up till now woodblock prolly din know I am the one who has requested for the set up lol

A compose woodblock?

Let the game BEGIN!!!!

Ever wonder if woodblock was ever PAYING any attention from my multiple kisses on his face on DAILY BASIS????

well here's the good time to test and find out for ourselves!!!

First Mystery Kisser: Woodblock's elder little Sister
(if you dont know the family, you prolly think this is woodblock's elder sister as the whole family has a habit of calling her AH JIE so to do her justice, nope she is way younger than both of us)

woodblock is a VERY SENSITIVE boy, just by talking beside his ear, he is ITCHING all over like NUTS?!?! All the contestant had difficulty trying to give him a kiss..... SIGH

The next Mystery Kisser is already eager to pounce on her prey.

Woodblock: I am itching all over =( HELP!!!!
Anyway before Ah li manage to kiss woodblock, she got so irritated by woodblock that she smacked his head into position before kissing him.

I cant help but try to hide my evil laughter stemming from the succuess of my evil scheme on woodblock.....

NOW for the final mystery kisser.
AIYAH MUST BE THE BELOVED PRINCESS CHRISTINE!!!!! How can a fairytale wedding end without a princess kissing the prince???
BOY you RRRRR so wrong. How can it ever be a surprise when it is going to be the USUAL HAPPY ENDING???? Let me reveal the last contestant.....

He is non other than.... DRUM ROOLLLLLLLLLZ.........

MUAAUAUAUAUAAUAUAUAUCK (On the mouth somemore..........)
(that's Ah jie's BF by the way)

I seriously didnt like the mesmorise look on woodblock's face after the crazy mouth to mouth kiss..... *sends a shudder down the spine*

Was that a "good" sign becos of the JUICY kiss? Oh no, I must keep them away from one another from now on!

I am truly entertained!

Guess what after so much kisses, woodblock insisted that the third MYster Kisser must be his wonderful Princess Christine (!^.^)

There were roaring laughter from all the guests and even my MC got kinda worried and decided to give woodblock a second chance.......

So all the mystery Kissers gave woodblock a kiss again!

It felt like woodblock's bachelor night somehow.....

See how kind I am to woodblock, I am not even jealous while so many other ladies and man are busy kissing him. I am such a benevolent wife that I was happy for him from deep within and this photo is such a good proof.

The lucky man finally unveiled his eye mask.

Woodblock: So shiok ar.... so many kisses and all the guests are so happy for me!!!! I never once had so many pple cheer and laugh for my answer before!

Finally woodblock became very smart and realise all the guests were not geniunely cheering and laughing becos he HAD MADE A WISE CHOICE and started to break out in COLD SWEAT!!!!!!

Dont worry woodblock, I will give you a deadly kiss here first and later settle the scores of making the WISE CHOICE back in the hotel room!

My family!

Woodblock's family

Our mahjong KAKIS and their partner!

Our uni friends! Simply love the couch seats!

Not to forget my wonderful AH MA!!!

Woodblock's Sec and closest friends!

A mix of my friends from Sec, Uni and colleagues!

My colleagues!

My pretty jiemei colleagues and the hao nan ren colleagues lol

Unknow to many, I am actually a pretty good drinker. The only bad thing about me is that i just simply dislike the super strong taste of beer and red wines so I always prefer to mix with other fruit juice of soft drinks.

ON the banquet night, woodblock's friend and my 2 brothers concocted some deadly drink for woodblock respectively, but in the end I helped him block everyone away and drank on his behalf. Prolly pple who doesnt know I have a secret habit on drinking bits of red wine on an almost daily basis, the alcohol din really have much of any effect on me...... In fact woodblock will go red whenever he drinks......

My brother with a sneering and doubtful look.....

Realising how much of a good drinker I am, he suddenly felt sad for woodblock for having an alcoholic wife!!!

Finally after an evening and night of merriment, it was time to say good bye to my wonderful and hearty guests!

You can tell how much the old folks love the banquet esp with the oldies songs. This auntie here was almost singing along through the night! I am so glad it was really fun a night for everyone even the old folks!

A hi-five to my little FAN (yes all the little girls will dream to become a Princess bride one day)!

To end the night, it was definitely a night of romance of a true Shanghai Night for the both of us!