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Monday, July 19, 2010

DIY Jewellery Organiser

Last Sunday was another happy fruitful day especially when my mum in law decided to get my father in law to fixed us a new shoe storage cupboard and discard the old one again. This now means I have proper storage place for my shoes finally and it feels happy to be allocated 2 rows of drawers in the cupboard. However, what really makes me excited was the old cupboard she was going to discard away!!!

I was having a headache on getting a proper jewellery oganiser to organise my accessories. I was searching high and low and the closest I can find to what that will occupies little space was this:

However, it seem that this will cost be about $16 plus but I didnt really had a place to hang this organiser bag up as the only hook I have will be behind the door which is always full of hanging pyjamas etc and other clothings.

So in the end I took the liberty to extract the shoe cupboard's door and convert it to a jewellery hanging organiser!

As I also have prob storing all the little photos and magnetic pic of woodblock and me, I thought why not add it to the jewellery organiser to personalise it. Simply love the details of our pics on it!

The magnetic photo was made during one of woodblock's company family day.
I bought curtain hooks at 10 for $1 from the neighbourhood store to hang the bracelets/rings.
My lovely earring collections........... my mum in law even tease that I am like setting a jewellery store in my room and asked whether Ah li (my sis in law) is interested in going to my room to shop for accessories.

Woodblock suggested that I hang the jewellery organiser by the side of the cupboard which makes it easier for me to choose my accessories when i get dress up.

For me, I love the idea of displaying all the accessories and our pics like a photo frame on the wall =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Salivating Bdae Plans by Woodblock

I am so looking forward to my Bdae now that woodblock has told me that he is planning to bring me to watch the Voyage de la Vie at the Festive Grand Theatre in Resort World Sentosa. I have never watch a circus show before and I am so THRILLED to the bits! Despite he bought the cheaper tickets available, I was ecstatic to know that he managed to get the front row center seats!!!! WOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a look at some of the characters, and a brief introduction to the story of the Journey of Life from

Jonathan Leong(I hope you can recall him from Singapore Idol) plays the Boy. Voyage de la Vie is really the Journey of Life of our key character, simply named The Boy. Bored of his mundane existence in the doldrums of the corporate world, he was inexplicably teleported to an imaginary world. There, he meets various unusual characters, representing the various phases in life to realise in the end that more than the destination, the journey is truly the important part.

Alexey Goloborodko plays The Game Master.The Game Master is a friendly and mischievous sprite, and a contortionist extraordinaire. We've watched the Game Master at play many, many times. And we are spellbound by his moves. Every time.

Viktor Kee plays The Lantern Keeper.The Lantern Keeper is a guide; he leads the Boy around the strange and wondrous imaginary world, and plays teacher as well. He imparts the all- important lesson that life is about balance. Both dramatic and graceful; it's hard not to be mesmerized by his ultimate balancing act- Juggling. He may make it looks like a breeze, but we assure you it's not.

Princess: Christine: This guy is so good at his juggling act that here's one of his video

Jarrett & Raja plays The Magician & The Maestro.Masters of Illusion, The Magician and The Maestro will teach the Boy to seperate the line between illusion and reality, for not everything is what it seems to be. And there will be plenty of laughs in between.

Melanie Chy plays The Diva.The mysterious Diva teases the Boy with her enthralling ways and sultry moves. With her sensuous hand balancing display of strength and agility, she draws him into an inner struggle of Love and Temptation.

Aurelia Cats plays The Crystal Cat.Under the light of the silvery moon and a blanket of stars , the Boy falls into a deep sleep. And emerging from the crescent moon is the Crystal Cat. She beckons to the sleeping Boy to join her in the solitude of the moonlight, but never quite comes near his reach. She elegantly twirls and twists high in the air on her crystal trapeze, before disappearing back into the sky.

Liina Aunola plays Life

Martti Peltonen plays Death. The Balance of Life and Death. Poles apart but yet inseparable, Life teaches the Boy the freedom of one's life journey, while Death is always tempting and manipulating life. Together, they represent that life is nothing without risk and danger.

After the show, there will be a Singapore Chinese Dialect Tingkat Cruise which is a cruise along the Singapore River whilst sampling cuisine from different Chinese dialects served in a tingkat (food carrier=> the vintage bento box our ancestors use!).

The Tingkat Menu includes:
Teo Chew Carrot Cake, Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls, Cantonese Fu Chok Tong Shui, Fried Hokkien Mee, Hakka Soon Kueh & Pokka Green Tea Drink

The route of the Tingkat Cruise:
Embark at Merlion Park
Cruise into Singapore River, bypassing Boat Quay, Central River Promenade, Clarke Quay
Turning point at Clarke Read Bridge
Cruise along Singapore River, bypassing Clark Quay, Central River Promenade and Boat Quay
Cruise around Marina Bay and return to Merlion Park
Duration: 45 minutes per cruise
Pricing: $35
(inclusive of a free tingkat(i like this!!) and meal)

Promotion: Standard Chartered
Card members enjoy 20% off*

I cant wait to reminiscence in the deep cultural heritage cuisine on board of a traditional bum boat =)

Thanks woodblock, for the wonderful surprise bdae plans!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Worldcup Mania!

Tonight I am planning to stay up to catch the Finals of the World Cup 2010 with woodblock!!!

To add to the excitement, I have kindly allow him to bet on this final match ........

We always love underdogs and ........
Yeshhhhh, we are supporting Holland!!!!

Go Holland and Eat the Octopus =P

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watch out for my Watch!

Months ago, I accidentally wave my hand and hit my precious swatch watch onto the laboratory table and resulted in a crack on the glass face of the watch. I was pretty upset about this and the worse thing was one of the gem on the watch was also missing, making the whole watch lose its original shine and once before glory.

However, I wasnt able to muster myself to get another watch as this watch was my very first watch that woodblock bought for me when we just started out working. Back then, to me this was an already very expensive watch as we didnt have much savings and that makes it even more precious in it's significance.

Much to my delight, woodblock decided to get me a new watch for my bdae!What really touchd me most was that he bought me a watch that i luv very much despite it is very expensive watch without any qualms or hesitation. In act he was all smile when i finally agree to let him purchase the watch that i fell in love with(but was unwilling to spend the bucks on it) as he felt that after so much saving and scrimping, he really wants to have a chance to dote on me and spoil me by buying me something i love.

So here's presenting my new watch which will be given to me on my upcoming bdae celeb on the 24th july(my bdae is on the 22nd but we are postponing the celebration to the nearest sat) =)

A familiar brand we always see on the MRT train advert. Something i never thought i would have as I almost faint whenever I see the hefty pricetag of Solvil Titus watches. Let's open to take a peek...............

All BLINGS!!!!!!!!!!! Totally my cuppa tea!

A close up view and you will realise it is totally gems everywhere! I am so glad that watch was adjusted in length by the sales person to fit my wrist well. For a thin wrist like mine, I realise I am not suited to wear slim watches and a chunky watch is definitely a must.

Even the inner face of the watch has a rim of gems!!!!

Not to mention that even the 1 and 2 o'clock postions are indicated by a column of gems.... heart meltz. The best thing is I think it is easy for me to read the watch rather than to have a hard time trying to guess the timing.
The strap of the watch.

As the watch is practically gem encrusted, I realise that it looks real sparkly even under little sources of light. I tried wearing it out last night for a banquet and all I can say, I cant help looking at the gorgeous watch!!! (ok i told woodblock it was only for a preview and I will put it back until my bdae.)

I am pretty boliao and told woodblock to hide the gift somewhere and hold on to it first but all i can say is that i will probably be still sneaking a few peeks here and there when he isnt around. Yes, there isnt much hiding place in a bedroombut i just love the excitement of receiving the gift during the bdae celeb which I know that woodblock has already plan it out in advance(finally this yr).

Oh yes, the damage? The orginal cost of this watch is S$315.00, after a 20% discount and another $20.00 rebate due to another offer, it costs woodblock S$232.00.

Thank you lao gong!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bliss Bridal Package

Dear btbs esp those from bliss,

here's a reference of the package that I have sign up for if you need some comparison:
- 1 MTM WG (I took an OTR instead as i fell in love with the full french lace vintage dress and i got 2 photos for free instead)
- 1 MTM EG (the black gown)
- 1 OTR teadress
- 1 ROM mtm gown (i bargained that it can also be like a full length gown and hence the pink gown for the rom)
- ROM suit (we didnt use this)
- 2 Gent's suits
- 1 MTM pants
- 1 hand bouquet
- Car decoration
- Usage of Mercedes for Wedding day (we didnt use this)
- 6 corsages (parents)
- Bridal makeupand hairdo for day and night + 1 trial (use for ROM +$30)
- Suits for 2 FIL
- Suits 2 brothers + gowns for 3 bridesmaid (we didnt use any of this in the end so i bargain for 1 more WG rental on the AD)

Studio Photography
- Indoor and outdoor photography with transport provided
- 1 Album(12x15) of 26 pages with 30 poses (this was top up to 32 pics as i didnt use MTM WG in the end)
- 1 20x 30 digital design canvas portrait with frame
- Use of traditional costume for photo taking (i didnt use this)
- 1 CD with the softcopies of the selected 32 pics
- 1 4x5 photos - 6 poses (this one is totally redundant)
- 1 mini 5R album (this is mini version of your big album which allows you to take it out to show your friends easily)

What I spent on bliss bridal : $3388.00 - $200.00(cos i didnt take the car) = $3188.00.

Do try to bargain for useful things and scrap away with the redundent ones. However, no matter whether if you need it a not for the mtm gowns, try to bargain for ALL gowns to be mtm as you will need to pay a lot more to upgrade your gown to mtm if you chance your mind later. Ok i need to go and prep for my prawning trip now, wishing you pals a great weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Gotten your BTO? = You won TOTO!

With the crazy low number of HDB BTOs being offered each month by HDB, it seems pretty bleak for anyone to get their BTOS anytime soon. The over-subscribed cases is like almost 10 times for every BTO exercise and this makes me wonder in horror that it is a no wonder that these days many young couples are unwilling to get wed as many of them felt insecure to get tied down without a home. So dont blame it on the people when pple are getting wed later and of cos giving birth.

For me, I am starting to shelf the baby plans even though i felt pressured these days especially when my cousin in law who got married at the same time as us is having his first baby soon. What makes me upset most is that when I wrote in to HDB, they just replied by telling me to keep applying. Hello, if I can I WILL! But this is OUR last chance to be ELIGIBLE for the bid and this is the only last and nearest one I could get to. Even if we are diligent enough to continue bidding, we will no longer be approved for registration as we hit the salary ceiling.

I really felt that if the new implementation made by HDB were really that effective the ideal number of oversubscribed ratio should have been push down to 4-5 times at most *shake head*.

Now I am starting to ponder what to do when this, our one and only last chance of getting a BTO is going to be like another TOTO attempt.

Yes to get a BTO in Singapore is like winning some lottery like TOTO.
Never win a lottery before? Trying bidding for BTO!!!
At least it has a slightly higher chance to win compared to the TOTO.

Here are some pics for us to drool on before we get this message again:

"Your queue position is beyond 300% of the flat supply. Hence, you are deemed as unsuccessful in your flat application. You will not be invited to select a flat and your flat application has been cancelled accordingly. For first-timer applicants, this unsuccessful application will be counted towards the accumulation of additional chances for their future application for a flat in non-mature estates under the BTO exercises. => (which we are no longer applicable)

Façade - Designed to minimise heat gain for greater comfort
Solar Power - Use of clean and renewable energy to supplement the lighting needs at the common areas
Convenience of Recycling - Provision of separate recyclable refuse chute for easy recycling
On-site Compost Bin - For deposition of garden waste for decomposition
Bioretention Swales/ Rain Gardens - Clears pollutants and silt from rain and runoff water before they enter the waterway

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Princess Christine's homemade Baileys Ice Cream

Due to recent work requirements, I was entasked to investigate the making of ice cream without an ice cream maker but just SALT and ICE.

Despite understanding the theory, I am totally clueless on cooking up an ice cream and decided to do some research online and decided to extract the recipe from this webby:

What you need
½ cup sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
3 beaten egg yolks
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 cups chilled whipping cream
Optional: I change the flavouring to Baileys as I have plenty of this liquor at home =)

1) Pour 1/2 cup of sugar into bowl.

2) Add in a 1/4 teaspoon of salt

3) Add in a cup of milk. Stir the mixture a little. At this point of time, it is not possible for all the sugar to dissolve. So dont bother.

4) Separate the egg yolks and egg white. We will only need the egg yolks for the ice cream. Whip the egg yolks after separation from egg whites.

5) Boil some water in a pot or pan and one the water is boiling, place your bowl of mixture in (3) in. (Do remember to use a low heat). Ensure there is no direct contact between the bowl of mixture and pan/pot. We only need gentle heating.
6) Add in the egg yolk slowly and stir it in well.

7) Finally once bubbles are formed at the edge of yor mixture, it means the eggs are more or less quite cooked and you may remove the mixture out from the pot. Do not wait till the whole mixture is boiling!

8) Add in a tablespoon of vanilla essence.

9) I was a little adventurous and wanted to fast forward to try making a liquor flavoured ice cream, so I added Baileys. YOu may add any amount of Baileys according to your own liking. Well we(Ah li was awake at the point of time and she helped me with the ice cream making experiment and documention) added lots!

10) Finally, add in the 2 cups of whipped cream. Your ice cream mixture is now ready for the freezing process.

11) Now to prepare the "ice-cream maker". Pour about 1 cup of salt on top of a big bowl of ice cubes. You may also opt for crushed ice for better surface contact and results.

12) In order to make the process faster, we did the ice-ream in batches. So we pour the ice cream mix into a smaller bowl (about 1/4 volume of the total ice cream mix). For us we did it the wrong way so we initially use the original big bowl instead of a smaller ones.

13) Place the bowl in for better contact. Start stirring. You may also keep turn the bowl and let it revolve in the ice bath.

14) Here is the actual picture of the right bowl that we use in the end. Much smaller then the one used previously.

15) Our ice cream is forming!!! At this point of time, there isnt a need for your ice cream to be completely frozen like the one we have in the tub. But it is ready to be place in the fridge for the final freezing stage.

16) The salt plus ice mixture makes the temperature drops lower than 0 degree celsius and even the water vapour in the surrounding air is being frozen up!

Not clear about why is that so??

"Salty water freezes at a lower temperature than plain water. But the ice is made of plain water, so it melts at 0 degrees Celsius. Since the ice keeps melting, but the water no longer freezes (because there is only salt water, which doesn't freeze at 0 degrees), the temperature goes down.

The heat gained by the ice as it melts is no longer offset by the heat given up by freezing water (since the water is no longer freezing back onto the ice). The heat gain has to come from somewhere else. It comes from the ice cream and your hands.

The sodium and chlorine in the salt split apart into charged ions, and these ions attract water molecules to form weak chemical bonds.
The resulting compound has a freezing point of -21.1 degrees Celsius (-5.98 degrees Fahrenheit). This is 21.1 degrees colder than ice (37.98 degrees Fahrenheit colder than ice).

When people put salt on the ice on a sidewalk or a road, the ice mixes with the salt, and the mixture of the two solids (ice and salt) produces a liquid, but the sidewalk actually gets colder than it was before.

If we add a different chemical to the ice, such as calcium chloride, we can get an even lower temperature (-29 degrees Celsius, or -20 degrees Fahrenheit).


The final Baileys Ice Cream!!!

Yep this is not our typical 1 solid piece of ice but the creamy frozen texture.

The verdict?

Let me just SAY.........................................,

We are on the road to getting customised home made ice cream for Christmas *victory grinz* this year!!!!