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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Salivating Bdae Plans by Woodblock

I am so looking forward to my Bdae now that woodblock has told me that he is planning to bring me to watch the Voyage de la Vie at the Festive Grand Theatre in Resort World Sentosa. I have never watch a circus show before and I am so THRILLED to the bits! Despite he bought the cheaper tickets available, I was ecstatic to know that he managed to get the front row center seats!!!! WOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a look at some of the characters, and a brief introduction to the story of the Journey of Life from

Jonathan Leong(I hope you can recall him from Singapore Idol) plays the Boy. Voyage de la Vie is really the Journey of Life of our key character, simply named The Boy. Bored of his mundane existence in the doldrums of the corporate world, he was inexplicably teleported to an imaginary world. There, he meets various unusual characters, representing the various phases in life to realise in the end that more than the destination, the journey is truly the important part.

Alexey Goloborodko plays The Game Master.The Game Master is a friendly and mischievous sprite, and a contortionist extraordinaire. We've watched the Game Master at play many, many times. And we are spellbound by his moves. Every time.

Viktor Kee plays The Lantern Keeper.The Lantern Keeper is a guide; he leads the Boy around the strange and wondrous imaginary world, and plays teacher as well. He imparts the all- important lesson that life is about balance. Both dramatic and graceful; it's hard not to be mesmerized by his ultimate balancing act- Juggling. He may make it looks like a breeze, but we assure you it's not.

Princess: Christine: This guy is so good at his juggling act that here's one of his video

Jarrett & Raja plays The Magician & The Maestro.Masters of Illusion, The Magician and The Maestro will teach the Boy to seperate the line between illusion and reality, for not everything is what it seems to be. And there will be plenty of laughs in between.

Melanie Chy plays The Diva.The mysterious Diva teases the Boy with her enthralling ways and sultry moves. With her sensuous hand balancing display of strength and agility, she draws him into an inner struggle of Love and Temptation.

Aurelia Cats plays The Crystal Cat.Under the light of the silvery moon and a blanket of stars , the Boy falls into a deep sleep. And emerging from the crescent moon is the Crystal Cat. She beckons to the sleeping Boy to join her in the solitude of the moonlight, but never quite comes near his reach. She elegantly twirls and twists high in the air on her crystal trapeze, before disappearing back into the sky.

Liina Aunola plays Life

Martti Peltonen plays Death. The Balance of Life and Death. Poles apart but yet inseparable, Life teaches the Boy the freedom of one's life journey, while Death is always tempting and manipulating life. Together, they represent that life is nothing without risk and danger.

After the show, there will be a Singapore Chinese Dialect Tingkat Cruise which is a cruise along the Singapore River whilst sampling cuisine from different Chinese dialects served in a tingkat (food carrier=> the vintage bento box our ancestors use!).

The Tingkat Menu includes:
Teo Chew Carrot Cake, Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls, Cantonese Fu Chok Tong Shui, Fried Hokkien Mee, Hakka Soon Kueh & Pokka Green Tea Drink

The route of the Tingkat Cruise:
Embark at Merlion Park
Cruise into Singapore River, bypassing Boat Quay, Central River Promenade, Clarke Quay
Turning point at Clarke Read Bridge
Cruise along Singapore River, bypassing Clark Quay, Central River Promenade and Boat Quay
Cruise around Marina Bay and return to Merlion Park
Duration: 45 minutes per cruise
Pricing: $35
(inclusive of a free tingkat(i like this!!) and meal)

Promotion: Standard Chartered
Card members enjoy 20% off*

I cant wait to reminiscence in the deep cultural heritage cuisine on board of a traditional bum boat =)

Thanks woodblock, for the wonderful surprise bdae plans!

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