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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watch out for my Watch!

Months ago, I accidentally wave my hand and hit my precious swatch watch onto the laboratory table and resulted in a crack on the glass face of the watch. I was pretty upset about this and the worse thing was one of the gem on the watch was also missing, making the whole watch lose its original shine and once before glory.

However, I wasnt able to muster myself to get another watch as this watch was my very first watch that woodblock bought for me when we just started out working. Back then, to me this was an already very expensive watch as we didnt have much savings and that makes it even more precious in it's significance.

Much to my delight, woodblock decided to get me a new watch for my bdae!What really touchd me most was that he bought me a watch that i luv very much despite it is very expensive watch without any qualms or hesitation. In act he was all smile when i finally agree to let him purchase the watch that i fell in love with(but was unwilling to spend the bucks on it) as he felt that after so much saving and scrimping, he really wants to have a chance to dote on me and spoil me by buying me something i love.

So here's presenting my new watch which will be given to me on my upcoming bdae celeb on the 24th july(my bdae is on the 22nd but we are postponing the celebration to the nearest sat) =)

A familiar brand we always see on the MRT train advert. Something i never thought i would have as I almost faint whenever I see the hefty pricetag of Solvil Titus watches. Let's open to take a peek...............

All BLINGS!!!!!!!!!!! Totally my cuppa tea!

A close up view and you will realise it is totally gems everywhere! I am so glad that watch was adjusted in length by the sales person to fit my wrist well. For a thin wrist like mine, I realise I am not suited to wear slim watches and a chunky watch is definitely a must.

Even the inner face of the watch has a rim of gems!!!!

Not to mention that even the 1 and 2 o'clock postions are indicated by a column of gems.... heart meltz. The best thing is I think it is easy for me to read the watch rather than to have a hard time trying to guess the timing.
The strap of the watch.

As the watch is practically gem encrusted, I realise that it looks real sparkly even under little sources of light. I tried wearing it out last night for a banquet and all I can say, I cant help looking at the gorgeous watch!!! (ok i told woodblock it was only for a preview and I will put it back until my bdae.)

I am pretty boliao and told woodblock to hide the gift somewhere and hold on to it first but all i can say is that i will probably be still sneaking a few peeks here and there when he isnt around. Yes, there isnt much hiding place in a bedroombut i just love the excitement of receiving the gift during the bdae celeb which I know that woodblock has already plan it out in advance(finally this yr).

Oh yes, the damage? The orginal cost of this watch is S$315.00, after a 20% discount and another $20.00 rebate due to another offer, it costs woodblock S$232.00.

Thank you lao gong!

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