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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sneak Preview of A Shanghai Night @ Grand Shanghai

Finally, other then Hong, I bought qi and xuan down to Grand Shanghai to look at the venue cum a short rehearsal with Shirley on the walk-in route, reception location etc

It was a good thing that we did went down yesterday especially during such a great downpour because immediately I changed my plans for my special arrival to something which I felt more secure on in case of such a heavy rain. I shall not reveal this special arrival yet as I do not wan to spoil the surprise for my guests =) However, I am please with the new plan so that I can still have the best of both worlds!

So here's finally a proper and full documentation of the banquet venue for btbs holding their wedding there! Please note that I am never an advertiser or a vendor, so please refrain from asking me questions that a vendor can tell you directly =)

Right at the entrance, I am going to have this 4 floral stands! I am changing all flowers to those bandung pink floral too!

Once the guest finish signing this is the view he or she sees.... From gorgeous red couches to a vintage bar at the side... i think if i m a guest, my heart will meltz too!

Fortune cookies for the guests!

The table arrangement for VIP guests table. I am changing this to another design though.

Love the "Xi" character on the plate! Full of prosperity!!!!

This ugly flowers at the back really kills my eyes and I'm going to have it changed too manually(meaning by myself).

The new wedding cake! The old one has melted away so a new one was created =) I do prefer the old one though *BIG SIGH* I wonder why a faux cake must still using real icing => definitely attract lots of ants => urgh ugly new cake deco!

Yes, the new brilliant backdrop! The old one was totally some weird 2D imitation man.

If you have rented a screen @$350, here's what it looks like and placed at.

The newly renovated VIP rooms with see through glass doors! Makes it so much convenient for your guests to see.

The guests table centerpieces - I am hiring an external vendor to get it changed too! Gorgeous purple lotus lamps!!!!

Overview => weird pink florals at the back of the chairs =(

My favourite vintage bar!

Even at the sides, some young guests may even get the opporturnity to sit at the vintage green couches too! So fun and so much variety of sitting @ Grand Shanghai!

They have changed the lamps to grand crystal chandliers! With the new renovation, the place now live up to its name as GRAND shanghai and not like the previous name YE Shanghai(this piece of info was shared with me from the Florist). Love the red luxuriant couches!

I wan to be a guest at a wedding at Grand Shanghai too!!!!

Program overview for those who had not been to the Rehearsal:

- Singer starts singing at around 7:45 to 8:30 plus
- Dinner commence either at 8:15 and latest 8:30pm (yes we wait for no one after that)
- First walk in by couple at 8:30pm and the song will be sang by the singer and music by the live band
- After the couples have seated, there will be the serving of the cold dish with a special song sing by the singer.
- Singer will continue to sing a few songs before stopping.
- Bride and groom will be asked to leave and get changed at the 2nd dish by the coordinator
- Bride and groom will march in again at the 4th dish, this time round with live band singing again. (but i am opting to sing myself though)
- Cake cutting and champagne pouring
- yum seng
- thank you speech (dish will continue to be serve if the thank you speech is just way too long)
- Phototaking for the rest of the dinner!
- 10:45 to 11:00, say good bye to my wonderful guests!!!

PS: I like the fact that they also changed the front poster to some big red poster with a big red"Xi" character to informed other guests about the wedding! Totally sweet!

Just a caution of words about having your solemnisation at the fountain area for those who have not solemnise yet, it be good to pick a non raining season as it greatly affects the wedding and puts your $$$ to great risk. The wedding couple who was holding the wedding yesterday ended up forfeiting their S$800 plus as the rain was really very bad. That was also the point whereby I changed my mind about the spceidal arrival arrangements and wanted a rain-proof one. Felt real bad for the wedding couple, but i do wish them a happy marital bliss!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Oriental Bridesmaid and her 3Cs

If you have been following me close enough, you are up for a wonderful eye candy treat from me becos....... I have finally found the 3Cs for my bridesmaid!!!

After my poor experience with the previous vendor, I learnt my lesson in not sharing the source too fast before i settle my bridesmaid dresses, as i understand that with every posting and sharing of my vendors, their business grew very fast and popular. However, I never really mind about it becos i always believe that good things must be shared =) However, the cheong sum vendor that i last visited really disappoint me with her sales integrity... WHY?:

(1) Another "bigger" order came in and she probably have let the other customer choose the cheong sum fabric design first because when i asked about the fabric designs she was a little low EQ to tell me that these are only left overs fabrics left which really pissed me off.

(2) Another thing about it is that she actually din inform us that the fabric's price has rises and wanted to sell us the dresses at 49 bucks(initial costing at S$39) each. To me, price is not much of a factor but i hated feeling cheated and not being well informed about it before she place and push for the orders.

(3) She wasted our time by not telling us the fabric that we have chosen was not available(what's the point of bringing the jiemeis down at diff time choosing the fabric then?). After which she did not get back to Xuan for a long time despite Xuan tried to get to her and delaying us in terms of sourcing of alternatives when the dresses din turn out well.

(3) She then offered us her goodwill to sell me the dresses at $42 each but only to go down and find out of the fabrics design left => only one make it to the mark


She is really not trustworthy. For me, if she hadnt over promise things, I would have gladly buy it from her BUT I felt that the REAL reason why she offer us a goodwill price was to absorb the dresses which I din find it nice at all. It is like helping her cut cost etc so it is more like me doing goodwill to her man.... SIGH

But i guess she is a little ignorant that the reason why pple knows she is selling cheong sum is becos, me Christine, the Princess, has bothered to write a review and posted it on the blog, where else would pple know about this shop which doesnt specialise in cheong sum in the first place. I guess she will need time to grow and learn what is the right tactic to do business. For the first time i felt ashame to post and shared such an unreliable source of vendor and it helps me learn to be more wary with my reviews until i get my hands on the final product.

Anyway let's forget about the service letdowns and concentrate more on my NEW FOUND LOBANG!!!!


What's a must for a smart oriental bridesmaid???

Answer: A 3C!!!!






Dunno what's that??? lol













it's a Cheap, Chio Cheong Sum!!!

Well i know i know, I am also very impressed with my ability at times but yes i did find a better lobang then the last one somehow by chance again! Actually, i found this lobang quite some time ago but i get senile at times and forgotten all about it until i chance upon it.

Yes!!! My dream jade green cheong sum!!! But i have yet bought it so i must quickly do so before it's gone!!!

Simply love the Eco-green colour!!!

As for Ah li she also found the cheong sum she loves!!! I am so envious she is wearing S size becos I was wearing the M size dress. Her figure is so slim and the cheong sum looks sooo good on her!

When this dress was still on the rack, we din feel it was nice at all BUT once she put it on, we were like crazy gals going "WAHHHHHHHHHHHH, THISSSSS IS THE DRESS MAN!!!" The cheong sum looks expensive and classy as it is of those satin like material n i always feel that younger gals should wear light material for cheong sum as it feels more youthful somehow.

Totally love the floral print! It looks way better in real life.

Yes, my fav detail, pearly collar lol

Yes we are the professionals, we are so particular about aesthetics that we insisted in putting the dress to the test under the orange lighting like that of the banquet area. The results? TOTALLY SWEE (means pretty in hokkien)!

Ok couldnt help posing together to become the cheong sum sisters!

Actually i like her dress cutting more becos it highlights the figure of a woman more! Yes i know i m gonna steal her cheong sum to wear some day muAHAHAHAH!


How much is it for a 3C????? Priceless? 49 bucks? 42 bucks? 39 bucks?

NAH!!! Listen up it's

KACHING A mere S$20.00 nett!!!!

it was such a good deal, we practically laugh all our way back home from the NAUGHTY EVIL KILLER shopping deal! To buy this dress online directly from ebay, it will cost me twice the amount!

my mother in law's jaw almost dropped when she heard about my latest lobang and was so impress by me hahaha.

Yes but wait till i get the green dress before i reveal where the source is from =) (WIDE GRINZ)

PS: Xuan will be wearing the gold cheong sum i bought last time for next chinese new yr as she likes it and now i m left with Qi! Another agenda and headache down with a breeze=)

OH yes I know I accidentally left out the info of the bracelet vendor and was bombarded with many private emails to query about the source, it is actually from Gmarket =) have fun online shopping like i do!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Gift for my Bridesmaid

Sometime ago, I was pondering very hard what corsages to get for my jiemeis as the one provided by bliss bridal is really not up to my personal aesthetic standard and I seriously do not want my jiemeis to be adorning something ugly becos it is a day to dress them up too since they are important jiemeis who has been by my side through thick and thin.

There when I doing my usualy online net surfing, I came upon something that is really gorgeous, bling and matching to the bridesmaid dresses i gotten for my jiemeis from z style! There I sent a few designs for my jiemeis to choose from .... and we all came to the same choice!!!

I was a little busy in my work schedule and finally found time to finally sit down to order it online..................on Monday..........

I couldnt believe how efficient the seller was able to deliver the goods because the gifts had arrived at my doorstep today!!! Can you believe it???!?!?!

So what is the gorgeous gift that my jiemeis love it so much?

Presenting my jiemei's corsages
WAhhhhhhh OMG what a beauty isn't it???
I luv it too! Especially with a combination of the bling gems and pearls! I like it especially becos the floral is so oriental and yet with the pearls, the bracelet now is like a fusion of something modern(gems), vintage(pearls) and oriental(floral). Just like my wedding theme!!!
Some might asked why such an expensive corsage bracelet ($9.90) when I could get nice normal ones at $5-6/corsage? Think about it this way, during a wedding, it is a chance for us to shower our love for our love ones and for me, spending another 3 bucks more per corsage to change it to a gorgeous vintage bracelet which my jiemeis can keep and continue to wear is definitely not expensive and in fact way too value for money becos these jiemeis are priceless in my heart.

I ordered 4 of them for Xuan, Qi and Hong plus one more for Ah li. I am also getting something for Ah jie (my other sis in law) but she have yet chosen a design =) I hope you are not drooling like me too when I saw these bracelets online lol!
Like i told you I only buy what i truly luv to the core for my precious frens so it isnt a surprise that I *AHEM* always secretly adorn these pretty stuff before I give it out to them. I really cant help it cos it is just way too pretty!!!

I cant wait to give the gorgeous gift to them soon!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Room is the New Asian Lunar Bar!

WOOOOOOAHHhh what is this place???

A realm of mistic? Why does it look like I have stepped into the gorgeous asian lunar bar?

Orrhhh It's actually Princess Christine and her woodblock's little cosy room! Notice the new arrangment of curtains I did? I bought 2 panels of purplish translucent curtains from IKEA for 15 bucks only and decided to add it to my curtain divider project with my string curtains.

Yup the chandlier lamp has finally arrive! Totally just 3 WORDs... ROMANTIC to MAX

To be honest while I was blasting some music earlier on my lappy, it felt like I was like at some aisan lunar bar type of pub!!! amazing isnt it !?! I din noe the lightings can do wonders! Woodblock say that we should have change the lights a long time ago !!!!

I also went to buy a new leather tissue box cos i couldnt stand woodblock's pack of tissue lying around everyday...

A matching brown to match the platform.... how matching? Wel, all i could say is that woodblock often couldnt find the box when it is right there.... LOL!

As for the second curtain panel, I place it by the window because there is always a gap there since the windows is very long in woodblock's room (in fact the whole house => love their windows for this very fact) for the other 2 curtain panels to cover.

Oh yes my in laws changed all the air con units in the house recently! Electricity SAVER with four big ticks!

Other then that, my mother in law has bought me some stickers and asked me to stick it on the cupboards....

and the room's door too!!!

I can start to smell the atmosphere of a traditional wedding with all these stickers!!!! it's just way too exciting. For now I shall just lounge in the new Asian lunar bar pub - OUR ROOM!

Bridesmaid Adventure II

Finally I gotten my pretty jiemei's the bridesmaid dress for the morning tea ceremony!!! Guess where I got them from???? OF COS my favourite bridemaid dress shop => Z Style!

It was actually very disappointing after our visit to bliss bridal as I realise that despite promising me the 3 bridesmaid dresses, they usually do not cater to that many number of bridesmaids (to be honest not even 2) and hence even though each individual dresses are pretty (of cos becos they are not bridesmaid but rom dresses!!!) but the gals look strange standing next to each other =(

so like i mentioned i make use of the opportunity to rent out one more WG(the lovely bare back cheong sam gown for my PS) for my banquet and rather get my jiemeis' dresses myself. so for those bliss bridal btb, if you are considering the jiemeis' dresses, do go ahead bargain with them to be in the package first and later on just change to something else like me. It's better to have MORE than less *wink wink*

BUT it was like a lightning strike in my heart when i visited z style later on because, there wasnt any suitable dresses for both citylink and far east branch *GASP*!!!!!

Just when i was about to turn to other alternatives, about a week later, while qi n me was going down to bliss to choose my floral bouquet, we chance upon z style and found the perfect vintage dress which has a touch of oriental too!!!

PERFECT is the word to describe the dress
for my tea ceremony => it's like X-FILES, but i always chance upon such miracle finds on something so perfect and most importantly VALUE FOR MONEY during my wedding finds!!!

Here's presenting the PERFECT Vintage + Oriental bridesmaid dress for the Princess Christine's Tea ceremony!

Front Profile

Diagonal Profile

Top Close Up Profile
The dress has those mandarin collar and the translucent lace adds great visual details to the white dress! The thick waist band helps to highlight the slim waist of my 3 jiemeis - Hong, Xuan and Qi! *Wolf Whistle*

Skirting Close Up
I know Xuan does likes dresses with a little layering. Qi and me loves the fact that it can help cover little tummies lol. Not that my jiemeis have tummy (=P) but you know we always like to prep for times of emergency esp after a nice meal....

This dress not just only fits the theme, but Qi mentioned that it is perfect for girls as it helps us looks slim due to the halter top, thick waist band plus the layered skirt !!! Most importantly, it is very pocket friendly => KACHING @ $28/dress ONLY!

Ok I do admit i want to wear it too cos it is really too pretty!!!!! I love it so much to the core! I already "pressured" Qi and Xuan to promise to lend me their dresses for parties from time to time already lol.

When I am a size bigger, i know who to look for too .... HONG (A BIG AHEM if you are reading this I hope you can also pledge to lend out the dress readily when i GROW taller)!

PS: I experience a very unhappy time with the dress shop that was suppose to sell us the cheong sams earlier on, I regret recommending it to my readers and has hence remove the post as it was never really a cheap value for money deal esp considering the bad sales integrity I gotten from the shop lady. BUT I found another even better deal. YAYYyyyyyyeeeee & A BIG WHEWwww! So I guess when I have the time I will share this in my blog.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raw Sample Photoshoot Album Layout from Bliss Bridal

As I receive my album not long ago, so i thought why not share the glimpse of the raw PS pics with the rest first... Sorry that the scanning was done in jiffy and so usually half the page is blurry. To compensate that, I will scan both sides of my album. Will scan it more nicely during my holidays. So for now it is just a simple sharing =)

Cover of album:

one of our fav pic => i took the pic and place it as our bedside photo! very sweet isnt it?

Wall Portrait (chosen from one of my pic layout from PS album)

My scandalous bedside photo. My mother in law joke and said that i looked like woodblock's mistress lol

There is still 2 last pics in my short gown that i have yet to upload becos it is not found in my mini album so i cant scan it but I will take a nice pic of it next time for sharing =)