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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something Bitchy Wicked is Brewing up on 10th Oct 09

Nope it's not dooms day on 10.10.2009


What is it then? It is finally our hens' party! So far we have shortlisted to 2 locations or main type of activities to hold our bitchy event:

1) Spartys (from Massage at work)

Hong luvs this spa lobang as there are many diff choices of comphrehensive spa being offered together with food and even wines!! I was very tempted with the Mini Spa and Martini Bar Package!

2) Bonding Babe from Scarlet hotel (i accidentally chance upon this new lobang while prepping woodblock's bdae surprise)

Slumber parties, shopping, pampering, drinking, people-watching, gossiping
- It is FULL ON girl-bonding at The Scarlet!

The sweet escape begins from now till 31st October 2009

Ok I am totally tempted by this because even though the spa wasnt that comphrehensive as compared to the one in massage at work => but i really wan to have a very cool room to sit chill out with jie meis with all the wines etc to bitch out the evil plans forthe xiong dis who is going to arrive @ hong's gate! so this is a too good deal to be true but then again due to lack of attendance to arrive early so we may not be taking this...

but we are now looking into possibility of booking a room at boutique hotels

so here's a list of boutique hotel names that I have helped recce out for hong's perusal:

- Hotel 1929

- Magestic Hotel

- Scarlet Hotel

- Gallery Hotel

- Hotel Re!

- Link Hotel

ok gotta rest for the day =) I cant wait for the coming sat!!!! I am very excited already!

P.S.: Did I mentioned that the xiong dis(which include our dear woodblock and hx) and the groom (M) are copying us to meet up this sat night too for the gate crashing ideas?


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