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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raw Sample Photoshoot Album Layout from Bliss Bridal

As I receive my album not long ago, so i thought why not share the glimpse of the raw PS pics with the rest first... Sorry that the scanning was done in jiffy and so usually half the page is blurry. To compensate that, I will scan both sides of my album. Will scan it more nicely during my holidays. So for now it is just a simple sharing =)

Cover of album:

one of our fav pic => i took the pic and place it as our bedside photo! very sweet isnt it?

Wall Portrait (chosen from one of my pic layout from PS album)

My scandalous bedside photo. My mother in law joke and said that i looked like woodblock's mistress lol

There is still 2 last pics in my short gown that i have yet to upload becos it is not found in my mini album so i cant scan it but I will take a nice pic of it next time for sharing =)


  1. Dear Christine

    Care to comment on the overall service of bliss bridal? I am thinking of signing up with them...

    Who are your coordinator and make up artist?

    My email:

    Thanks a million!

    Warmest Regards
    Janice Ong

  2. Hi Christine, may I know where did you go for your photoshoot? It's nice!

  3. Yo may wan to browse through the blog for the photo venues as i rem very clearly i blog it down somewhere =)