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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Room is the New Asian Lunar Bar!

WOOOOOOAHHhh what is this place???

A realm of mistic? Why does it look like I have stepped into the gorgeous asian lunar bar?

Orrhhh It's actually Princess Christine and her woodblock's little cosy room! Notice the new arrangment of curtains I did? I bought 2 panels of purplish translucent curtains from IKEA for 15 bucks only and decided to add it to my curtain divider project with my string curtains.

Yup the chandlier lamp has finally arrive! Totally just 3 WORDs... ROMANTIC to MAX

To be honest while I was blasting some music earlier on my lappy, it felt like I was like at some aisan lunar bar type of pub!!! amazing isnt it !?! I din noe the lightings can do wonders! Woodblock say that we should have change the lights a long time ago !!!!

I also went to buy a new leather tissue box cos i couldnt stand woodblock's pack of tissue lying around everyday...

A matching brown to match the platform.... how matching? Wel, all i could say is that woodblock often couldnt find the box when it is right there.... LOL!

As for the second curtain panel, I place it by the window because there is always a gap there since the windows is very long in woodblock's room (in fact the whole house => love their windows for this very fact) for the other 2 curtain panels to cover.

Oh yes my in laws changed all the air con units in the house recently! Electricity SAVER with four big ticks!

Other then that, my mother in law has bought me some stickers and asked me to stick it on the cupboards....

and the room's door too!!!

I can start to smell the atmosphere of a traditional wedding with all these stickers!!!! it's just way too exciting. For now I shall just lounge in the new Asian lunar bar pub - OUR ROOM!

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