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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sneak Preview of A Shanghai Night @ Grand Shanghai

Finally, other then Hong, I bought qi and xuan down to Grand Shanghai to look at the venue cum a short rehearsal with Shirley on the walk-in route, reception location etc

It was a good thing that we did went down yesterday especially during such a great downpour because immediately I changed my plans for my special arrival to something which I felt more secure on in case of such a heavy rain. I shall not reveal this special arrival yet as I do not wan to spoil the surprise for my guests =) However, I am please with the new plan so that I can still have the best of both worlds!

So here's finally a proper and full documentation of the banquet venue for btbs holding their wedding there! Please note that I am never an advertiser or a vendor, so please refrain from asking me questions that a vendor can tell you directly =)

Right at the entrance, I am going to have this 4 floral stands! I am changing all flowers to those bandung pink floral too!

Once the guest finish signing this is the view he or she sees.... From gorgeous red couches to a vintage bar at the side... i think if i m a guest, my heart will meltz too!

Fortune cookies for the guests!

The table arrangement for VIP guests table. I am changing this to another design though.

Love the "Xi" character on the plate! Full of prosperity!!!!

This ugly flowers at the back really kills my eyes and I'm going to have it changed too manually(meaning by myself).

The new wedding cake! The old one has melted away so a new one was created =) I do prefer the old one though *BIG SIGH* I wonder why a faux cake must still using real icing => definitely attract lots of ants => urgh ugly new cake deco!

Yes, the new brilliant backdrop! The old one was totally some weird 2D imitation man.

If you have rented a screen @$350, here's what it looks like and placed at.

The newly renovated VIP rooms with see through glass doors! Makes it so much convenient for your guests to see.

The guests table centerpieces - I am hiring an external vendor to get it changed too! Gorgeous purple lotus lamps!!!!

Overview => weird pink florals at the back of the chairs =(

My favourite vintage bar!

Even at the sides, some young guests may even get the opporturnity to sit at the vintage green couches too! So fun and so much variety of sitting @ Grand Shanghai!

They have changed the lamps to grand crystal chandliers! With the new renovation, the place now live up to its name as GRAND shanghai and not like the previous name YE Shanghai(this piece of info was shared with me from the Florist). Love the red luxuriant couches!

I wan to be a guest at a wedding at Grand Shanghai too!!!!

Program overview for those who had not been to the Rehearsal:

- Singer starts singing at around 7:45 to 8:30 plus
- Dinner commence either at 8:15 and latest 8:30pm (yes we wait for no one after that)
- First walk in by couple at 8:30pm and the song will be sang by the singer and music by the live band
- After the couples have seated, there will be the serving of the cold dish with a special song sing by the singer.
- Singer will continue to sing a few songs before stopping.
- Bride and groom will be asked to leave and get changed at the 2nd dish by the coordinator
- Bride and groom will march in again at the 4th dish, this time round with live band singing again. (but i am opting to sing myself though)
- Cake cutting and champagne pouring
- yum seng
- thank you speech (dish will continue to be serve if the thank you speech is just way too long)
- Phototaking for the rest of the dinner!
- 10:45 to 11:00, say good bye to my wonderful guests!!!

PS: I like the fact that they also changed the front poster to some big red poster with a big red"Xi" character to informed other guests about the wedding! Totally sweet!

Just a caution of words about having your solemnisation at the fountain area for those who have not solemnise yet, it be good to pick a non raining season as it greatly affects the wedding and puts your $$$ to great risk. The wedding couple who was holding the wedding yesterday ended up forfeiting their S$800 plus as the rain was really very bad. That was also the point whereby I changed my mind about the spceidal arrival arrangements and wanted a rain-proof one. Felt real bad for the wedding couple, but i do wish them a happy marital bliss!

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