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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Bdae to Woodblock!

Had a great time yesterday with woodblock especially when I have planned a series of bdae surprises for him!

As I know woodblock doesnt like to wake up very early, i deliberately let him sleep in LATE on his bdae morning before waking him up and get him dressed in clothes that I have pick out for him to get ready for the first cheery bdae surprise!

So not before long, we took a bus from orchard mrt station down to harding road and walk down the a country side view road before finally arriving at the PS Cafe!

The unique thing about PS cafe is that not only it is being located a in natural foresty/park setting, this restaurant actually specialises in brunch! yes brunch all day long until 5:30pm. It is hard to explain but breakfast had always been one of woodblock's and mine activity.

When you hang out early morning whether may it be at mac, ah mei's cafe etc, all around it is always filled with an air of bustling freshness in the pple around you and the presence of sweet happiness just filled in the air!

Hence going down to a restaurant which place so much emphasis on brunch all day long really excited our senses.

A breataking view of the restuarant's interior

Woodblock admiring the nature view from the restuarnat as we wait patiently for available seats.

how popular ps cafe is can be seen from the crowd in the morning

you can tell how much woodblock loves this place by look at how serene he looks while staring into the spaces

finally we gotten our seats!!

woodblock and me admiring the restaurant's interior while we wait hungrily for our brunch since it was already 11 plus den

first up => woodblock's cappucino

next up, my yummy mocca joins the table

Woodblock asked: Why is it that my coffee is always serve in short fat cups while yours is always serve in long slim glasses....???
Princess Christine: It comes in the ratio of the person drinking
Woodblock: *upset*



We were truly astonished when woodblock's PS fish and chip arrive in such a huge serving and bowl!!! I think steamboat was the only words that we can eva describe it at the point of time!!!
(PS Fish and Chip => tempura battered fish fillets, chunky fries, coz & veggie sticks served with homemade tartar sauce & kaffir lime aioli)

we all know how much woodblock loves buffet => bringing him to a non-buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner is definitely not a purfect bdae treat for him. but nontheless after seeing the huge serving his face change into a secret smile lol

(pan seared breast of chicken topped with chunky tomato sauce, garlic ciabatta crouton & hand grated pecorino cheese, gratinned & served with sticky balsamic dressed salad greens)

I suspect woodblock might have a craving and desire to move to America soon because throughout the brunch, he cant help but gave high ratings for the big food servings as he says it is ang mo serving. even his fav french fries now are like giants.

woodblock in his VITOR IN WONDERLAND's trance while savouring his luxury US(when it is such a big serving it may no longer be a french) fries.

a wonderful serene breakfast with a fabulous and luxury spread of food for brunch! there's even exotic tom yum mayonise other then the tar tar sauce to go with the fish and chips!

After the brunch, we took a bus back to orchard and den a train to clark quay where I have my second surprise of the day for woodblock!

I bought him to see watch a comedy play about men and women

Defending the Caveman holds the record as the longest running solo play in Broadway history. Caveman is also now a worldwide rock-solid tour de force that has won the hearts of millions in over 30 countries, and it’s sure to win yours.

The “outrageously funny and surprisingly sweet exploration of the gender gap” (Chicago Sun Times) has made Defending the Caveman “a comic phenomenon.” (New York Times)

A hilariously insightful play about the ways men and women relate, Caveman has both sexes roaring with laughter and recognition. Affectionate nudging between audience members occurs during the performance as they recognize themselves in the stories being told on stage.

Caveman makes us laugh at ourselves about all the ways men and women fight, laugh and love. Couples all across America are in love with Defending the Caveman.
Comic and description source:

Guess What? I totally agree with the description above because even pple like woodblock who hardly understand half the time the CSI drama that I am watching due to lack of eng subtitles, was laughing his head off his seats with me and I cant help agreeing how true all the examples were and really makes woodblock n me start to discover more with our gender diff N finally see more light to things we can never seem to understand with each other.

Conclusion: BOTH OF US LOVE IT TO THE NUTS. Highly recommended by us. in fact i sms xuan, hong and qi right on the day of the show to bring their partners to watch it.

After the show, we went down briefly to the printing shop to collct our printed inserts for our banquet cards meant for relatives before heading home for the family celeb:

woodblock loves fruit cakes!

how old is woodblock exactly?

woodblock is upset as we kept adding more candles in.....

ok finally we come to some ending

the finale

i know it's a lot of candles but can you quit counting it so many times woodblock??? the number of candles there is correct ok!

i think ah li was superbly upset when woodblock actually blow the candles even before we manage to finish singing the bdae song. luckily i m an alert wife and my camera was ever ready

i even snapped twice!!

when we asked woodblock why the sudden "blow", he just blatantly answered in a defensive manner because his beloved cake was at risk from the dripping candle wax. yes woodblock loves food more than anything else in the world and now we know how much.... even more then his bdae

the mango cake from breadtalk was yummilicious

woodblock digging in.

Finally after the bdae celeb, i still have a finale up on my sleeves....

I brought him out again and this time we arrive at the SCARLET hotel!! Yes if you manage to surf up the hotel's webby you should know how chio, sexy and gorgeous this boutique hotel is! I booked a deluxe room for us to rest and dine (with food from maxwell food centre)!

sometimes you must really kow tow to me because of so many pics taken, do you realise how detailed my description must be in order for woodblck to pose properly(not handsomely). you don't believe?

here's a sample pic of one without my directions:

compared it to one i give directions
=> lol see the big diff?

cant help posing with the plush cushion seats at the lobby

finally we checked into the romantic room! you can tell how much princess christine loves it and how much she felt at home. this is indeed the room for the royalty

even the study table and chair is vintage!

i luv the bathroom with the vintage lamps by both sides!!!

the happy and excited couple

does it feel like the pics in grand shanghai??

the shower area

the tv consle is also very cool because it can be dragged out and turn to an angle for us to watch tv.

even the tv controller comes in classy leather covers

love their colour scheme

can't helped but tempted to pose with the phone

there's no need to tell me i know i got carried away with posing
finally our famous couple shots by PG Christine => can you still rem the one we took at Harris resort??

finally we went out at night to shop at chinatown and went to admire the lanterns deco!!

a truly romantic day and night bdae celeb for my woodblock!!!

Guess what when we were back at the hotel:

there's a bdae surprise for woodblock from scarlet hotel!

We are definitely coming back for more celeb!

I love you woodblock and happy birthday to you!

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