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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sexy Stockings Too for My Wedding Lamp Please!

Recently, woodblock and me went down to IKEA to get our wedding lamps. Yes we wanted to save up some $$$ so we bought the LAMPAN Table Lamp.


KACHING @ $4.90 each !!! Yes it is a steal indeed!

From GDL

Picture Source: IKEA

Now secrelt I have been always wanting to DIY my very own wedding lamps ever since I has this crazy idea that strike my mind








A sexy black vintage lamp!!!

So here's a before pic for a comparison:

And after helping my lamp put on some sexy black floral stocking *WOLF WHISTLE x 2*, some leftover silver pearl beadings + a bling pink button on top (by the way i am usually using craft materials left over at home to do my projects) +some red crystal beads to give it a rich look, here's the sexy vintage lamp:

Side profile

actually it is suppose to look darker like the pic above which i luv it because really reminds me of the romantic sexiness of Moulin Rogue!!!

The top profile with the gorgeous gem, crystals and pearls...

In the dark, it looks very romantic!!! too bad the pics is not doing any justice to it at all...

The reddish colour is suppose to look darker actually and rich:

this is the nearest that i can capture it with my camera that looks like what i m seeing with my naked eye.

However, in order to customise it to the wedding theme, what i m gonna do is to stick some "Xi" Character on it with a blue tack.

The contrast is speechlessly amazing!
Now this is what I call a gorgeous and unique wedding lamp!!!

I secretly borrowed the sticker my MIL bought as sample to stick onto the lamp. I shall go get myself a proper sticker to stick on soon this weekend. For now, I will need to quickly get on to do other wedding crafts before i see if i have time to come back to this lamp and made proper improvement because I do love those chandlier style of lamp and it will be great that i can alter this lamp to such romantic lacy chandlier lamp at a low cost.

Another innovative idea triumphs my Princessy Day!

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