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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Li Hai Ah Li triumphs again with her LiHAI wedding cards!

Now I have been pestering my sis in law to help me rush out the invite cards as i receive the soft copy of my wedding pics late last week. Thanks to her experience photoshop skills, she came up with the wedding card very soon(as most of the time she still have time to be her super cool ah li by watching all sorts of music video all day long lol ) but this doesnt mean she compromise the quality of her work.

Sometimes i m amaze by her. cos with the little time she spent working on computer, she works magic on her little mac book and voila comes magic and interesting images/graphics/logo designs just came out.

I wanted a vintage feel wedding card and as usual, she delivers excellent work (i wonder if it is becos she understand me quite well after being together for so long => so there's a kind of telepathy).


Zooming in on the cover of the card

Even though i gotten her to edit a little bit of the pics below to lighten up the white bubbles a little, i couldnt help but wanted to share a sneak preview of it first uphand with you pals =) I will upload again when the bubbles are adjusted but for now we can just admire draft no. 1 first =)

Of cos even though i know nuts about photoshop, i m quite smart with using the prog paint to remove my contact no. be4 i upload.


PS: i cant tell you how much the whole family like calling her name with an adjective in front e.g. Smell -Li , Lazi -Li, etc etc and the whole list goes on and on

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