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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Unique Kawaii Wedding Dolls

While I thought my oriental hello kitty dolls should suffice for my wedding as deco, my hearts flutter when i chance upon gorgeous handmade customise wedding dolls. I recall doing a research on wedding dolls before ( and I mentioned that there is one particular one that i saw that i luv to the core but it is handmade by a bride overseas!

This is the one that i was mentioning about!!! Cutest to the bit isn't it???

There when i saw jullie's blog, i thought why is it always a coincidence that i find something so perfect during the wedding prep (just like i accidentally saw the word grand shanghai in the forum just when i was about to confirm with si chuan dou hua restaurant)

So i guess it is my duty to share my gem find with those brides who wants a unique customise wedding dolls like me so presenting jullie's gorgeous and LIHAI wedding dolls (DRUM ROLLzzzzz)

I know you must be drooling like i am right now. I almost scrutinise the pics of these dolls for like 10 full minutes and immediately email in to jullie. However, i was very upset when i was informed by her back then during late july that she was quite packed with orders and she wasnt sure she can promise to take my order =(

Boy I was truly disapointed becos i was so excited by the dolls. So after months passed by, I was slowly forgetting about this disapointment then came a surprise email from Jullie!!! Yay finally she is able to take up my assignment and she even went to the trouble to take up the challenge i have post to her back then during july(i wonder if i have intimidated her with my requests). Instead of the western wedding gown design for the dolls, I wanted a pair of dolls that commemorate my oriental vintag wedding and was pretty inspired by the sexy chio white cheong sum i wore for the photoshoot. So she suggested that she will even have the dolls put on stand so that they will be standing instead of the usual sitting down ones which she has been making so far. Jullie is also very particular about her work and has high expectations of her works because when i offered to make the payment(or even part of the deposit first), her first reply was that she will only collect payment only once the doll is out and that i must love it first before she will sell them to me.

The reason why her dolls are so gorgeous is because if you look carefully, she has included so many little detailings. From the romantic mini flower bouquet, mini pearl beadings, and the intricate lace wedding dress.........

she even take care of the hair deco of the bride.

Did i mention that she also translate her creativity into

dreamy corsages that is not just lasting but she even went to the little detailing to allow these corsages to be converted into brooches for the bridesmaid to keep as a souvenir and fashion wear after the wedding.

Finally for those who have a higher budget, she also handmade

dolls for the bridesmaid too!!! KAWAIIII right?!?!?!?

She even customise the dolls to the jiemei's according to their character. to see more pics of these you can go to her blog to take a look:

I think I am going to have a sweet dream tonight about my oriental inspire gorgeous dolls!!!!

PS: I am very happy that my dad's health is now stable and will be discharge from the hospital tmr. Thanks for everyone's concern =)

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