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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finalise Composite Sexy Stocking Weddng Bouquet

I finally finish up the last of the petals and the handle part on Sat noon after meeting up with Qi for breakfast.

The flower now looks more complete and rich with more petals unlike the incomplete draft that i show you guys on last friday.

woodblock feels that the green stem looks ugly so i furnished it with a grey pearl handle. The reason for the use of grey pearls is that i wanted some materials that is more vintage and yet has a colour that will suit the evening event.

I deliberately shape the petals to make them more curl up as it feel more wavy, enhancing the petal layers.

Love my oriental nylon stocking floral

Don't Princess Christine Look FABULOUS with her Sexy Floral?

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  1. Hey Christine,

    I think you are really a creative bride. :)