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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wedding Cakes Selected

Finally, we placed our orders for the wedding cakes.
Seems like Christine is far ahead of us in terms of planning. Heh.
Our final selection: Sweetest Moments

Just couldn't resist!! I was fairly disappointed that they only offer 2 designs, non in blue and white, which would fit our theme perfectly.
Our Choice: LOVE

1 Customized Wedding Card
2 Swiss Rolls
2 Custard Puffs
2 Fruit Tarts
2 Brownies
2 Mochi

Each Box at $10.90
Total : $10.90 x 40 = $436.00

Delivery was set at 11am earliest, too late for our Guodali timing that day. Staff were very apologetic about it and suggested that they be delivered one day ahead. They were quick to suggest a change of the custard puffs to minicupcakes for us so that we won't have to think of storage. Minis should last till the next day, in time for distribution.

The package includes:
Option of box packaging,
Option of words on box packaging,
Mini card with our photo, with customised short message,
Delivery to one location.

So our mums are happy. We're happy. One thing off our to-do-list.

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  1. NIce! Woodblock and me also shortlisted that due to the very pretty "Xi" box that they offered. Too bad the choice is not within "my control". lol looks like we are still suckers for packaging.