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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Vote for the Curtain Design Set Up for Christine's Ang Chuang Deco!

Yes, about a month ago I bought the wedding bedsheets for ang chuang and boy it was my gorgeous shanghai theme wedding bedsheet!!!

However, being a perfectionist for aesthetics, I wanted to make sure that the bed was picture perfect on that day! So things/props I have prep to deco my bed with:

- A pair of oriental hello kitty which is back at my seng kang house now

- A pair of Fuchsia Pink Organza
- Shanghai Bedsheet

- Red Oriental Floral Pillowcase for my big pillow

Putting everything together for the bed :

OMG this is absolutely stunning isnt it. I luv the fact that this oriental wedding bedsheet so much into my wedding theme and yet so unique in terms of idea as i have yet heard of any brides using such design yet.

Anyway let us now look at the design by extending it to the whole platform bed.

I have 2 ideas bascially for the curtain display
Design 1:With black string curtain in between the organza curtains for a modern fusion look

Design 2: Sole fuchsia pink organza for a full traditional oriental look

The pink organza curtains were actually over length, but thanks for my creative and genius gene MUAHAHAAHA that lies in my loyal blood, I just use 2 simple rubber bands to bundle the curtains at the center to make it like those chinese ribbon sash across the chinese groom in the olden days.

So what's your vote my dear btb readers? Design 1 or 2 setup? Please help me by leaving a comment =) Cant wait for the oriental wedding soon!!!


  1. hi

    i think design 2 is nicer. matches the overall look of ur bedsheet, wall...

  2. definitly both r nice but i say design number two( but keep the black organza so you can change it up every now and then

  3. where did u buy the bedsheet? pls email me at

  4. me too!! Those sheets! I have been searching for a long time.