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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keeping your guests occupied

Have been trying to settle the banquet programme lately, and i came across a few lovely websites that had really sweet ideas.

This particular website, offers simple paper games that can be placed on every table which i thought was pretty gd.

This was created originally for a bridal shower for the girls to have some fun with the bride-to-be, but I changed it to this. Its easy-peasy to do, all you need is to create a word document. And then mass-print on paper =)

Which I quite like, cos
1. its fun to see all the kind of crap your friends can come up with, particularly for guests who are not particularly talented in drawing.
2. it sends a nice little message across to your guests that me and M are starting on our journey in life together, and that no matter how we look like, with sagging bits and wrinkly parts, we will continue to walk side by side on.
3. they have the whole banquet to draw and write a nice message to us, rather than just signing off in 3 secs at the reception in the guestbook.
4. they can have something to talk about, within their own tables, or across tables.

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