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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sexy Stockings for my Bouquet Please!

Now, for months i have been comtemplating whether to try out the crystal bouquet for my wedding but I held back the plans as somehow the idea din really strike me as a VOILA plan fit in my oriental shanghai wedding.


Yes they do, but if you are bride like me having a wedding over 2 days (tea ceremony + banquet), which is like 2 weeks apart, the fresh flowers are definitely not going to last that Looooong.

So I thought why not just used the one provided by the bridal shop during the tea ceremony day while i come up with my own bouquet (may it be ordered from Mrs Teo - the florist for my ROM) since the banquet means more to me as I luv oriental style theme!!!

Sometimes i think i live at a PUUUUrFEct location - near the amk craft shop. Again it has inspire me something with something that strikes my eyes again at their window display panel - something very oriental and unique!!!

Usually I prefer to only share my ideas after I came out with the product or prototype of my craftwork. However, I was thinking why not try a little different approach this time round to share the real journey of my sparks of ideas so that btbs will now follow me from the chance of inspiration till the final end point of a creation of a wedding Christine's DIY artwork.

Ever thought of translating the sexy stocking on your legs to a sexy flower too (a BIG suGGesTIve GRIN) ???

So here's presenting my CHANCE OF INSPIRATION;

The sexy oriental nylon stocking floral!!

Top View

It can also be made into a bouquet too =)

Yeshh. I bought the craftbook from the amk craft shop as I really love the idea so much! Plus i have yet heard of any btbs in singapore using this idea yet so I thought why not creat another new trend? Plus the flower can be kept as deco for my oriental style inspire room!!!

MOst importantly, if you had been following me closely, you should know that i have been eyeing for a composite bouquet for a long time ago and this concept just happens and allows me the flexibility to modify and self create a composite bouquet! For those who have no idea about what is a composite bouquet, basically it refers to a flower which has been added with outer layers of petals in orderto produce a unique large single bloom and is usually use alone as a bouquet!!!

A composite bouquet
Picture Source:

Cant wait for my weekend craft project already!!!

PS: Hong I m so sorry I was caught up with the "PEAK' season of my work that i failed to collect your "gift" yet. But I promise to upload the surprise tonight! So keep a lookout tmr morning!

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  1. Hi Christine,

    Mayy I know if the AMK craft shop that you recommended is still around?

    What is the name, and which part of AMK is it located at?

    Thanks in advance!