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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blissful Reunion - Si Dian Jin

If you have been catching up on my my posts and was inspire by my gorgeous si dian jin , you are now in for candy eye treat.

I just bought a new camera yesterday and by coincidence, Goldheart jewellery pple rang me up to collect my Custom made bracelet!!! Yep after looking for months, I wasnt able to fine the ideal matching bracelet. So in the end, cracking through my brain i decided why not create the matching bracelet then with ready gems and bracelet.

So i went down to goldheart and chose a mini pendant and a nice bracelet that i like and asked them to put it together for me

So here is the masterpiece fit for princess christine!
From GDL

the purple gem on the bracelet
From GDL

My bracelet Chain
From GDL

The bigger view to show combi of bracelet
From GDL

Recollection 1- My Earring
From GDL

Recollaction 2 - My Pendant
From GDL

Putting everything together - so MATCHING right??? MUAHAHAHAAHAH .
Another brilliant work by Princess CHristine!
From GDL

Overview of the gorgeous and unique si dian jin!

Are you inspire to get yours(a unique modern combi of SI DIAN JIN) today? Finally another one down for the wedding!

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  1. Pretty and Innovative Si Dian Jin!
    =)Your fan always