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Monday, September 14, 2009

Guo Da Li Cakes from Choz

For those who are curious what cakes I have ordered for Guo Da Li, in the end the woodblock ordered the wedding cakes from ChoZ (yes i this is quite a branded brand considering that so many mediacorp celebrities order cakes from them = > check this out ) under the specific demands of my mum. So even though i was pretty upset that the cakes are not going to be DIY and customise by me in the end as I do have my own ideas cooking up already before her decision came pouring ice water on my stove fire.

I do admit that her choice was good despite of the hole burnt in woodblock's pocket as

So presenting my Guo Da Li's wedding cake:


Current Promotion:
1)Buy 10 box get 1 box free
2)10% discount for orders above S$500
Original Damage: $12.80/box = > (12.80 x 50) = S$640
Our orders: 46+4 free = 50 boxes of cakes
Total Discounted cost : (46 x 12.80) x 0.90 = S$530
Cost per box = $10.60 / box

I'm getting excited to go down and collect my gift for Hong and Marvin's wedding tmr! shall upload the pics once i grab hold of it =)

P.S: I am upset that i couldnt get my hands on my fav oriental wedding lamps(from idear collection@far east)! i shall now embark on another long journey to find that perfect lamp!!!

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