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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sexy Stockings Too for My Wedding Lamp Please!

Recently, woodblock and me went down to IKEA to get our wedding lamps. Yes we wanted to save up some $$$ so we bought the LAMPAN Table Lamp.


KACHING @ $4.90 each !!! Yes it is a steal indeed!

From GDL

Picture Source: IKEA

Now secrelt I have been always wanting to DIY my very own wedding lamps ever since I has this crazy idea that strike my mind








A sexy black vintage lamp!!!

So here's a before pic for a comparison:

And after helping my lamp put on some sexy black floral stocking *WOLF WHISTLE x 2*, some leftover silver pearl beadings + a bling pink button on top (by the way i am usually using craft materials left over at home to do my projects) +some red crystal beads to give it a rich look, here's the sexy vintage lamp:

Side profile

actually it is suppose to look darker like the pic above which i luv it because really reminds me of the romantic sexiness of Moulin Rogue!!!

The top profile with the gorgeous gem, crystals and pearls...

In the dark, it looks very romantic!!! too bad the pics is not doing any justice to it at all...

The reddish colour is suppose to look darker actually and rich:

this is the nearest that i can capture it with my camera that looks like what i m seeing with my naked eye.

However, in order to customise it to the wedding theme, what i m gonna do is to stick some "Xi" Character on it with a blue tack.

The contrast is speechlessly amazing!
Now this is what I call a gorgeous and unique wedding lamp!!!

I secretly borrowed the sticker my MIL bought as sample to stick onto the lamp. I shall go get myself a proper sticker to stick on soon this weekend. For now, I will need to quickly get on to do other wedding crafts before i see if i have time to come back to this lamp and made proper improvement because I do love those chandlier style of lamp and it will be great that i can alter this lamp to such romantic lacy chandlier lamp at a low cost.

Another innovative idea triumphs my Princessy Day!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finalise Composite Sexy Stocking Weddng Bouquet

I finally finish up the last of the petals and the handle part on Sat noon after meeting up with Qi for breakfast.

The flower now looks more complete and rich with more petals unlike the incomplete draft that i show you guys on last friday.

woodblock feels that the green stem looks ugly so i furnished it with a grey pearl handle. The reason for the use of grey pearls is that i wanted some materials that is more vintage and yet has a colour that will suit the evening event.

I deliberately shape the petals to make them more curl up as it feel more wavy, enhancing the petal layers.

Love my oriental nylon stocking floral

Don't Princess Christine Look FABULOUS with her Sexy Floral?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Ben Quick" for my "Ban-quet" Card Pls!

Yes finally back home after a loooooong breakfast with qi and a nice hearty lunch with woodblock, qi and hx(qi's bf) at Jack's Place.

So as promise here's the final printout of my DIY Wedding Card printout:

Sad to say that my camera was unable to capture the pearly surface texture of my card! But this printout quality and paper quality(the card thickness and card texture) is only one word - FABULOUS compared to the one that Ah li has prev visited to do the printout for my ROM Invite!

Now the card was printed at this printing shop is call "Ben Quick Printing Service". I know it sounds evil but i did laugh (quite loudly) when Ah li told me the name cos i heard wrongly and thought she was saying "Banquet" in a very broken english pronounciation and I thought she was trying to be funny.

Why thus "FABULOUS" conclusion?
1) Ah li was hardworking enough to run around to do some price survey and this printing shop offered the lowest(almost 1 time cheaper)
2) A variety choice of paper and thus we can actually opt for such classy nice pearl texture paper
3) Help us cut the cards (Ah li printed a few cards on one piece of paper) for FREE (this is the most value added service that I like)

For all these => Initially quoted from other shops - I needed to Fork out like S$70 to print my 80 mini cards and now?

S$40 only (WHAT?!?!?!)

As usual I'm always very kind to even research the exact address for you guys cos Ah li wasnt able to describe to me the location well . . . but i was over the moon for the new 30 bucks savings. However, Ah li did mention that the shopowner seems to set price according to his mood so try to catch him when he is like SUPERB HAPPY so mabbe he might give FOC (ok mabbe FOC only when he laughs like as if he has gone bonkers which is highly unlikely)

Ben Quick Printing Services
80 Anson Rd
#02-01 Singapore 079907
Contact : 63271373
Fax : 63271325

Final Christine and Woodblock's Vintage Wedding Card Cover

Since I bought the new camera, I thought why not re-take the pics of my handmade envelopes for a quick re-cap for new btbs who are reading.

Front of the Envelope - Beautiful Emboss Print which makes it vintage classic piece (but the best reason is that doilies are very cheap). Fuchsia Pink at the back highlights

Reverse of the Envelopes - As I love Fuchsia Pink=> I opted for Fuchsia Pink photocopy paper(yes another value find from popular bookshop)

Interior of envelope - love the roase embossment at the bottom - very romantic feel to it!

Combining the 2 DIY Vintage works together?

A Timeless Romantic Vintage Wedding Card

I hope my guests like it like I do cos there's so much heart and effort being put up specially for my friends =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Vroom Vroom ... LOOK out for M.Y. Wedding Carplate!

Ops you are absolutely WRONG if you are thinking that i have bought a wedding carplate for me and my woodblock. Yes, i did say M.Y. wedding carplate but I am talking about my gift to Marvin and Yihong (the M&Y)!!

Finally collected the carplate but i decided to post a juicy pic of the carplate online before handing over to Hong so that her heart will flutter and her hands will start to itch all over before she finally start scratching her computer screen dying to touch her CHIO wedding carplate. (MUAHAHAHAHAH EVIL LAUGHING SHRILL FILLS THE AIR LIKE A PRELUDE TO THE UPCOMING HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL)

TO Hong(and M if you manage to catch him to read the blog too):




Dont worry I know what's in everyone's mind now (Yessh I do have a thing for reading minds too and now your brain waves are sending in lots of EM waves to me) => WHERE DID YOU GET THE CARPLATE from and is it affordable ($_$)? (to be honest i am saving myself from the numerous questionings i always get whenever i post about something i bought)

I gotten the wedding carplate from idear collection @ fareast and to be honest i only went in casually to take a look(becos i always felt that this shop doesnt look like pocket friendly) and what makes me wanted to order the carplate from them was that the price of the carplate was around 40 plus but the range of designs and materials of wedding carplate or wedding board is really pretty interesting! There's transparent and tinted colours boards which really suits those couples who loves modern touches, those cork - boards like material ones (my fav) which is very sweet and warm looking which i think suits best for hanging at the living room of the newly wed.

There's another interesting product that caught my eye was that they have this cream colour wedding bedsheet that they are selling which have 3 tempting features to me:
1) Those kawaii wedding embroidered wedding cartoons like aussino bedsheets
2) Free customise embroidered names of the couples to be sewed on to the bedsheet

3) It is double side loh!!! Meaning if you are those who are afraid of the rough texture of embroidery during your beauty sleep, you can just turn it round and use the inner side!!! Cool right.

I was utterly upset I have already bouht my shanghai inspired bedsheet le but I guess it doesnt mean that since i miss it so i will deliberately keep this interesting and drooling finds from other btbs.

ANyway I also found out recently that Aussino came out with their new wedding bedsheets. So do check out and do a comparison before getting your dream wedding bedsheets bah!

Last but not Least.................

here's from woodblock and me with an early blessing to our dear great frens M.Y. !!!

Tmr's posting => Ah Li's freshly baked Printed postcards! Yeshh costing info included for thos who are interesting in DIYing your cards cos Ah li actually found a better lobang shop @ sunshine plaza which i felt that it ought to be shared with every brides who wans to save $$$ and yet wans a unique wedding like I do =)

Time to get ready for my fav hobby - Friday Midnight Movie Date with Woodblock!!!

A Peek @ the Sexy Stocking Floral

Well I'm about to rush off to meet woodblock for dinner soon!

Before I go , I thought I just update on what I have been up to in the short noon. I deliberately pass by amk craft shop to pick up the material required to made the stocking flower. The cratshop lady was really helpful and helped me check out the materials and wanted to make sure that i bought only the necessary items and at the same time din forget the important materials.

TADA presenting Princess Christine's treasures......

Tubes for ensuring consistent size of petals

Wires for making the skeleton of the flower

Not forgetting the sexy stockings

I had no idea what the heck this is when I bought it. But turns out that this is miracle string that works wonder with the nylon cloth material!!! By just winding it round and round without tying a single knot, the string just simply stays put in its place!!!! AMAZING MAN!

I chose the pink tube as reference for my petals size.

There I made many 3 petal skeleton stalk with the gold wire bfore adding the nylon skin on them.

An intermediate peek

I got little distracted and started adding black crystals at the center for deco!

Current floral bloom : Princess Christine's Size

A very happy Princess Christine with her draft prototype which has yet been completed of cos!

What I shall do tmr:
- Finish up the last 3 sets of floral petals
- Leaves?
- Addition of more pearls and crystals for the handle

Ok i'm running late. shall update again soon =)

Oh yes before I go, jus wanna mention:

"Princess Christine truimphs again!!!"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sexy Stockings for my Bouquet Please!

Now, for months i have been comtemplating whether to try out the crystal bouquet for my wedding but I held back the plans as somehow the idea din really strike me as a VOILA plan fit in my oriental shanghai wedding.


Yes they do, but if you are bride like me having a wedding over 2 days (tea ceremony + banquet), which is like 2 weeks apart, the fresh flowers are definitely not going to last that Looooong.

So I thought why not just used the one provided by the bridal shop during the tea ceremony day while i come up with my own bouquet (may it be ordered from Mrs Teo - the florist for my ROM) since the banquet means more to me as I luv oriental style theme!!!

Sometimes i think i live at a PUUUUrFEct location - near the amk craft shop. Again it has inspire me something with something that strikes my eyes again at their window display panel - something very oriental and unique!!!

Usually I prefer to only share my ideas after I came out with the product or prototype of my craftwork. However, I was thinking why not try a little different approach this time round to share the real journey of my sparks of ideas so that btbs will now follow me from the chance of inspiration till the final end point of a creation of a wedding Christine's DIY artwork.

Ever thought of translating the sexy stocking on your legs to a sexy flower too (a BIG suGGesTIve GRIN) ???

So here's presenting my CHANCE OF INSPIRATION;

The sexy oriental nylon stocking floral!!

Top View

It can also be made into a bouquet too =)

Yeshh. I bought the craftbook from the amk craft shop as I really love the idea so much! Plus i have yet heard of any btbs in singapore using this idea yet so I thought why not creat another new trend? Plus the flower can be kept as deco for my oriental style inspire room!!!

MOst importantly, if you had been following me closely, you should know that i have been eyeing for a composite bouquet for a long time ago and this concept just happens and allows me the flexibility to modify and self create a composite bouquet! For those who have no idea about what is a composite bouquet, basically it refers to a flower which has been added with outer layers of petals in orderto produce a unique large single bloom and is usually use alone as a bouquet!!!

A composite bouquet
Picture Source:

Cant wait for my weekend craft project already!!!

PS: Hong I m so sorry I was caught up with the "PEAK' season of my work that i failed to collect your "gift" yet. But I promise to upload the surprise tonight! So keep a lookout tmr morning!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Project this morning

Selamat Hari Raya!
Just thought I'll share with everyone what I did since morning. A photo of us, which will be placed on the Candy Buffet Table as part of the decor. A black and white photo, with a tiffany blue tinge on the whites. A subtle hint of our colour theme that day. =)

Complete with a cream white photoframe from Ikea.

Total cost = about 4.00 (photoframe, cant rem exact price but im pretty sure its under 5) + instant 5R photo 2.00 = $6.00

And it'll be on our table in our room~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wedding Cakes Selected

Finally, we placed our orders for the wedding cakes.
Seems like Christine is far ahead of us in terms of planning. Heh.
Our final selection: Sweetest Moments

Just couldn't resist!! I was fairly disappointed that they only offer 2 designs, non in blue and white, which would fit our theme perfectly.
Our Choice: LOVE

1 Customized Wedding Card
2 Swiss Rolls
2 Custard Puffs
2 Fruit Tarts
2 Brownies
2 Mochi

Each Box at $10.90
Total : $10.90 x 40 = $436.00

Delivery was set at 11am earliest, too late for our Guodali timing that day. Staff were very apologetic about it and suggested that they be delivered one day ahead. They were quick to suggest a change of the custard puffs to minicupcakes for us so that we won't have to think of storage. Minis should last till the next day, in time for distribution.

The package includes:
Option of box packaging,
Option of words on box packaging,
Mini card with our photo, with customised short message,
Delivery to one location.

So our mums are happy. We're happy. One thing off our to-do-list.