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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Standard Vows from Registry of Marriage

Review the following marriage vows used at the the Registry of Marriages (ROM). You and your partner may want to adapt it to suit your requirements.

English Version
Registrar's Address

Before you are joined in matrimony, it is my duty to remind you of the solemn and binding character of the vows you are about to make. Marriage according to law is the union of one man and one woman, voluntarily entered into for life, to the exclusion of all others. Do I understand that you __________________ and you ________________ are here of your own free will for the purpose of becoming man and wife? Couple answer together: Yes

To Bridegroom
Will you, __________________ take this woman ______________ to be your wedded wife, to live together in the legal estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to her, so long as you both shall live?
Answer: I will

To Bride
Will you, _________________ take this man _________________ to be your wedded husband, to live together in the ligal estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honour and keep him in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to him, so long as you both shall live?
Answer: I will

The Rings (optional) Registrar's Instructions Take this ring and put it upon the third finger of his/her left hand and repeat after me:
Bride and Groom: In token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love, with this ring I marry you.
Registrar's Pronouncement As both of you have given your consent before me to live together in matrimony and have solemnly promised, each to the other to do so, I now pronounce you two Man and Wife.

Chinese Version

Husband & Wife: 我愿意

JP: 在你们还没正试举行婚礼结为夫妻之前

Husband & Wife: 清楚 / 明白

JP: 请你们站起来

JP: 你是否愿意接受为妻

Husband: 我愿意


Husband: 我愿意


Wife: 我愿意


Wife: 我愿意

JP: 先在你们把戒指拿上来, 一人拿一只, 你们看着对方

*Husband help Wife wear ring*

*Wife help Husband wear ring*

JP: 先在握住双方的双手, 看着对方, 然后两位跟着我一起念

JP: “为了象征
Husband & Wife: “为了象征

JP: 我两
Husband & Wife: 我两

JP: 对彼此
Husband & Wife: 对彼此

JP: 永远忠心
Husband & Wife: 永远忠心

JP: 爱情永恒
Husband & Wife: 爱情永恒

JP: 我赠送你
Husband & Wife: 我赠送你

JP: 这枚戒指
Husband & Wife: 这枚戒指

JP: 和你结婚”
Husband & Wife: 和你结婚”

JP: 好,两位转过来,看着我



My Fabulous Dream Peach Pink Rom Gown is out!

Yay today was a joyous day! Woodblock and my jie meis all took time down to company me to the bridal shop(Bliss bridal creations). So much excitement to go for gown fitting esp the last visit was more then a few months ago. To be honest it can be nerve racking pondering what the gown could turn out since the memories of the discussion of the details of the gown was pretty vague after such a long while. I must say Kingsley has really not failed my expections and I luv the gown so much! My gown is Peach Pink in colour which I prefer over the pastel kind of pink!

As promise, I secretly took pics for a dear fren of mine who unfortunately wasnt able make it on this exciting moment.

I love the huge organza flower that kingsley has attached onto my gown. I think his work is incredible, the bubbly dress combine with the short and long gown length concept - Puuurfect gown for a bride like me!

Try to play cheat by tipping toe - This reminds me that kingsley doesn't like my shoes lol cos think it is way to glittering and distracting steal all the limelight from his master piece =0

A final curtsy before changing out of my gown.

Oh yah I am so glad that woodblock's outfit color blended well with mine! Another worry down.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kawaii Wedding Song

Simply love this bubbly wedding song. Hopefully can incorporate this into my wedding=)

Xin ku ni le Meiqi!

To a fren who is studying part time - do take great care cos it really aint easy to go for lessons after long hours of work esp those physical taxing ones.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sale at Club MARC

Yay gals and even guys out there especially, Club Marc is now having a 50% sale! For those who needs to get some nice shirts, pants and even shoes for wedding, it wouldn't hurt to check this place out. Of cos I bought some clothes for wood block! Yes stop thinking that I am ill treating or torturing him, I decked him with many nice free clothes ok =P Muahaha evil beary laughter. In fact it ended up that I din get any clothes for myselves at a lot of sales while woodblock will usually get a piece or 2 from me.

Now you know that this is no ordinary woodblock, this woodblock likes to look pretty too lol.Sometimes it can be pretty amusing to see how woodblock is bewitched by the mirrors. Everytime we go shopping, woodblock will find some mirror and get himself station there as though it has cast a spell on him. No matter how small or how thin that slice of mirror is, woodblock will always manage to locate it in all shops while I am shopping at. He is so glued to the mirror that he is oblivious even when I stepped out of the shop. It became so fun after some time, as I will deliberately leave the shop and stand outside the shop to look at him watching the mirror so intently.

Yet at the same time it can become a nusiance, when you need the mirror to see how pretty you look like in the dress , he will always be getting in the way and you need to shoo him hard enuff to get him away from the mirror.Yes if you are a guy dun luff, I bet you are always checking out yourselves in the mirror like woodblock and us gals too lol. YOu should be brave like woodblock who stare at himself so intently in the mirror in public areas. Yes guys are allowed and deserve to make sure they look decent enuff so let's be open minded about it=)

Anyway here's Woodblock's treasure buy:

Ok glad that he is still S size lol despite his fav food is call buffet.

Pink and Silver stripes

The actual pink is actually much richer than what is shown on the pics tho too bad I cant capture it with my camera=(

OK gotta rest after a nice jog with woodblock... Shall retire for bed! Now looking forwardto tmr's trip down to Isetan to shop with Meiqi

My Flower Girl has just say I DO to Flower Boy

I'm so happy today, other den settling the test tubes, my colleague has been very geerous to lend me the display stand for my wedding reception too woohoo.

Just when I was floating around, I receive a call from Pearlyn(my cousin n the mummy of my Flower Boy). Well you see during a recent party to welcome my granny home, Pearlyn suggested to invite the fren of Flower Boy to be the Flower Girl. This conversation got Flower Boy Chen Chen Super Dubly xcited and happy. WHY? Helloe this is the dream girl of his life, I can almost sense him waggin his tail xcitedlyif he eva has one) and almost drooling at the name of his Dream Girl(which I cant rem the name). In fact, when we mentioned names of other girls to be the flower Girl, he has this'I Dun Wan them can =(' attitude .

So today in school Dream Girl have finally say I Do to my Flower Boy to be his Flower Girl(I hope he isnt getting the wrong idea that he is getting married and runs off with my rings). Ah sweetnessI cant wait to see the dream girl of Chen Chen's life that make him wag his tail so much (ops I keep forgetting he doesn't have one). Suddenly I felt that on that day, Woodblock is not the only guy who feel on TOP of ths world becos someONE is now sharing the same piece of exciteent lol. I shall buy some kawaii accessories for my little Flower Girl to reward her beauty and charm to make Flower Boy go GAGA over her.

Test tubes for the hanging flowers!

Finally grab my hands on the test tubes of the right size free which I cant disclose the source=(

Woo look how tiny the testube is besides the small test tube!

Length: 10 cm Width: 1.8cm

Fits perfectly with the rubber stopper which Ihave bought it from Far East Flora. The function of the rubber tube can help to hold the flower and give some support for the test tube to be hang=)

Kawaii Super Small Test tube
Length: 7.5cm?!? Width 1.2cm
So cute can! I wish I can find some way to incorporate this into my wedding too muahaha evil beary laughter. Ok I shall go take a small break before doing more DIY works

Monday, October 27, 2008


For those who would like to explore further, there is a shop besides Diaso which sells craft materials too:

I love these butterflies found there $2.00 for a pack of six=)

Just some pink and gem finds at Diaso for wedding decos

For asian stlye weddings pink lanterns can make a statement if you know how to customise it.

Night or evening weddings it be great to glitter up the skies with some silver stars

Eh a bit Christmasy but who cares when it is pink =P

These are the important ornaments which we can hang on the mini hook stands=)
For those who cant get enough you can get this as a wedding favour
Can get chic scissors to cut out wedding decos
This is a bottle of pink acrylic paint which we can paint on plastic wedding photo frame and even plastic banners.

PInk star wrapping papers.

Woo nice pink shade tiles!

I have a feeling Hong might strangle me if I buy all these home for no reasons.

Pink creepers for coiling around the curtains etc

Heart shape pegs to clip ur wonderful photos. It comes in pink and red and even other designs like lady bugs!
Pink medium crystals

Pink ornamental beads and crystals.

More hanging ornaments.

My fav: Assorted Pink Polka Dot Paper
Just a word to my frens, really thanks for helping me prep for the wedding esp Hong who has lost all her precious Sundays to me in running around to purchase materials and also to Qi who has been busy compiling all the songs for me (I hope her ears dun go swollen from all these hard core music listening)=) P.S: Don't worry I din buy any of them in case you are worried that that woodblock now has a burnt pocket from a Fiancee who just simply loves Diaso!

Reception table decos

Hong has express that she might be going for those Country style decos for the reception table. So I thought mabbe I shall chipped in my part in case she is over loaded with too much work (but most importantly she hasn't have a concrete plan yet lol).

Ok like I mentioned n the last blog I love the Hello Kitty and hello daniel with the lush greenery scene. Well since it is A GARDEN WEDDING I thought mabbe I should reflect that at least for the reception table and it wouldn't hurt to throw in some plushies together with it.
Anyway I call this Project Woodblock: Meaning Woodblock will be working on this =P

Well this is just a glimpse of the raw materials. I have also bought in some creepers(of cos with flowers) and I am planning to hang some mini signboards or heart shape in the middle of the so call arch. I have bend the arch by quite a bit so that it will resemble something similar to that of a heart shape =)

I am also now working on the 'Shout-out Booth' signboard which is really pushing me to WITS end for the first time. The reason is becos the pictures requires as little decos as possible, meaning I need to learn how to add in perhaps a title and at most a few borders to give it some classic beauty. I'm now putting on the photos into a transparent hardboard which is usually use for pple to protect and display their document. But I'm too beat to take a pic of it. I will only take a pic of it once I am finish with it.

Some how I am getting nervous as the days is nearing when I realise there are so many undone things that is now making me starting to panic like nuts.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Garden Deco Idea!

Woah saw this pic in one of the bridal forum and I was attracted to it. Am thinking of trying it out tmr with my Hello Daniel and Kitty Wedding Dolls tooo..... Ahh yes besides my pink wedding teddies, I also have the whole et of Hello Kitty and Daniel Wedding bears lol Mabbe could set up this for the reception table =)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Teddies teddies on the Wall, Who's the cutest of them all?

So sorry if you are now exclaiming about how the teddies in the picture on topp are adorable and out of this world but they are not sold in Singapore and are DIY overseas =P sigh wish I could grab hold of them. But no worries now presenting teddies from Singapore!

Goong bears a hit in Singapore after the Drama Goong a few years ago

TY I Do bears

Cost: $29.90
After doing research for some time woodblock and me finally pick up the wedding teddies that caught our eye from couple's heart. Couples heart is a shop located at The Central and is one of the very few stores in Singapore which actually sells wedding stuff. Most of the other companies selling wedding materials usually sell their products online which is the worries of many couples as we always wan to see the goods 'live' and not from photoshop pics. The owner of couples heart is a friendly man who actually explain and introduce his various products. The best thing about him is that he din even push us to buy anything. He even mention that if we have enough time and does know about DIY, it will be great cos we can customise the stuff ourselves. Of cos this doesn't mean that he should might as well close his shop by getting everyone to DIY themselves. For couples who are busy and doesn't have time to do it themselves can buy the wedding supplies from him. As I was browsing thru the shops, I might say that the colours of the various wedding supplies are pretty comphrehensive and could easily take care of weddings of various diff colour themes from apple green to ocean blue =) nice.
Vitor and me reserve this pair of pink teddies and I must say the bears look exactly how they were advertise on the pictures on Couples Heart webby =)

Picture on Advert
What we bought.....

Let's take a seat honey =)

I shall unveil my bride

I may kiss the bride muahahahaha evil beary laughter.

Finally the envelopes for my invites are ready too!

Well even though I am not a perfectionist. Yet in the aesthetic view, I felt that the cards and the envelope design din flow well together. So I just pop all the scrap materials at home on the desk and started to decorate the envelope as much as possible. Happy to say, I have a gem buy - a wrapping paper from popolar. Now this wrapping paper is very useful as it comes in assorted stripe designs. This mean that I can easily cut out each column and use them like a decorating material god enough for a scrap book. In addition, I also bought a heart shape punch quite a long time ago and this really comes in handy =) Well after coming up with the prototype, it's time where by ka kia(sidekick): wood block comes to the rescue. For days we were work on the mass production of the envelopes. The thing about using scrap materials is this: There wasn't sufficient materials of the same type. In th end I hveto maximise the whole use of 1 miserable wrapping paper and put in other designs too. So all my envelopes ended up having a few versions lol but den isn't that what we call uniqueness? In fact after such a nice experiment, I decided that I might need to stock up

Work in progress

The torturous process of mass producing

3/5 completed envelopes - But isn't the colour pleasing?

THe various few assorted designs

I love the heart plants!

Bought these stickers at the 24 hour stationery shop at amk central - 1 sheet for $1

Contents of the envelope. The sweet card plus the directions to get there!

Fonts from (I'm so glad that Ah Li introduce me to this gem) =) Words of Love

For thoe couples we are inviting, we sealed it with 2 hearts(ok actually we have too many left over hearts so we thought just stick it where ever we can haha)

Sample View of a finished envelope.
Can't wait to see the rxn of the guests recieving the envelope - I have a feeling they might be looking at it twice at least! Yay! Finally another job down