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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally the envelopes for my invites are ready too!

Well even though I am not a perfectionist. Yet in the aesthetic view, I felt that the cards and the envelope design din flow well together. So I just pop all the scrap materials at home on the desk and started to decorate the envelope as much as possible. Happy to say, I have a gem buy - a wrapping paper from popolar. Now this wrapping paper is very useful as it comes in assorted stripe designs. This mean that I can easily cut out each column and use them like a decorating material god enough for a scrap book. In addition, I also bought a heart shape punch quite a long time ago and this really comes in handy =) Well after coming up with the prototype, it's time where by ka kia(sidekick): wood block comes to the rescue. For days we were work on the mass production of the envelopes. The thing about using scrap materials is this: There wasn't sufficient materials of the same type. In th end I hveto maximise the whole use of 1 miserable wrapping paper and put in other designs too. So all my envelopes ended up having a few versions lol but den isn't that what we call uniqueness? In fact after such a nice experiment, I decided that I might need to stock up

Work in progress

The torturous process of mass producing

3/5 completed envelopes - But isn't the colour pleasing?

THe various few assorted designs

I love the heart plants!

Bought these stickers at the 24 hour stationery shop at amk central - 1 sheet for $1

Contents of the envelope. The sweet card plus the directions to get there!

Fonts from (I'm so glad that Ah Li introduce me to this gem) =) Words of Love

For thoe couples we are inviting, we sealed it with 2 hearts(ok actually we have too many left over hearts so we thought just stick it where ever we can haha)

Sample View of a finished envelope.
Can't wait to see the rxn of the guests recieving the envelope - I have a feeling they might be looking at it twice at least! Yay! Finally another job down

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