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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Teddies teddies on the Wall, Who's the cutest of them all?

So sorry if you are now exclaiming about how the teddies in the picture on topp are adorable and out of this world but they are not sold in Singapore and are DIY overseas =P sigh wish I could grab hold of them. But no worries now presenting teddies from Singapore!

Goong bears a hit in Singapore after the Drama Goong a few years ago

TY I Do bears

Cost: $29.90
After doing research for some time woodblock and me finally pick up the wedding teddies that caught our eye from couple's heart. Couples heart is a shop located at The Central and is one of the very few stores in Singapore which actually sells wedding stuff. Most of the other companies selling wedding materials usually sell their products online which is the worries of many couples as we always wan to see the goods 'live' and not from photoshop pics. The owner of couples heart is a friendly man who actually explain and introduce his various products. The best thing about him is that he din even push us to buy anything. He even mention that if we have enough time and does know about DIY, it will be great cos we can customise the stuff ourselves. Of cos this doesn't mean that he should might as well close his shop by getting everyone to DIY themselves. For couples who are busy and doesn't have time to do it themselves can buy the wedding supplies from him. As I was browsing thru the shops, I might say that the colours of the various wedding supplies are pretty comphrehensive and could easily take care of weddings of various diff colour themes from apple green to ocean blue =) nice.
Vitor and me reserve this pair of pink teddies and I must say the bears look exactly how they were advertise on the pictures on Couples Heart webby =)

Picture on Advert
What we bought.....

Let's take a seat honey =)

I shall unveil my bride

I may kiss the bride muahahahaha evil beary laughter.

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