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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pink Hot Air Balloon and yummy crabmeat bun!

Just to digress right before my Saturday's shopping trip, I saw this giant SLURPEE at orchard road! I really can't resist give it a bear hug for that brightening happy smile on its face!

Now on Sat, woodblock was feeling down and moody from waiting for me for 2 hours while I went for facial. So to prevent him from running to eat buffet, I took him to Din Tai Feng for lunch... phew

When woodblock is sad, he really looks pitiful, so I ordered quite a number of stuff to cheer him up.
See his sad face?
Woodblock: I'm still sad despite I have ate some dumplings.
Me: Really? BUt these crabmeat and pork buns are so delicious wor! ....Munch... munch... Since you are sad, then dun waste food lah. Let me finish all the good food for you.

There, I continue to stuff all the fod into my mouth to convince woodblock how oiishi everything was. When woodblock see me eating merrily, he could stand it no more and start to try out the oiishi bun too.

Being a food connoisseur he starts to savour the bun slowly and carefully.

The Verdict: He started to smile for the Crabmeat bun proving that it was indeed as he was told by me. Yay as the saying goes: '

'An Oiishi food a day, keeps Woodblock Happy all day! '

Anyway, when we ere walking around, we saw this at ARTBOX! KAWAII!!! PINK Hot Air Balloon with plush toys inside!
OMG this is so adorable and interesting. It brings pple to a dreamy wonderland suddenly. If I ever have my own house, haha I will be forcing woodblock to hang it around.
Woodblock almost want to get one for me to hang it at the wedding venue. He says it will look cute to have 2 little plush toys inside overlooking down at our wedding hahah but too bad the small size doesn't come in pink except for the large one and that cost 19.90 - 4 bucks more ex den the small one =( so in the end we din get one.However, I feel that even tho i wun be using for my wedding, it be great to still share with any brides out there who likes innovative items for decors in their wedding (^.^)v Happy Decoration!

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