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Sunday, October 5, 2008

My pink and white personalized call outs are out!

Despite we are unable to obtain a wireless control camera but i thought i shall stll go ahead with my 'shout-out' guestbook idea! Linda has wonderfully accepted the task of helping out with the mobile 'shout-out' booth. So on that day she lead our mahjong kakis to go round and get out guests to write down their 'wishes' on the 'shout-outs' instead of the usual guest books =)

Cutouts of the pink and white 'shout-outs'

A closer view

Handle for the guests to hold on too while taking the pics with the 'shout-outs' messages

Whiteboard markers for the guests to write down their wishes!

Tada our pink and white 'shout-outs' eh ops sorry forgot to crop away woodblock's ugly shorts (^.^!) sigh i told him to change his top for the photoshoot and he really ONLY change the top sighx100 in the following few sample pcs you will also see the glimpse of his unglam shorts lol but then again he is cute la so wateva ugly shorts he wear, we shall forgive him (of cos i will crop it away eventually)

Ah-li hlp us with drawing out the bubble fonts=)
We are tri-lingual couple lol .. yar like real (rollz eyes)!
ops i told woodblock to change his ugly shorts and he change to ANOTHER SHORTS(shorts again???!? he just doesn't get it) sigh x1000

Above are sample shots to show our guests how to use the 'shout-outs' !
Finally a sweet shot to end a hard day's work! (all soft toys and props are proudly sponsor by Ah -Jie, woodblock's second sister and shots are taken with Ah li's help - many thanx again!!)

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